Your wedding smile

Once your wedding is over, the memories will be captured in photographs and videos. So it is extremely important that you and your partner smile through the entire event. You would surely not want to show grumpy wedding snaps to your grand children. Here are a few tips to improve your smile on your special day. •    Get an electronic toothbrush for yourself. It need not be the expensive ones. Electronic ones clean much better than manual handheld ones.
•    Use a good whitening mouthwash to kill any germs and have a clean and healthy fresh breath.
•    For dry lips, use a conditioning balm that will help you soften your lips.
•    You a lipstick that matches with your outfit. The stay on variety is the best for the day. The lipstick needs to match your skin tone. A lipstick with a mauve base makes your teeth look really white.
•    Define your lips with a lip pencil before putting on the lip color. They make your lips look tidy and stylish. The liner should match with your lipstick color and it should be one shade darker. With these smart tips, you are ready for the dazzling your guests with your million dolla smile.