Non traditional wedding gowns

If you have opted for a non traditional wedding, then chances are that you will want to have a non traditional wedding gown too. Here are few ideas of non traditional wedding gowns. •    You can opt for a solid white pantsuit if you wish to. You can choose an ankle length pant with white pumps. To complement it, you can use a solid white tank and blazer. •    You can choose to wear a solid white slip dress with white pumps instead of the traditional white gown. •    For a beach wedding theme, you can use jean shorts or skirt, with a colorful t-shirt and sandal. You can also have a floral hairpiece and garland to complete the look. •    You need not wear only white. You can choose to wear a dress of any color. If pink is your favorite color, then go ahead and wear it. It is your wedding and your decision. Finding a dress that is not traditional is not too tough. You have a variety of options. You can visit your local specialty store or raid the internet. There will be an assortment of options available. In fact they will also be cheaper than traditional gowns.