Is It Bad Luck for A Groom to See the Wedding Dress?

Is It Bad Luck for A Groom to See the Wedding Dress?

You may be familiar with many wedding superstitions, including the one of not letting the groom see the bride’s dress any time before the ceremony. In the old times, it was considered bad luck to let the groom see the bride beforehand. Well, it may sound surreal to some, but like many other customs, this tradition still holds a significant place in many weddings. If you're curious to know whether this all really makes sense or is just a superstition, let us help you clear the confusion!

The Origin of This Tradition

In early times, when arranged marriages were a thing, the bride and groom were not supposed to see each other AT ALL before the wedding! Of course, it's uncanny, but it was a standard custom during those times. Now, arranged marriages are slowly becoming a thing of the past, but some wedding traditions of those times are still in action, including the ‘Not Seeing the Bride Before the Ceremony’ one.

People didn’t let the pair see each other so that they won’t be able to back off from the wedding for any absurd reasons. The bride’s family feared that maybe the groom would decline the proposal if he saw the bride before. But then, as time passed, some started calling out this wedding tradition as bad luck and still do.

It’s Nothing but a Wedding Superstition

So, the ANSWER is NO, it neither brings any bad luck, nor there's anything wrong with seeing your bride or her dress before the ceremony. However, if your fiancee wants to keep it a surprise and see those mesmerizing expressions when you see her as your bride, you should definitely go for it!

It's fun, romantic, surprising, and lovely to keep the bridal dress and final look from the groom until the ceremony. However, it is not a stroke of bad luck or misfortune for the future if you two choose to have a first look for example. So, enjoy all those traditions you find interesting, and skip on those you feel are not aligned with your vision. It's your day, and you should celebrate regardless of any wedding superstitions!