Wedding in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is mainly known for its casinos and hotels. It is also known for its weddings. Thousands of couples go to Las Vegas to tie the knot without any hassle. The place has got minimal restrictions in terms of licenses. For a wedding to take place in Las Vegas, you would need to get a license from Nevada. You will just need proof of identity and a fifty five dollar license fee to get a marriage license from Nevada. The next step is to find a location where you can get married. You will find chapels that offer grand ceremonies. You can also find drive up window wedding just for 20 bucks. For a mere extra 5 dollars you can even get fries and a drink. These are some chapels that provide music, flowers and some even clothes. So you actually do not need to do anything but just arrive at your venue. Las Vegas is the place to get married if you want a hassle free wedding. You do not have to arrange for anything at all. You just need to show up with your fiancée and everything will be taken care of. Getting married in Las Vegas gives you the opportunity to have your honeymoon at one of the most happening place in the world.