Designing your dress

Preparing for your wedding can be both exciting as well as tension filled. There is so much to do in so little time. After all it is a very special occasion that comes once in a lifetime. Your wedding dress is the most important component of your wedding. You would want to look the best that day. After all it is your day. Designer dresses can cost you a fortune. Even the most ordinary ones will not be less than five to six hundred dollars. So why not design your own dress? It will cost you less money and you can have a dress entirely of your choice. Before you start implementing your ideas, make sure you have a person who has the required skills of sewing and stitching. If you can do it yourself, then there is nothing like it. You will need to keep in mind the theme of the wedding if you are to design your dress. A good place to get some ideas are bridal magazines, wedding catalogues, bridal shops and similar. Your dress should take into account the shape of your body. If you have a pear shaped structure, then the A line is the best for you. You need to choose a fabric that will keep you comfortable.