What is a Cake Cutting Fee?

What is a Cake Cutting Fee?

If you're not familiar with something called a 'Cake Cutting Fee,' you might run into some unexpected bills later on. Thus, it's better to know beforehand because ignorance isn't bliss every time! And here we are to share this valuable information so that you can aptly arrange your wedding budget.

How much does it cost?

A cake cutting fee is affiliated with the cutting and serving charged by the management of your wedding venue. It can be up to $2 per person or even more than that (depending on the venue). So, if you want your cake to be served perfectly and professionally to all of your guests, you need to be prepared for extra expenses. Naturally, you can also do this by yourself or ask someone else to serve the cake for you (no one would deny, of course!), but that might be unseemly or surreal.

How to avoid the fee?

However, there’s a way you can get these serving perks and save your hard-earned bucks simultaneously. How? By getting the cake from your wedding venue’s baker. Well, it might sound uncanny, but it's more of a selling tactic that most venues’ managements use. If you make their official baker in charge of your cake too, you'll not have to pay for the serving. Thus, no cake cutting fee at all!

There's nothing wrong with opting for a cake from the same place you're having your wedding at unless you got someone special in mind to prepare it. If that’s the case, there’s no hitch in spending more. At last, everyone deserves to fulfill all their wishes on the most special day of their life, and so do you! Therefore, don’t weigh down these additional expenses and live your day to the fullest because it won’t come again.

The Bottom Line

Whatever you choose, just be prepared for these hidden charges that usually come up on the final bill. But now, the cake cutting fee won’t be unexpected, so you can organize your wedding accordingly and smoothly. We wish you the best of luck!