Your destination wedding invitations

There are various kinds of wedding invitations. Among them, destination invitations are the most popular. Your guests would love to combine a vacation to an exotic venue with a friend’s wedding. Getting a destination wedding invitation is considered to be an honor as they are restricted only to close friends and relatives. You must send out the invitations with ample time in hand. This way your guests will have proper time in planning. They would have to book their hotel rooms, buy their tickets and plan their leave from the place of work. Usually couples choose destinations that are close to their heart for their wedding. Beaches are the most popular choice. Since destination weddings are very special, it is but common sense to make the destination wedding invitation special. You can buy ample postcards from resorts that is hosting the wedding and include then in the invitation packet. This will give your guests an idea on what to expect. You must include travel information and directions in the invitation packet. If you have made a block booking, then you must also mention that. If there is a special rate for the guests, then that must also be mentioned.