Is It Bad Luck to Smash Cake in The Face at Wedding?

Is It Bad Luck to Smash Cake in The Face at Wedding?

Wedding cake smash has become a new wedding fun tradition for some time now. People love enjoying their special day to the fullest in every possible way. Smashing the cake in each other's faces is just another way of doing it. But, is it really a stroke of bad luck? Here are some lesser-known facts!

Is it Bad Luck?

People might think smashing cakes on faces is bad luck for various reasons. However, it’s not true at all. In fact, the reason why cake smashing became a real thing was that it was considered to be a good sign for marriage. In different states, the brides' faces were smashed with the cake because they thought it to be good for their future or for a life filled with happiness. Nowadays, the people who do it are just for fun wedding pictures and for enjoyment. Thus, if you want to go for it and have all the fun at your wedding, this thought mustn’t stop you!

Should You Smash Cake on Your Partner’s Face?

This is indeed the truth that wedding cake smash is no bad luck, but still, you must discuss it with the other person. Maybe, your partner doesn’t want to ruin their suit or the wedding dress & makeup for that cake smashing fun. So, instead of making it all awkward and affecting the other one’s mood, it is better to ask beforehand.

Remember to Order Cake Accordingly!

Must also remember the money you spent on your cake and restrain from doing this smashing thing if your cake is an average size. At last, you would not want your guests to go home without eating cake and enjoying your wedding properly!

But if you’ve thought of doing a wedding cake smash thing at your wedding, you must order your cake accordingly. The size should be bigger so you'll have enough cake left for your guests afterward. However, you can also arrange a separate small cake for the cutting ceremony to have all this fun!