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The Food at the Wedding

The food at your wedding is very important. People are very finicky about what they eat. It is not a problem if you do not have a good decoration. But if your food is bad, it will leave a bad taste in your guests' mouths. So do not compromise on quality. However, that does not mean that you spend thousands of dollars on catering. You can decide on a budget and get the best out of it. If you don’t want your guests to pay for their drinks and yet not end up paying a huge bill, the best way out of the situation is to decide from before, which drinks you want to serve. You can also keep the bar open for a few hours and then shut it down. You can also have a high tea reception where you only decide to serve appetizers. But you must clarify it before hand. You would not want your guests to come expecting full meal. Make sure that the caterer you choose is good. Ask for samples before hand. Also negotiate for a good deal. You must freeze the guest list to ensure that you do not run short of food.
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Wedding Ring Customization

You can customize your wedding ring depending on your likes and dislikes. You can customize it with various colored stones. Wedding rings are taken as a symbol of the love between bride and groom. It is a proof of their commitment and loyalty. You can also inscribe your spouses’ name on the ring. Some people go further ahead and get their wedding dates inscribed. It is believed that a diamond is forever. It is the hardest stone and is very versatile. Diamonds have been cherished for centuries. Before choosing a diamond ring, you need to take the 4 Cs into account - color, carat, clarity, cut. Diamond rings can be really expensive. So if you get any discount anywhere – offline or online – you st grab it. Many couples prefer designing their own wedding wing. The solitaire diamond is a favorite choice among couples. Other popular choices are marquise and mesonite settings. Mesonite is gradually becoming a modern alternative to traditional settings. Another trend is that diamond wholesalers are allowing more and more attractive deals to couples who are looking for value for money. So go ahead. Get the most unique ring for your special one
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Affordable Wedding Accessories

Not everyone would like to spend a bomb on wedding accessories. They might not be able to afford it. Some may feel that they would rather invest the sum towards their honeymoon or maybe in a new house or a car. There is no reason to feel sad. There are plenty of cheap accessories that look equally good. You can take advantage of that.
For instance, you really don’t need to pin expensive flowers on every chair during your wedding. It sure does look nice, but six months from now, nobody will even remember this. You can even create your own placards as pew makers. You will definitely need to invent in supplies if you want to make your own accessories. But it will be a lot cheaper than buying ready made ones. Also, you can customize it as you want. You can even borrow your sister’s or mother’s veil. At times families have veils come down for a generation. If you really want to save money, you need to do a thorough homework. There are lot of offline and online choices. Just make sure that you compare thr rates with various vendors before you choose any one.
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Wedding Invitations Should Be Special

Our wedding is a special occasion for us. We would want to design our invitations in a way that it stands out. We want it to be unique. You can include your wedding theme if you wish to. You can also play with the wordings. You can have funny quotes or flowery poetry inviting people to your special occasion. If you are remarrying, then you can also have your children invite guests to the ceremony. You can have an assortment of ideas from where you can choose. Your wedding invitation must have the relevant information like the date of the wedding, the venue, the time and if possible a map on how to reach the place. You can also mention the dress code on it. You must not forget the most important thing and that is the RSVP. You will definitely want to keep a tab on the guest list. You need to denote a point of contact where your guests can confirm or reject participation. You must send the invitation at least 10 – 12 weeks prior to the wedding. This way it will be better for you as well as the guests to plan. So the sooner you can send them out the better.
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Add romanticism to your new marriage, here’s how!

To add romanticism to your new marriage, there are some sensuous products. A ‘Just Married Tank’ will surely be on the top of the list. It’s perfect and passionate thing for a new bride like you to slip into to add to the romantic touch of her your honeymoon! It’s one wonderful way of making the announcement that you are ‘just married!’
They come in dazzling designs. What adds to their appeal is a fitted cotton tank that can make the announcement, as mentioned above. Check whether you can get it customized. The customization option will give you the opportunity to reveal your feelings in the most exciting way - in bold crystal letters. You may ask for add-ons like a crystal heart or any other symbol. This certainly is an ideal match with a ‘Just Married’ Hoodie & Pant Set! Incidentally, you can also get ‘bride to be’ tanks. These fitted tanks are available in various cool and classy colors, and read ‘Bride to be’ printed in gold or silver. You may accessorize with a rockin' pin of your choice to show off your engaged status.
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Learn to relax and feel rejuvenated

A bride has a lot of planning and other work to do before her wedding. They want everything to be perfect – starting from the flowers to food to decorations. So they really work very hard to get everything right. But again, they would want to look their best on the wedding day. So it is very important that you take your time out and relax before your special day, if you really want to look good. Here are a few tips on how to rejuvenate before your wedding day. •    Decide on your make up and hairdo at least two weeks before your wedding day. If possible try and do a rehearsal before hand so that you are not in for any kind of surprises on the D day.
•    Eat well and take a short nap before the ceremony starts. That way you will feel relaxed and rested.
•    Get a facial and spa done. You must pamper yourself to the core. After all it is your special day.
•    Go in for a pedicure and manicure a couple of days prior to the wedding.
•    Do not take any stress.
•    Try and sleep as much as you can to avoid dark circles below your eyes. Be happy all the time. I am sure it would not be too difficult as it would come naturally.
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Choosing Your Wedding Music

The ceremony music is the music that is played during the ceremony it includes the prelude, processional, recessional and postlude. Prelude music – It is played before the ceremony starts and while all the guests are comfortably seated.
Processional music – It is played just when the wedding party enters the place. Ceremony music – It is played when the ceremony takes place. Recessional music – It is played as and when the wedding party leaves the place. Postlude music – It is played when the guests start leaving the place. Before you actually sit down to decide which music should play when, it is necessary that you check out the policies of the venue pertaining to the music and the available instruments. If nothing is mentioned, then it is better to call up and ask. You can hire a band or you can also consider a friend and relative to sing for you. The music you play for your wedding helps set the atmosphere for your wedding and thus, needs to be planned with care. You can hire a DJ directly. This way, you will be able to save some money. If you have higher budget, then you can hire the services of an entertainment agency.
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Wedding Planning Tips

Your wedding is one of the most important and biggest events in your life. You will surely want it to go glitch free. For that you would need proper planning days ahead of the D day. Here are some tips: •    Spending a lot of money doe not necessarily mean that you will have a fabulous wedding. So prepare a proper budget and follow it.
•    Plan a lot and document the entire plan the moment you think about it. You might be in the midst of an important meeting when something comes to your mind. Carry a notebook with you so that you can jot it down before you forget.
•    Try and get a good deal from your florists, caterers, bakery, photographer and others. Get everything in writing from your vendor.
•    Take the weather into consideration in your plan.
•    Involve your would be spouse in the plan too so that he or she is equally responsible.
•    Get as much help as you can get.  Planning a wedding is a massive task and you will surely not want to be exhausted before your special day. Do not assume anything. Do not keep anything for the last day. Get all loose ends tied up so that you can enjoy on the D day.
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Look Beautiful On Your Wedding

Looking good on your wedding day is not just something that you can achieve overnight. You have to start off at least a couple of months before the D Day. You need to invest in a good skin care program months before. You need to take proper care of your skin and health. If you are fresh from inside, then the glow will definitely emanate from within. You must take care of your diet and have a healthy lifestyle. A day before the wedding, it is necessary that you go for a spa, facial, massage, pedicure, manicure and maybe a little trim to keep your tresses in shape. On your special day have a good relaxing bath. You must eat at least a small meal on that day to ensure that you do not faint at the altar. You can get your makeup and hair done a couple of hours before the ceremony. Your nails must be in proper shape and nicely polished. You would definitely not want to have chipped nails with uneven nail polish applied all over on that day. Your makeup should go with your gown. It should not be totally out of context. You may want to apply a lipstick that will last you longer. One tip is that you can apply some foundation before applying lipstick.
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Choosing Gifts For The Groom’s Men And The Bride’s Maids

When you shop for gifts for your bridesmaids, make sure to see whether they match with the theme of the wedding or not. You can choose from a variety of gifts like scarves and jewelry and accessories. You can get small purses or beaded breeches designed for them with their initials on it. Or you can give them crystal showpieces that will remind them of your wedding. It is better to personalize every gift so that they have a sentimental value attached. After all, your bridesmaids are your treasured friends. They deserve some personalized attention. Now comes the gifts for the groom’s men. It is always difficult to shop for men than for women. You can opt for perfumes or tie pins or wallets with their initials on. If you are a good cook, you can even think of whipping up something like a cake or some pasta or anything that you wish to. Again, the groom’s men are your close pals and thus they deserve something special. You can even take them out for a drink, maybe a pre bachelor party kind. Also there is no need to splurge on the gifts. Try and stay within the pre determined  budget.
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Preparing Wedding Budget

Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. All of us would want to have a fabulous wedding. But that does not mean that we get burdened with debt just to have that dream wedding. It is best to chalk out a budget at the onset so that the cost does not get out of hand. Make a list of every thing before hand starting from flowers to drinks to food to decorations and various others. This way you will know before hand what are the things that you need to take care of. Once the list is done, get it reviewed by some close people especially those people who might finance the wedding. Before you decide on the venue, check out all the options available. Call them up and ask them about the charges and deposits involved. Talk to the florists, decorators, caterers and others about their charges. See if you can get a discount. Surf the net for testimonials and other advice. There are many blogs and discussion forums that talk about weddings. You can also take the opinion of friends and families. Once you decide on the details, make sure that they do not overstretch the budget fixed for them.
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Choosing Your Wedding Jewelry

Bridal Jewelry is something that all brides have a weakness for. But before you splurge on your Jewelry, you need to finalize your dress. Choose your Jewelry depending on the cut of the dress. For instance if you have a sleeveless dress then you need to have a necklace that allows more space on your neck. You can choose a stylish single strand for a halter dress. Or you may decide to wear only earrings and a bracelet. You may decide to have a dressy gown that is heavily embellished with pearls and sequins. In that case, it is better to choose light jewelry. Heavy jewelry with heavy gowns will make you look over the top. If you have chosen a simple layered dress, then you can opt for loud Jewelry. This way your dress and Jewelry will complete each other. Whatever you do, you need to ensure that your Jewelry is coordinated. It is safer to stick to one kind. However, if you want to mix and match, make sure you have common elements like similar shape, color, style and so on. Whatever you wear, it is important that you are comfortable and confident of the dress and Jewelry. If you feel that you are not confident enough to carry it, then change immediately. You can also ask your friends and relatives for their opinion.
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