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Six Trending Winter Wedding Dresses

Six Trending Winter Wedding Dresses

Our team at Wedding Collectibles had a lot of fun this week diving into the fall and winter wedding dresses trends for the upcoming year. The collections showcased a lot of fantasy, whimsy, and nods to the past too. We saw a lot of dazzling sequins and pearly beading. Cute bows made lots of cameos on the catwalk and we loved how the BIG ball gown was trending on the runway too! We hope you will fall in love with these looks just as much as we did!
“There is definitely a 'red carpet moment' to a bride's wedding day, but when designing for bridal, it is important to focus on the details that will captivate and capture the imagination of the bride - she has to fall in love with the gown.” - Jenny Packham, UK bridal gown designer

Top trends for winter wedding dresses

traditional ball gowns Big Ball Gowns Each year we see the timeless ball gown in a few collections. This year we saw them in nearly everyone’s collections and it looks like “the bigger the better”! Let’s just say if you can fit through a doorway in your gown, it isn’t big enough. glam wedding dress Full-Length Shimmer Sequins, pearls, and iridescent fabrics from head to toe are your key to magical winter wedding dresses! Chic white wedding dress Brides with Bows A gown with a subtle or statement bow accent is perhaps the cutest trend for winter wedding gowns this year. Gold winter wedding dress Metallics Metallics look effortlessly cool. If you are having a wedding closer to New Year’s then rocking this look is perfect! You’ll be a showstopper in silver, gold, or a shimmering rose! Lace and White wedding dress Dresses with High Neck Practical for wedding and sensibly sweet, the gowns with high necks are totally trending for 2019. It’s a beautiful modest look perfect for church weddings too! Light winter wedding dresses Foliage Appliqué Foliage is becoming embedded in wedding designs from the floristry to the decor and now on wedding gowns. We adore this gown by Berta. It reminds of an icy winter wonderland!
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The Best Fall Bridal Looks in 2018

The Best Fall Bridal Looks in 2018

While a full white and unadorned gown is a timeless classic still relevant today, this year’s bridal shows for Fall included looks to help you be uniquely Y-O-U. Designers are getting inspired by their brides when creating their fall bridal look — not everyone is looking for a floor length highly adorned gown, some want a sassy and sweet romper or a chic power suit! This year the bridal styles were influenced by the type of fabric used, minimalism, the weather, natural elements, and trendy 70s boho fashion. We picked four of our favorite looks for Fall straight from the runway.  

Top four favorite fall bridal looks from the 2018 runways:


Bows were a repeating trend on the runway this Fall. One of our favorite looks was this sweet dress by Carolina Herrera. The blue bow adds a soft pop of color to an otherwise traditional floor length gown — and you can check the box for your “something blue”! This gown is draped in floral lace too, which adds the trendy “nature factor” that’s so perfect for this season.beautiful fall bridal looks

Embellishments inspired by nature

Okay, this is next look is pure art! Whether it’s with your hair accessories or your gown, adding natural elements to your fall bridal look like this Alexandra Grecco gown is beautiful for a Fall themed wedding. We absolutely adore the structure of the nature inspired adornments on this pink beige gown. Additionally, we love the color because it will be stunning with all the Fall color palettes; like crimsons, plums, and evergreen.Unique fall bridal look

70s Boho inspired

Bohemian styles have been trending in the wedding-sphere for a while now, so it’s no wonder why we're seeing some updated looks for this Fall. The Boho bridal styles were influenced by the always flattering look from the 70s, the wrap dress. From the flowing sheer fabric to the fluttering sleeves, this gown is hands down our favorite bohemian fall bridal look! We can totally see this paired with a pretty shawl too.fall boho bride

Chic Minimalism

Our final favorite style from the runway this year was the chic minimalism. This gown by Tadashi Shoji totally stands out. We love the minimalist yet dramatic structure of the dress. Plus, the long backless lines and bow adds an elegant lengthening effect for the bride.simple fall bridal look 
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Plus Size Brides | How to Find the Perfect Dress | Part One

Plus Size wedding dress Image Source Let's be real. Shopping for a wedding dress can be stressful. It becomes more stressful when you find yourself looking at a rack of dresses that just don't even come close to hitting your size. Gone are the days that it's somehow expected that every woman should be the same size. However, the trickle of growth is slow and it can still be a challenge for plus size brides to really have the dream wedding dress shopping experience. Below are a few tips to help you not only get your dream wedding dress, but the best shopping experience!

Go to Bridal shops that you know carry plus-size gowns!

A big frustration full-figure have when shopping for clothes (not just the dream wedding dress) is that clothes in typical shops don't seem to be made for their bodies. This leads to leaving stores tired and frustrated! This is not the experience you want to have when shopping for your wedding dress! So before you start shopping boutiques, do a little research. A quick call to ask what sizes they carry in store and available to order, along with how they handle fittings will save you some frustration of realizing the cute shop you thought you would love only carries sizes up to 10 and calls it good.

Try on sizes known to work well with full-figure body types!

Similar to tip one, the idea here is to set yourself up for finding something you really love minus the frustration of having to kiss too many frogs that just don't fit. Below we have three wedding gown styles that are some of our favorites for plus size brides. Sheath wedding dresses plus size Image Source Sheath: Sheath wedding gowns are perfect for our plus size brides because they offer simple structure with clean lines. Plus size drop waist wedding dresses Image Source Drop Waist: This is perfect for the curvy bride that wants to accentuate her shape. This style will offer a clear waistline, while accenting the natural curves of the body. Mermaid wedding dresses plus size Image Source Mermaid: Mermaid wedding gowns for plus size brides are a dream come true! The mermaid wedding dress will give you a look of long legs, an accentuated waistline, and curves to envy.

Be Sure to Check in for Part Two Coming soon! 

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Your wedding gown

Weddings are special for everyone. The most visible thing on that day is the wedding gown. You must ensure that your gown is perfect as you will be the centre of attraction on the day. However, that does not in any way mea that you will have to spend a fortune on your gown. You can look as graceful and beautiful in a budget gown. You will just need to learn to properly carry it. To zero in on the gown that fits you best, you will need to search, search and search. Visit as many stores as you can. If possible, search online too. The more options you have, the better will be your choice. If you want a customized gown, then you need to order it much before hand. Then you would need to do fitting sessions before you actually can give a go ahead. If you wish to opt for a discount wedding gown, then you must be extra cautious. A discount gown might look stunning in the catalogue but in reality, it might not be so pretty. You can also seek the advice of a wedding consultant who will study your body type, skin texture and so on and suggest the right gown for you.
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Fall wedding dress

Fall wedding dresses are very popular. They also take a lot of time to choose. Retailers are one of the most common places to search for fall wedding dresses. The greater the search options you have, the better the selection will be. The retailers store fall wedding dresses of tremendous variety. You will be spoilt for choice. There are also traditional dressmakers who can create beautiful fall wedding dresses tailored to a perfect fit as per your choice. Some brides prefer this one on one interaction and opt for dressmakers. Apart from this, you can also go to midrange and high end department stores that sell a wide assortment of fall wedding dresses. You must make at least a single visit to such stores even if it is only for ideas. One of the most popular choices for wedding dresses is the world wide web. You can find many online stores that will sell a variety of dresses of your choice. It provides you expert guidance and advice to buy wedding dresses for your special day. Make sure you buy your dress well in advance so that there are no last minute alterations that may destroy your peace of mind.
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Designing your dress

Preparing for your wedding can be both exciting as well as tension filled. There is so much to do in so little time. After all it is a very special occasion that comes once in a lifetime. Your wedding dress is the most important component of your wedding. You would want to look the best that day. After all it is your day. Designer dresses can cost you a fortune. Even the most ordinary ones will not be less than five to six hundred dollars. So why not design your own dress? It will cost you less money and you can have a dress entirely of your choice. Before you start implementing your ideas, make sure you have a person who has the required skills of sewing and stitching. If you can do it yourself, then there is nothing like it. You will need to keep in mind the theme of the wedding if you are to design your dress. A good place to get some ideas are bridal magazines, wedding catalogues, bridal shops and similar. Your dress should take into account the shape of your body. If you have a pear shaped structure, then the A line is the best for you. You need to choose a fabric that will keep you comfortable.
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Wedding Gown Suggestions

You must be very excited about shopping for your wedding gown. But before going on a spree, you might just want to check with your mother or aunt, if they have their old wedding gowns preserved. It is a different feeling altogether to wear your family heirloom. Do not bother about any kind of discoloration as technology has come up with a variety of techniques to restore your old stuff. If you ultimately decide to buy the gown, then it is advisable that you take the help of a professional salesperson. He will be able to guide you on which clothes will actually suit your body. You must start shopping for your wedding gown at least three months ago. You need to exhaust all the choices you have. Do a thorough research on what kind of wedding gown you want and from where. You will be spoilt for options. So try and check out as many shops and as many designs as possible before taking the final decision. Your shoes and other accessories need to be coordinated with your gown. The more pleats and seams your gown has, the easier for you to correct the fir without having to invest too much on alterations.
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Non traditional wedding gowns

If you have opted for a non traditional wedding, then chances are that you will want to have a non traditional wedding gown too. Here are few ideas of non traditional wedding gowns. •    You can opt for a solid white pantsuit if you wish to. You can choose an ankle length pant with white pumps. To complement it, you can use a solid white tank and blazer. •    You can choose to wear a solid white slip dress with white pumps instead of the traditional white gown. •    For a beach wedding theme, you can use jean shorts or skirt, with a colorful t-shirt and sandal. You can also have a floral hairpiece and garland to complete the look. •    You need not wear only white. You can choose to wear a dress of any color. If pink is your favorite color, then go ahead and wear it. It is your wedding and your decision. Finding a dress that is not traditional is not too tough. You have a variety of options. You can visit your local specialty store or raid the internet. There will be an assortment of options available. In fact they will also be cheaper than traditional gowns.
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Choosing Your Wedding Gown

Your wedding dress should be something very special to you. After all it is your special day and you would want to look your best. You need to do a thorough survey before zeroing in on any one. This has to be a relaxed job. You must not rush it. You can carry pictures of the gowns you like as a sample to your bridal consultants. You must take one of your bridesmaids with you for a second opinion. You can also involve all your friends and family for an opinion. Your jewelry should also be coordinated with the gown. On the D day, make sure that you save your dress from food or drink stains. You have to be very careful with the way you handle your dress. One small stain and your special dress is ruined. You must be careful about the flowers you use too as flowers have a tendency to stain. If you are carrying your dress to a different location on the day of your wedding, then you must make sure that you put them in water proof garment bags. Once you wear the dress, you must be very careful not to trip on it. Lift your skirt and walk. This way, you can also avoid it getting soiled.
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Wedding Dress Tips

The bridal wear is one of the most important aspects of your wedding. It is something that is talked about even after your wedding is over. So you need to choose your bridal dress properly. It should radiate your happiness. There are two ways to get your dress. You can buy it directly off the shelf or you can get it tailored. If you are buying it off the shelf, then you might want to do some research on it. You might have to consider the season of your wedding and your frame. You can opt for the traditional A-Line, Royal or Bell-bottom dresses or a tight fitting straight one. Nowadays you will find that couples are opting for multi-colored ones. Again you need to your body type in mind. If you are on the heavy side, then you need a dress that is close fitted. If you are thin, then you would need a bra fitted one that will make you look fuller. In case, you want your dress to be sewed, you can get a fashion designer to do it for you. Ensure that all the new trends are incorporated in your bridal wear. You can also get interesting accessories to compliment your bridal dress
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Katherine Heigl of 'Grey's Anatomy' fame has a white wedding

The star of popular television shows ‘Grey’s Anatomy and ‘The Ringer’, married her musician boyfriend Josh Kelley in a traditional white themed ceremony. Stein Eriksen Lodge in Utah was the perfect location for a white themed wedding. With light snowfall outside and interiors done up in dramatic tones of white, the couple ensured that their dream of fairytale white wedding was played out well. White drapes, white candles, white cushions, white chairs and even a white carpet was put together to create a magical ambience. Katherine looked stunning in an exquisite white Oscar De La Renta wedding gown. The path to wedding reception area was adorned with shimmering white candles. The couple had planned the wedding to last detail to make this day a memorable one. You too can plan a themed wedding; check our inspiring collection for some theme ideas
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