How Do You Preserve a Wedding Cake for One Year Anniversary?

How Do You Preserve a Wedding Cake for One Year Anniversary?

Preserving a wedding cake to enjoy its deliciousness and nostalgic vibes on your first anniversary has been a popular tradition for ages. People really adore this ritual and love keeping it fresh until it is anniversary time. It’s all about reliving those old memories (sounds fun, no?) 

 If you also want to be a part of this cool tradition, you must know how to preserve a wedding cake in the right manner. Otherwise, there'll be nothing but dismay upon finding it spoiled after a whole year of waiting.

So, let’s get into the process of turning your original wedding day cake’s top tier into an appetizing anniversary cake!

Don’t Cut the Top Tier

If you have decided to save your cake for this tradition, make sure to keep it safe too. Of course, you must cut and serve it at your wedding, but do it carefully and save one tier (most probably, the top one because it's easier to keep).

Ask Someone to Take Care of it

As newlyweds, you will be at the center of your big event so deciding to preserve a wedding cake will just add up to your anxiety. Therefore, it'll be better if you put someone else in charge of keeping it safe, be it your best friend or someone from the family.  

Freeze it Immediately

After the cake cutting ceremony, freeze the top tier immediately for half an hour. Once its outer layer/icing is frozen, it'll be ready to be packed for a long journey that will last for a year!

Wrap It Properly with Plastic Wrap

The first thing you'll need to do is wrap the cake properly with plastic sheets. Make sure no air enters in its packing or else, it'll be ruined soon. You can put over multiple wraps to ensure protecting it.

Put in an Airtight Cake Box/Container

Put it in a cake box that you can easily get from any bakery. It'll be better if you secure it in an airtight box (in case your plastic wraps fail). Then, in the end, you might want to wrap the box too as a final act of preserving the anniversary cake!

Time to Enjoy the Flavor!

If you manage to successfully preserve a wedding cake for a whole year, it's time you relish the nostalgic vibes from your special day.