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Six Trending Winter Wedding Dresses

Six Trending Winter Wedding Dresses

Our team at Wedding Collectibles had a lot of fun this week diving into the fall and winter wedding dresses trends for the upcoming year. The collections showcased a lot of fantasy, whimsy, and nods to the past too. We saw a lot of dazzling sequins and pearly beading. Cute bows made lots of cameos on the catwalk and we loved how the BIG ball gown was trending on the runway too! We hope you will fall in love with these looks just as much as we did!
“There is definitely a 'red carpet moment' to a bride's wedding day, but when designing for bridal, it is important to focus on the details that will captivate and capture the imagination of the bride - she has to fall in love with the gown.” - Jenny Packham, UK bridal gown designer

Top trends for winter wedding dresses

traditional ball gowns Big Ball Gowns Each year we see the timeless ball gown in a few collections. This year we saw them in nearly everyone’s collections and it looks like “the bigger the better”! Let’s just say if you can fit through a doorway in your gown, it isn’t big enough. glam wedding dress Full-Length Shimmer Sequins, pearls, and iridescent fabrics from head to toe are your key to magical winter wedding dresses! Chic white wedding dress Brides with Bows A gown with a subtle or statement bow accent is perhaps the cutest trend for winter wedding gowns this year. Gold winter wedding dress Metallics Metallics look effortlessly cool. If you are having a wedding closer to New Year’s then rocking this look is perfect! You’ll be a showstopper in silver, gold, or a shimmering rose! Lace and White wedding dress Dresses with High Neck Practical for wedding and sensibly sweet, the gowns with high necks are totally trending for 2019. It’s a beautiful modest look perfect for church weddings too! Light winter wedding dresses Foliage Appliqué Foliage is becoming embedded in wedding designs from the floristry to the decor and now on wedding gowns. We adore this gown by Berta. It reminds of an icy winter wonderland!
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The Best Fall Bridal Looks in 2018

The Best Fall Bridal Looks in 2018

While a full white and unadorned gown is a timeless classic still relevant today, this year’s bridal shows for Fall included looks to help you be uniquely Y-O-U. Designers are getting inspired by their brides when creating their fall bridal look — not everyone is looking for a floor length highly adorned gown, some want a sassy and sweet romper or a chic power suit! This year the bridal styles were influenced by the type of fabric used, minimalism, the weather, natural elements, and trendy 70s boho fashion. We picked four of our favorite looks for Fall straight from the runway.  

Top four favorite fall bridal looks from the 2018 runways:


Bows were a repeating trend on the runway this Fall. One of our favorite looks was this sweet dress by Carolina Herrera. The blue bow adds a soft pop of color to an otherwise traditional floor length gown — and you can check the box for your “something blue”! This gown is draped in floral lace too, which adds the trendy “nature factor” that’s so perfect for this season.beautiful fall bridal looks

Embellishments inspired by nature

Okay, this is next look is pure art! Whether it’s with your hair accessories or your gown, adding natural elements to your fall bridal look like this Alexandra Grecco gown is beautiful for a Fall themed wedding. We absolutely adore the structure of the nature inspired adornments on this pink beige gown. Additionally, we love the color because it will be stunning with all the Fall color palettes; like crimsons, plums, and evergreen.Unique fall bridal look

70s Boho inspired

Bohemian styles have been trending in the wedding-sphere for a while now, so it’s no wonder why we're seeing some updated looks for this Fall. The Boho bridal styles were influenced by the always flattering look from the 70s, the wrap dress. From the flowing sheer fabric to the fluttering sleeves, this gown is hands down our favorite bohemian fall bridal look! We can totally see this paired with a pretty shawl too.fall boho bride

Chic Minimalism

Our final favorite style from the runway this year was the chic minimalism. This gown by Tadashi Shoji totally stands out. We love the minimalist yet dramatic structure of the dress. Plus, the long backless lines and bow adds an elegant lengthening effect for the bride.simple fall bridal look 
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Your Elopement Wedding | What to Wear

What to Wear Elopement Ideas

More and more couples are opting for small elopement ceremonies that make sense for their budget and lifestyle. We’ve been talking a lot about eloping this month, and now we want to discuss “what to wear when you elope”. Having strong fashion sense and style helps you look and feel confident everyday. This holds true on your wedding day too and these days brides have some wonderfully diverse dress options. For those that have some time to plan their small ceremony, especially if it’s a destination wedding, a traditional gown is commonly worn. Let’s talk, though, about how to feel amazing and what to wear when you have a quick elopement ceremony at the courthouse.

Start with YOU

First, there are a few self-care and beauty items we would suggest doing before your ceremony:

There's Always Time for a Mani Pedi

Take a quick trip to the salon for a relaxing manicure and pedicure. Walk-ins are welcome at most nail salons. Not only will you feel polished and confident as your partner slides the ring on your finger, you’ll be more relaxed and fresh after that hand and foot massage.

Hair and Make Up

This one is harder to book last minute, but getting your hair and makeup done professionally will seriously elevate your look on your wedding day. If you don’t have access to a makeup artist and hair pro, then be your own! Many companies share free tutorials on how to get the gorgeous look that suits you best. We absolutely love this, no bobby pins required, half up-do by Living Proof. Photo credit: Living Proof

Get the Bride Glow

What do all glowing brides have in common? They’re skin looks healthy and vibrant! The evening before your wedding, enjoy some spa time at home and really clean and care for your face. We suggest adding a skin clearing mask and a skin smoothing mask in addition to your usual cleansing, toning, exfoliating, and moisturizing.

Get Moving


Another way to ensure you feel amazing on your wedding day is to do some exercise. Get your endorphins flowing and feel focused and energized by doing some light cardio and weight lifting, yoga and meditation, or maybe simply go for a walk in nature. This is not about dropping weight to fit into a mold of a bride. This is about cashing in on the fact that regular exercise will make you feel happier!

Clean Eating


Lastly, eat well. Incorporating a healthy clean diet will help you feel more energized, light, and vibrant on your wedding day and beyond.

Next, what do you wear for your elopement wedding?

The no dress option:

Carefree couples marrying in the courthouse often forgo the wedding dress and suit all together. This however doesn’t limit their personal style choices and fashion sense.


Mark the occasion by simply wearing your Sunday Best.    


Don’t feel like missing out on the chance to stun in a beautiful gown? Go for it! Many brides still wear a traditional long wedding gown at their elopement nuptials.

No Matter What, Do What Makes YOU Feel Your Best for your Elopement!


Whether you are pressured for time or not, take some time before your wedding to feel your best. Remember to do some self-care regimens so you feel good from the inside out. If you’re still worried about what to wear when you elope, remember it’s important to stay true to yourself and your personal style. Formal or not, we know you’ll be a stunner on your wedding day!

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Plus Size Brides | What to look for in a wedding dress | Part Two

Best plus size wedding dress shops Image Source Plus size brides may find themselves getting frustrated trying on wedding dresses in bridal shops that just don't seem to be catered to them. It may take a little time and a few deep breaths, but you can and will find your dream wedding dress! Here are a few things to look for to help you along the way!

Material Matters:

One of the first things you should look for is a dress made of a thicker and sturdier material. Thin materials might seem like a good idea for a summer wedding or a "light" feel, but you need a material that will hold it's shape! Avoid the skim the body fabrics and go for materials like taffeta, organza, lace, and duchess satin. Remember, you are not LIMITED on what your wedding dress should and can be. There are so many options out there, but some will be better for a curv-licious body type.

Bigger not smaller:

We all know that no body is made the same. That's why the whole one size fits all mentality of fashion has had to transform (and is still working on it). When you're wedding dress shopping, knowing the shape of your body is important. You should know if your wider in the hips, fuller in the chest, midsection, thighs, etc. Chances are, no wedding dress is going to fit your exact curves and proportions perfectly. When this happens, do not get discouraged! What will help when picking your wedding dress is to go for the dress that fits bigger on your smaller parts versus tight on the more va-va-voom aspects of your body. This is because when you go to make alterations, it will be significantly easier to create a perfect fit by sizing the dress down, than to add material without losing the integrity of the dress you love.


Wedding Dresses for Plus Size Brides Image Source Some wedding dress styles are better for a full figure bride than others. That is simply the truth. However, there seems to be an endless array of wedding dress styles that will accentuate your body exactly the way you want it to. Trumpet, mermaid, drop waist, a-line...are just a few styles that may just be your perfect fit. Check out part one of this series for more styles and what makes them perfect for a plus size bride here.

Designers and shops that will work well with plus size brides:

Most designers will have the dress you want in the size you want, but it may not be in store. If you've found a dress you love, but can't try on, feel free to contact the designer! If they won't work with you or help you achieve your goal, then that may just not be the dress for you. Also, it may be a good idea to call ahead to shops. This will give you an idea of which shops will be the most productive. Plus their response can tell you a little about how helpful they will be in helping you achieve your wedding dress dreams. David's bridal plus size collection Image Source If you're at a loss of where to start, we suggest David's Bridal. Their plus size collection is designed around a size 18 model. Plus, there are David's Bridal's all over, so chances are there is one near you!

Your Dream Dress:

Image result for this is us gif wedding dress

  One major thing to look for in your wedding dress is if it is your dream dress or not! Whatever you do, don't just pick one to get it over with! Don't be hurried into a dress that doesn't make you feel like the queen that you are! Go to multiple shops, try on as many styles as you want, but don't settle.
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10 Wedding Dresses from around the world

Be Inspired by these Wedding Dresses from Around the World

When you are planning your wedding and finding yourself a little stuck, it's always a good idea to take a look at the traditions of other cultures. Not to steal their traditions, but to recognize the beauty and power behind the traditions. This will pretty much guarantee a break out of your funk as you get inspired by the symbolism of color and the relationship of clothing to the wedding ceremony. So this week, we went hunting to find gorgeous and inspiring wedding dresses from around the world. We stumbled across Fashion Wanderer's top 50 and narrowed down our favorites to 10! If you would like to see the full list, check it out here.


Nigerian Bride Brides from Nigeria will most likely be found in a brightly colored traditional Igbo wedding gown. For Nigerian brides, bright colors are always better!


50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World Moroccan brides wear what is called a Caftan. This is a white robe, made of materials such a silk and chiffon. The dress underneath is usually adorned with sequins and embroidery.


50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World Macedonian brides wear a wedding outfit that weighs upwards of 50 pounds! With over 45 pieces this wedding gown is full of tradition and symbolic meanings.


50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World Wedding couples in Ghana wear matching wedding clothing. Woven with bright colors and vivid designs, these wedding clothes are in a league of their own.


50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World In Indonesia, brides wear a traditional Kebab and intricate headpieces made of gold and jewels.


Japanese Wedding In Japan, brides will wear a white kimono during the marriage ceremony. White being a symbol for purity. After the ceremony, she will typically change into a red kimono, with red being a powerful symbol for luck! Guatamala 50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World It's pretty typical in Guatemala to find brides in what we think of as the traditional white wedding dresses. However, in some regions brides will often don a woven gown and a custom white veil. The veil being the most important part with average lengths up to six feet! Why? In this tradition the longer the veil the happier the married life! Italy 50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World While white is the most popular wedding dress color in Italy, you'll also find italian brides wearing green dresses and accessories on their wedding day. Why? Green is a symbol of Ukraine   50 Jaw Dropping Gorgeous Wedding Dresses Around The World Ukrainian couples, or more specifically those from Hutsuls, wear bright and lively colors on their wedding day. This matches the wedding events as they are full of fun, dancing, games, and even jokes.  
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Plus Size Brides | How to Find the Perfect Dress | Part One

Plus Size wedding dress Image Source Let's be real. Shopping for a wedding dress can be stressful. It becomes more stressful when you find yourself looking at a rack of dresses that just don't even come close to hitting your size. Gone are the days that it's somehow expected that every woman should be the same size. However, the trickle of growth is slow and it can still be a challenge for plus size brides to really have the dream wedding dress shopping experience. Below are a few tips to help you not only get your dream wedding dress, but the best shopping experience!

Go to Bridal shops that you know carry plus-size gowns!

A big frustration full-figure have when shopping for clothes (not just the dream wedding dress) is that clothes in typical shops don't seem to be made for their bodies. This leads to leaving stores tired and frustrated! This is not the experience you want to have when shopping for your wedding dress! So before you start shopping boutiques, do a little research. A quick call to ask what sizes they carry in store and available to order, along with how they handle fittings will save you some frustration of realizing the cute shop you thought you would love only carries sizes up to 10 and calls it good.

Try on sizes known to work well with full-figure body types!

Similar to tip one, the idea here is to set yourself up for finding something you really love minus the frustration of having to kiss too many frogs that just don't fit. Below we have three wedding gown styles that are some of our favorites for plus size brides. Sheath wedding dresses plus size Image Source Sheath: Sheath wedding gowns are perfect for our plus size brides because they offer simple structure with clean lines. Plus size drop waist wedding dresses Image Source Drop Waist: This is perfect for the curvy bride that wants to accentuate her shape. This style will offer a clear waistline, while accenting the natural curves of the body. Mermaid wedding dresses plus size Image Source Mermaid: Mermaid wedding gowns for plus size brides are a dream come true! The mermaid wedding dress will give you a look of long legs, an accentuated waistline, and curves to envy.

Be Sure to Check in for Part Two Coming soon! 

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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress: Part II

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Dress

In part of our choosing the perfect wedding dress series, we gave you some ideas to take into account your body shape and those areas you want to conceal in order to make your body look much better. Now, let’s continue with more useful tips and make sure you remember them when choosing your wedding dress so you take the best out of your figure! Perfect Wedding Dress Photo by: The Long Hau
If you are tall, try a dress with lace or any other decoration to give the dress dimension. If, in addition, you are thin, you can let yourself be free to try a variety of gowns to see what feels the best on you. If you are blessed with curves, choose a dress fitted at the waist and that has minimal decorations on the hip or chest. Go for lightweight fabrics that fit well and flow freely. If you have a pear body shape (small waistline with curvy hips), try a dress fitted at the top and then have volume flowing down. This will make your torso and neckline to look tight and draw attention to enhance the upper part of your figure. If you love your back and want to show it off, look for an open back with a deep cut to the lower back. These designs look amazing if you have a curved back. Now, finding the perfect wedding dress is essential; however, it is also important to consider other elements that will not only complement but also reflect the bride’s personality on her whole look. Now that you selected the best fit for your body, you need to decide which accessories you will wear to make your outfit perfect. Concentrate, be calm and think which accessories you want to wear to match your dress and not look too charged. There are jewelry, tiaras, veils, gloves, hair accessories, purses and much more accessories to choose from and the decision should be based on the style of the bride, the weather/location and the dress. Something else you should consider is the design and the color of the dress. Therefore, the accessories will combine with it instead of standing out and discredit the dress. Finally, it is vital to pay special attention to the shoes. Remember you will be standing for many hours plus the dancing and greeting and your feet will definitely appreciate comfortable shoes. Look for elegant, beautiful and comfy shoes. Make sure to choose your size and a height you can handle. Also remember that many brides opt for two pairs of shoes; one to show for photos and for the ceremony, and another for an outdoor photo session and reception dancing. Overall, choosing the perfect wedding dress will have a huge impact on your big day. The more beautiful you look, the more beautiful you will feel.
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How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress: Part I

How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress Photo Credit: June Cochran
Your wedding day is getting closer and with that, one of the most difficult decisions comes; how to choose the perfect wedding dress. By now you have probably looked to magazines and websites to learn about the trends in wedding dresses; however, the most important is to choose a dress that will make you look even more beautiful. There are so many options to choose from that brides get confused when it comes the moment to choose one, especially because they want to get the most out of their body and cover up those little details that worry them. No matter if you are thin, chubby or curvy, there is always a perfect dress for you. You just need to take some aspects into account and your choice will be easier. Here we have some useful tips for you. To look more stylized, go for a mermaid cut dress. There are tons of beautiful designs that will improve your figure Just take into account these cut of dresses have tail. If you don’t have a small waist, the best you can do is wear a deep V neckline which will lengthen your torso. Wearing heart-shaped necklines will make you look curvy. If you are lucky to be curvy, highlight that by wearing lightweight fabrics with a nice fall. Also, look for tight fitting designs that help you highlight your waist, hips and breasts. If you have small breasts, go with draped and decorated dresses which will help you create a volume effect on the area. Also, you could look for a push up or magic bra that helps you disguise that small detail. If, on the other hand, you have really big breasts, the best way to disguise them (if you want to), is to wear dresses without decoration on the neckline area and look instead for those that have those details on the bottom. Also, avoid turtleneck dresses which will emphasize that area. In case you have broad shoulders, you should try to divert attention from them. A great idea is to avoid large or pump sleeves. If you have too wide or thin arm, you will need to find a dress with sleeves that helps you conceal them. Also, you could use your veil to cover them a little. Choose an empire style design if what you are looking for is to hide your tummy. Another great idea is to get a dress with decoration below the neck so all attention is driven to the top of your body.   Find more useful pieces of advice on the second part of our article so you choose the perfect wedding dress for your body.  
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Tips for Short Brides

Tips for Short Brides

A woman should always wear what best suits her body and the wedding day must not be an exception. If you want to look stunning at your big day, make sure you choose the right dress for your body.  Here are some tips for short brides to take into account when buying the dress and preparing your wedding film Steve Jobs now

Tips for Short Brides

Photography:Di Bezi

  • The first thing you should take into account is volume. When you are short, you should avoid a lot of volume and instead, go for a tube or mermaid cut dress. The tightest your dress is, the taller you will look. In case you want to have a little volume on your dress, we recommend you to wear an A-line one.
  • A dress with jewel details is also a great choice. The only thing you must take into account is that the jewelry must never be below your hips and of course, you should not abuse them; otherwise, the effect will not be as desired.
  • When you are to choose the color, go for only one shade. Combining colors or shades will actually make you look shorter and that is what we want to avoid. Also, try not to choose a dress with prints.
  • Elude any round-necked dress, it will not favor you at all. Instead choose a V-neckline which not only stylize your shoulders and neck, but it will only make you seem taller. Don’t be afraid of wearing a cleavage, it will definitely flatter your figure.
  • As a bride to be, you may probably be dreaming with a long tail or vail. However, we are afraid to tell you that in your case, this is not a good idea as it will emphasize your height. Instead of a veil, you could wear a beautiful headdress which will make you look elegant and even taller.
  • Stay away from big accessories. You could wear whatever you like but of an average size so you do not overdo your look.
  • Shoes are your best allies when you are short. Therefore, do not be afraid to wear high heels. The higher they are, the higher you will look. Of course, do not compromise comfort. Choose high heels that you know you will be able to carry all day without ending up walking weird or with a terrible feet pain.
  • Finally, a great tip to get a couple additional centimeters is with your hairstyle. Bet for high ponytails or buns. These will not only make you look elegant but also taller.

Hopefully, these tips will help you looks even better for your special day. Good luck!

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Top 5 Girls you Must Not Invite to Choose your Wedding Dress

Are you ready to perfect wedding dress? Choosing the ideal wedding dress is one of the most important tasks of a bride; therefore, everything related to it has to be flawless so she finds in the mood to buy it. So, no matter if you love them or are dear friends, there are five people who you should leave out when you buy your wedding dress.   Intense Smarty There is always that girl interested in fashion who thinks she is an expert in image design. If you don’t want to suffer by someone telling you that you look fat, too thin, flat boobs, pear body or that white doesn’t really suit you well. Please don’t you ever take her to buy your wedding dress!  You will definitely not feel comfortable with her comments and she can even make you feel insecure about the dress you might want to get home. The Single Mother who Hates Weddings This is a definite no! When you choose the perfect wedding dress, you must be a little selfish. That means that all eyes should be on you and all comments must help you decide which dress is perfect for your body type. If you invite a friend who hates marriage, weddings and everything relate, will most likely end up sucking up your energy. The Girl who is Getting Married and Wants Attention It is to be nasty or have a bad attitude, but it is common that this girls discuss everything related to your wedding in a way that attracts the attention to their wedding and them. It may happen that when you are trying your dress, she will be talking about heirs and how prettier or expensive it will be. You want to feel like a princess that day, regardless of what type of dress you are buying, so keep her away. The Very Judgmental Girl Yes, there will always be that rude person who says exactly she has in mind. Although frankness may be appreciated in some scenarios, choosing your wedding dress is not one of those. You want to be surrounded by people with the right attitude because you will most likely be super sensitive due to all the nerves and emotions. If you want to be with positive and supportive people, do not invite her. The Married and Depressed This is a big DON’T. If you have a married friend who is really depressed, never invite her. It is feasible that she will keep talking about her wedding and how sad she is because it was not as good as she expected and so on. If you don’t want to start with the wrong foot, leave her out of your special choosing day. The day you go to choose your wedding dress, make sure you invite people with a great attitude and who you feel comfortable with. Those who understand your emotions and feelings in making such an important decision. Just go with those who get you and enjoy!  
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Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor (Part 2: The Big Day)

Engagement Photography


Meet the couple and and read about pre-wedding set up, mishaps, fixes, and planning by clicking Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor: Part 1



Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor (Part 2: The Big Day)

Beach Wedding

Wedding Photography by Dorritt Solesbee

Their California wedding was styled simply but with precise elegance. Her colors were navy, peach and creme. She decided on these colors because she desperately wanted a bright wedding, but didn’t want to use summer colors during the fall. So she used the navy to bring in a deeper tone and allow the peach to pop out. She, Taylor, their relationship and their wedding are absolutely breathtaking.

Mormon WeddingThey were married in the beautiful Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint’s Newport Beach Temple on November 23rd 2013. It was all blue skies, sunshine, and a little bit of cold; a perfect day for a wedding.

The Ring

Rose Gold Wedding RingKnowing Dani so well -and perhaps with some of her hinting of what she liked – Taylor picked out Dani’s ring on his own. It is a beautiful oval diamond with a rose gold band and diamonds that line the sides. The surprises didn’t end with the engagement either. As a young couple working through school, Dani didn’t expect to be able to get a wedding band just yet. Taylor, knowing this, surprised her during their ceremony by putting not just her engagement ring on, but also a matching rose gold band lined with small diamonds.

The bride, the dress, the look. 

Wedding PhotographyDani’s dress was absolutely gorgeous. It was fitted with a beautiful lace throughout and an elegant train. Taylor, looked good too in his well tailored navy suite.

Wedding VeilOne of the most beautiful bridal accessories Dani had was her long lace trimmed veil. The simple elegance of her look continued with a dainty rhinestone bracelet and white pearl necklace. It had been her intention to wear her mother Caroline’s pearl necklace that had been gifted by Caroline’s father, but she ended up needing to find a replacement and found her necklace at Charming Charlies. All in all, it is undeniable that Dani made a beautiful bride.

The Wedding Party

Peach BridesmaidsDani had six bridesmaids, including her younger sister has her maid of honor, her cousin and four of her closest friends. She decided to put her bridesmaids in peach and cream. Dani picked out and bought the skirts for all of the girls and asked each of them to find a light peach top and gold accessories.

Bridesmaid Bouquet While Dani’s bouquet featured roses, the Bridesmaids’ bouquets focused on happy and bright daisies. Each bouquet was wrapped in a navy blue ribbon. Her flowers were done by a family friend.

Navy Suite Groomsmen

Matching Dani, Taylor had six groomsmen, including best friends and family. Each wore a navy suit, navy striped tie, and brown dress shoes (looking snazzy).

A Luncheon

Luncheon After the wedding ceremony, they held a small luncheon at The Old Spaghetti Factory in Newport. They invited family, the bridal party, and a few close friends. There, they had a few items picked out from the Spaghetti Factory menu for their guests to choose from, they showed a video slideshow of photos of the bride and the groom growing up, and had speeches from immediate family members and the best man and maid of honor.

The Reception

They hosted their wedding reception in the gorgeous home of one of their friends. They had a large white tent set up in the landscaped yard with chandlers and even heaters to keep their guests from getting cold. The walkway up to the tent was lined with lanterns. At it’s start was the gift table, sign in table, and a screen with the slideshow that had been played at the reception. They served a delicious menu appropriate to the season of soups with bread bowls and salads catered by Catering by Linda (Contact for prices and menus: 916-439-2127).

Reception CenterpiecesThe centerpieces included a variety of glass vases, candles, daisies, and framed engagement photos.Wedding CakeSince Dani is not the biggest fan of cake, she decided to do wedding cup cakes with a top small cake for the cake cutting tradition. Their beautiful and much loved cake was made a designed by Pila’s Pantry.

Traditionswatch film Split 2017 now

They started the night with a traditional greeting line, but did not want to be there all night, so limited it to one hour. After that they danced with their friends and family. Then they had the father daughter dance, mother and groom dance, and then couples first dance as husband and wife.

Wedding Traditions

First Dance Following the dances they upheld the wedding tradition of cutting the cake…Cutting the Wedding Cake …and smashing it in each other’s face.Cake Cutting Tradition Garter Toss Tradition At the evening’s close they did the garter toss and the bouquet toss.Bouquet Toss Tradition

Finally, with the night a blur, Dani changed into her secondary dress and the couple was sent off…

Wedding Sparkler Send Off With a sparkle and a kiss.

Wedding Send Off

Congratulations to our bride and groom Dani and Taylor! Thank you so much for sharing your wedding with us. We wish you the very best in your first year of marriage and in the many more to come!

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If the Shoe Fits, Wear it in a Bright Color

If the Shoe Fits, Wear it in a Bright Color!

Splash of Sunshine Wedding Shoes It is of course traditional in mainstream society for the bride to wear all white: White veil, white dress, white shoes. But what if you are one of those gals that just can't help but always want to wear a pop of color? You could select a dress that has colored beading, wear a colorful petticoat, or a colored veil, but one of the easiest and most fun ways to include that drop of sunshine in your white wedding look is to have some peek-a-boo color with your wedding shoes.

Stand Out on Your Own

Green Wedding Shoes

A lot of brides that want to have that spice of color in their wedding look will choose to have that bright color featured only on themselves, or in a way that is unique to them. For example if you want to have some peek-a-boo green shoes, green may be one of your wedding colors, but you wouldn't have your bridesmaid's wearing the color or even having their shoes being in the same color. If anything, their bouquets may feature some green in either the flowers or in the ribbon. Ideally, your shoe color pop would be in one of the color accents your are featuring in your wedding color scheme, but probably not the main color. Doing this, makes your color pop, more of a stand out, rather than a matchy match look.

Match the Bridesmaids Trend Alert: Brightly Colored Shoes with Little Black Dresses   Another options is to match your bridesmaids. This is done in three variations. First you can wear the same shoe in the same color as each of your bridesmaids like shown in the image above. Or, you can wear shoes in the same bright color, but a different style. For example, if your bridesmaids are wearing red heels like in the image above, you might be wearing red flats, or higher heels, or perhaps sequined heels (a little wizard of Oz theme?). The third "match your bridesmaids" is to match not the shoe color, but the dress color. So, if your bridesmaids are in purple dress and black pumps, then you would wear purple pumps.

Color is the Thing

Trend Alert: Brightly Colored Shoes with Little Black Dresses

Or if your color scheme really is just COLOR all around, then you might decide to go for a rainbow styled bridal party. With this each bridesmaid gets her own color and the bride gets her own color like in the image above. If you do want to do a rainbow bridal party, we do recommend having the girls and guys wear a solid black ( or other neutral color) and then have the bright rainbow touches in the bouquets, shoes, socks, and ties. There is such a thing as too much color!

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