Your wedding jewelry

You need to choose your wedding jewelry with utmost care to make your wedding special. If you have an heirloom jewelry that you need to wear, then you do not have much of choice. Chances are that you will not have the entire set handed down to you. So to get matching accessories, you need to visit the antique store. If you decide to buy anything from there, you must check that there are no missing stones that may make it look ugly. If you do not have a heirloom jewelry, then you would need to buy something yourself. Before choosing any piece, make sure you have taken the shape of your face into account. Then think of your hairstyle that you intend to sport on that day. Your earrings will depend on how you are wearing your hair. You would not like to go over the top am sure. You can choose any thing from gold, silver and diamonds. You can also decide to wear colorful gems if it matches your outfit. However, the jewelry should not overshadow your dress. Pearls are the safest bet though. Whatever you buy, you would need to store it carefully for your kids.