A Unity Ceremony Canvas Combines Art and Commitment

Unique Ceremony Idea: Unity Ceremony Canvas

Unity Ceremony Canvas

Finding a unique and personal unity ceremony for your wedding can be difficult, especially if you’re looking for something to display forever in your home. If sand isn’t your thing, and you aren’t so in to unity candles, consider sharing a unity ceremony canvas on your special day. A unity ceremony canvas, like any other token or icon during your unity ceremony (such as the joining of roses or vial of sand), represents your everlasting commitment to your spouse. Instead of representing that commitment symbolically, a unity ceremony canvas allows your to physically write down what you value and/or promise in your marriage on a piece of art that you can display in your home. With any paint pen (and some practice penmanship), a unity ceremony canvas becomes a constant reminder of your commitment in your home. A unity ceremony canvas can match or compliment the décor of your wedding, or you can select it specifically to match the décor of your home (you can even add items to your registry to compliment it once it goes up in your living room!). Unity ceremony canvas is more than a promise – it’s a piece of art.