Why Do Newlyweds Feed Each Other Cake?

Why Do Newlyweds Feed Each Other Cake?

There are plenty of things done at weddings just because everyone has been doing them for a long time. To cut and feed each other cake is also a part of it, and some couples are even loving this because it can get a fun turn by smearing a piece on your partner’s face. However, it's perfectly fine if some are not fans. We bet that whether in favor or not, you are curious and would love to know why this tradition became a part of weddings and has been followed for so long, right? Let’s dive in!

Symbol of Love

A cake-cutting ceremony is usually said to be the first thing that the bride and groom do together. It marks the start of their real-life journey doing tasks together. So, it’s not merely a tradition to feed each other cake but a representation of love and a real sweet cake-like journey ahead.

Later after cutting the wedding cake, the bride and groom are supposed to make each other eat the cake. That's another cute impression of love, and it becomes more lovely when you’re head to toe in love with your partner. It’s a classic tradition that you can follow if you like. But to be honest, it’s something super classy when talking about sharing love, respect, care, and intimate vibes on your special day. Wedding day is all about these, isn’t it?

Is ‘Smashing the Cake’ a Tradition too?

The feeding of wedding cake has recently turned into a ‘smashing cake on the face’ tradition. Couples end up smashing the cake onto each other and have fun with it. It's kind of irritating for a few people, especially how it ruins the entire bride's look and dress. This might be fun for you if you badly want to end your special day while doing something fun with your beloved partner on the side. However, if you're not a fan of it, maybe you should discuss it with your beloved before the day comes so that you won't have to go through an unfavorable or awkward situation at your wedding.

Overall, if you want to feed each other cake, there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it's a respectful and full of love tradition that spreads love all around. Some like to take it a bit further and smash the cake and others like to keep it elegant. At the end of the day, it is your wedding so anything that feels right to you two as a couple can be included!