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Keeping Tradition While Keeping a Budget

Keeping Tradition While Keeping a Budget

Keeping Tradition Can be Expensive

There are a lot of traditions and costs that go into your wedding. However, you need to find a way to prioritize them in case your budget gets tight! Take a look at some of the biggest and oldest wedding traditions that most bride's choose to include in their wedding. Keeping tradition isn't a requirement of getting married, but it sure can be a lot of fun. So, think about which wedding traditions are important to you and then be sure to prioritize them as you make your budget.

Wedding Dress

The traditional white wedding dress was born the day that Queen Victoria of England wore one on her wedding day in 1840. Today, the average cost of a traditional white wedding dress is between $400 and $1,700.

Wedding Cake

Wedding cakes as a wedding tradition date bake to medieval times when they were essentially bread and a symbol of fertility and prosperity. Now, the wedding cake is much more extravagant and typically costs between $300 and $690

The Bridal Bouquet

The wedding bouquet started as mostly herbs and a way to ward off evil spirits. It was also believed to prevent the plague. A flower bouquet for the bride now costs between $150-$350.

The Garter Toss

Celtic Charm Bridal Garter The garter toss was born from a couple different traditions. One of which of believing that getting a piece of the bride's wedding dress would bring you good luck. So while most see the garter toss as a flirty and innuendo type of tradition today, it was started as a way to ward off eager guests from essentially ripping the the bride's dress a part. A garter typically costs around $35 to $75. Though, many guests use a cheaper one for the toss and keep the nicer one for themselves.

Something Old, New, Borrowed, Blue

This wedding traditional is a whole lot of superstition. Kind of like an athlete who doesn't wash his socks all season. To uphold this tradition you need:
  • something old that represents your past life before marriage,
  • then, something new to represent you new married life,
  • something borrowed from someone with a happy marriage,
  • and something blue as a symbol of faithfulness.
The exact cost of this tradition depends entirely on what you use as each item.  
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So Who Pays for the Wedding?

So Who Pays for the Wedding?

The average wedding costs, $30,000.00. In most circle's that's a decent amount of money. Since it's 2019 there may be some question as to who exactly is meant to pay that cost.

Traditionally, Who Pays for the Wedding?

Wedding Pay: Who pays for the Wedding? Traditionally Speaking, the Bride's parent's or family would pay for almost everything to do with your wedding. If you're going the traditional route the bride's family can be assumed to pay for everything to do with the wedding ceremony and reception. So this would be the catering, a wedding planner, flowers, the wedding dress, photography, the wedding cake, and any and all of those little wedding accessories. Then, if you're having them the bride's family can also be anticipated to pay for the engagement party and the day-after brunch. The groom's family may not be assumed to pay for a majority of the actual wedding costs, however, traditionally they would be expected to pay for the Rehearsal dinner, the couples's honeymoon, and any alcohol at the reception.

What About the Bride and Groom?

Even in a traditional set up the bride and groom are still expected to front some of the costs for their wedding day. While these may differ depending on the couple and some parents may actually decide help cover these costs, the bride and groom often cover expenses that have more to do with their relationships. For example, the groom would pay for and acquire:
  • the marriage license,
  • officiant,
  • bride's rings,
  • his own attire,
  • and a wedding day gift for the bride and a thank you to his parents.
He might also be expected to pay and set up the wedding night accommodations assuming they aren't whisking away to their honeymoon straight from the reception. Then, the bride will be paying for:
  • the groom's wedding band,
  • bridesmaid gifts,
  • as well as gifts for the groom and her parents.
  • Her and her bridesmaid's hair and make up.

But, it's 2019 and Traditions Tend to Run a Little Lose

While wedding's are still rich in tradition, who pays for the wedding isn't one that is so set in stone. Nowadays, the wedding costs are divided up more naturally to what works for the couple's and their families. Many couples opt to pay for their wedding themselves. When expenses are high, they simply have a longer engagement to fund everything easily. Needless to say, who pays for the wedding is going to be a conversation you need to have right away.  
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The Wedding Accessories Brides Forget to Budget

The Wedding Accessories Brides Forget to Budget

There are so many little details and wedding accessories that go into creating your dream wedding. Wedding Collectibles is a shop dedicated to those little details and one thing we've learned being in the wedding industry is that it's these wedding accessories that brides forget to think about when planning their wedding budget. To give you a snapshot of how quickly these perfect touch accessories can add up, we went shopping. Where? Wedding Collectibles of course! One of the highest trending wedding styles this past year has been the simple barn wedding. So, we're shopping for the wedding accessories that will help create that look. This means clean, not overly adorned, and somewhat rustic.

Our Wedding Accessories Haul

In building the simple barn wedding look using accessories for every aspect of your wedding, we ended up adding 21 items to our Wedding Collectibles shopping cart.  Items for wedding favors and thank you notes we added enough for a guest list of 300, which is typical for the average to large wedding.

Our Absolute Favorite Simple Barn Wedding Accessories

One: Leg Pop Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper

Simple Barn Wedding Accessories A simple cake topper great for spring and summer weddings.

Two: Here Comes The Bride Flower Girl SignSimple Barn Wedding Accessories

This would be perfect for a flower girl that's a little too young to handle not dumping flower petals in one clump!

Three: Can't Wait to Grow Old With You Wedding Handkerchief

Wedding Accessories A wedding tradition that you should be able to keep personal! There's something romantic of this handwritten style love note hankie.

Four: Rustic Wooden Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow

Wedding Accessories We really liked this alternative look to a classic tradition.

Five: Scattered Flower Veil

Wedding Accessories This simple bridal veil really is perfect for a romantic barn wedding.

Six: Mini Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells If you're planning on doing wedding favors, there's something about using these wedding bells for a simple barn wedding that just rings true.

Our Full Wedding Accessory Shopping List:

  1. Leg Pop Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper
  2. Here Comes the Bride Flower Girl Sign
  3. Can't Wait to Grow Old With You Wedding Handkerchief 
  4. Rustic Wooden Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow
  5. Scattered Flower Veil
  6. Mini Wedding Bells
  7. Personalized From the Bride to Her Father Handkerchief
  8. Vintage Style White Purse
  9. Mrs. Cosmetic Bag
  10. Rustic Wooden Heart Table Decor Confetti 
  11. White and Silver Thank You Cards
  12. Floral Applique Wedding Garter
  13. Personalized Burlap Runner
  14. 17 Inch Wedding Sparklers
  15. Rosebud Wedding Guest Book & Pen Set
  16. Faux Birch Log Card Holders
  17. Custom Wedding Table Sign
  18. Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Chair Signs
  19. Contemporary Champagne Flutes
  20. Silver Oval Cuff Links
  21. Foundations Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

Total Cost for this Wedding Accessories Haul

Wedding Accessories Costs   This might not be your exact wedding accessory shopping list, but you can see how quickly these types of wedding accessories can add up! The takeaway? Don't forget to budget for your wedding accessory musts!
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How Much Do Weddings Cost?

How Much Do Weddings Cost?

Weddings cost money. It doesn't matter if you're planning the biggest wedding of the year or if you're doing a courthouse wedding and going out with your closest friends for dinner to celebrate after. It costs roughly $75 to get married at your local courthouse. Add in $15 dollars for your marriage licence, maybe $50 for a simple nice dress, and $100 for dinner and you're looking at a wedding coming under $250.00. Courthouse Weddings Cost Photo by: Michelle Walker Photography   If you're looking to spend as little as humanely possible on your wedding, a courthouse wedding is a good place to start. However, everyone's dream wedding is different and come with different budgets.

How Much Do Average Weddings Cost?

Average Cost of:
  • Wedding Venue: $12,343.00
  • Wedding Officiant: $300.00
  • Limo Service: $800.00
  • Live Wedding Band: $3,500.00
  • Wedding Photographer: $2,559.00
  • Wedding Dress: $1,357.00
  • Groom's Tux: $197.00
  • Wedding Cake: $450.00
  • Wedding Flowers: $2,141.00
  • Hair & Make Up: $300.00
  • Wedding Invitations (including all the trimmings): $750.00
  • Wedding Caterer: $7,000.00
The total average cost of a wedding: $31,697.00 

The Low Budget Wedding

Low end cost of:
  • Wedding Venue: $640.00
  • Wedding Officiant: $100.00
  • Limo Service: $220.00
  • Live Wedding Band: $450.00
  • Wedding Photographer: $323.00
  • Wedding Dress: $120.00
  • Groom's Tux: $120.00
  • Wedding Cake: $125.00
  • Wedding Flowers: $189.00
  • Hair & Make Up: $60.00
  • Wedding Invitations (including all the trimmings): $150.00
  • Wedding Caterer: $400.00
The total cost of a typical low budget wedding: $2,897

The Pull No Punches Wedding

Weddings Cost Glam High end cost of:
  • Wedding Venue: $20,000.00
  • Wedding Officiant: $650.00
  • Limo Service: $1,800.00
  • Live Wedding Band: $9,750.00
  • Wedding Photographer: $4,500.00
  • Wedding Dress: $2,600.00
  • Groom's Tux: $2,600.00
  • Wedding Cake: $1,000.00
  • Wedding Flowers: $4,200.00
  • Hair & Make Up: $1,050.00
  • Wedding Invitations (including all the trimmings): $1,300.00
  • Wedding Caterer: $13,000.00
The total cost of typical high budget wedding: $62,450.00

Plan Within Your Budget

While these numbers come from various bride surveys and market trends, remember that they represent the typical and average. You can make more room in your budget by forgoing some of these items or if you have personal connections to vendors, you might find yourself a deal. A lot of couples looking to save may even have an outdoor, backyard reception, forgoing any venue costs. Additionally, keep in mind that there a million little small details to account for. For example, wedding accessories like cake toppers, wedding garters, and table center pieces, while not big purchases will still add to you total costs. Whatever your dream wedding is just remember that a wedding that stays within budget is always going to be less stressful.  
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Top Five Mistakes When Organizing a Wedding

 Photo Credit: Claire Morgan
Planning a wedding is a lifetime adventure: unknown, intriguing, and exciting. While most people prefer to hire a wedding planner, some prefer to organize their own to make sure it goes perfect. If you’re planning to organize your own wedding, keep in mind that you will need to invest a lot of time and effort on it. To make sure your plans go as expected, you better take note of the below mistakes so you don’t make them: 1.    Not Having a Defined Theme The theme of your wedding will reflect your and your couple’s personality and interests; that’s why you have to define one before you start the whole planning. Not being clear on a wedding theme will lead you to combine different elements or styles, and end up with a characterless and forgettable wedding. 2.    Lacking a Budget Estimate Planning a wedding when you don’t have a defined budged could be catastrophic. If you’re unsure of how much you can spend, you might end up burning all your savings, or even worse, getting bogged down in debt. Be careful, you don’t want your wedding to become a complete nightmare. 3.    Not Hiring a Good Photographer A close friend or relative –who likes photography- might ask you to let them take the pictures of your wedding. That sounds like a good way to save money, but don’t forget that once the wedding is over, the only visual memories that will last for many years are the photographs. So carefully choose a professional photographer, even better, an expert wedding one. 4.    Choosing a Place without Knowing the Date Now, this might sound dumb, but choosing a place for your wedding involves a lot of visiting, thinking, and time. Before choosing your setting, make sure when exactly your wedding is going to take place. Choose a specific time also to know the season and weather you’ll have on your dream day, so you can get ready for every possible scenario. 5.    Not Having an Agenda Unless your main virtue is being super organized, you must have an established agenda -enough time- ahead of the wedding day; otherwise, you will probably go nuts. Take note of all the information related to your wedding and create a time table to help you organize all your pre-marriage tasks. Make sure you don’t forget any of the above and we promise your dream day will be smooth sailing. But, above all this, make sure that you really enjoy your wedding day. None of the planning will be worth it if you don’t relax and relish this day like you’ve never enjoyed any other day before. Remember, it will only happen once!  
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How Much do Engagement Rings Actually Cost?

Engagement Ring When a new couple is looking to get engaged, buying that engagement ring can be pretty daunting. Unless the couple comes from a family of Jewelers or are somehow super up to date on how much a diamond is going for these days, it can be hard to know how much money will equal what size diamond. Looking online at Pinterest can be deceptive and even looking online at jeweler stores can be misleading because you are not really going to get a real feel for the ring to price ratio. Your best bet is really going to be going into Jewelers and seeing what is out there, but again, that can be a little nerve racking and time consuming, while also leaving that question of is there something better somewhere else? Especially if you are not shopping together and the asker is trying to find that perfect ring on his/her own. So, after a quick survey and a little bit of digging, here is some info on what real wedding rings costs for real people (ie. We can't compare to celebrities or people with a disposable income because a Million dollar ring is not often realistic...not that celebrities and uber rich people are not real people too). To start: In the article "How Much Should an Engament Ring Cost?" in Women's Health Magazine published in February of this year, it states, "The average price tag for an engagement ring is $2,311, according to new data from American Express Spending & Savings Tracker. Of course, not everyone drops that amount on the rock. In this survey of over 1,500 adults, 25 percent of people said it was appropriate to spend between $2,000 and $4,999." But, with nontraditional ring styles becoming increasingly popular, this number can be dropped significantly lower. If your heart is set on a diamond ring, know that it is the diamond that is going to determine the price of your ring, and the bigger the diamond, the bigger the cost.  The only way to have a large diamond at a cheaper price is if you sacrifice cut, color, or clarity. In the article, "The New Rules to of the Engagement Ring" on it states "According to Philip York, one of GIA’s diamond experts, the importance of each C will depend on the person and their preferences. For instance, "Do they like a lot of brightness or some fire (the rainbow of colors caused by dispersion)?" he asks. If that’s the case, focus on the diamond’s cut more than, say, its size. And if size is what’s most important to you or your bride-to-be, then depending on your budget you may have to sacrifice on cut, color or clarity" So a HUGE factor in how much an engagement ring will cost is dependent on who the ring is being bought for and what her preferences are going to be. If you are trying to surprise you soon to be fiance with the proposal and don't want to involve her in the purchase, but also don't know her preferences, then try asking her best friend. Chances are she has told her exactly what she wants for that special day when you come asking around. Real Rings from Real Brides Engagement Ring Cost This engagement ring is from Jared's Galleria of Jewelry for $1500. With the wedding band and everything said and done, the total came out to $3000. Recommendation from the bride: "If you want a wedding band, try to buy them as a set because they can sometimes be cheaper together." Engagement Ring PriceThis gorgeous ring is from Pasha Jewlers in Orange, Ca. Originally priced close to $5,000 they were able to get it for $2,000 because they were paying in cash. Tip: Don't be afraid to try and negotiate and ask about upcoming sales. This is a big purchase! Wedding Ring CostFor $2,500 this bride was able to get two wedding bands and a 1/4th carat center stone from Fred Meyer. From the bride: "It was more important for me to have my ring be super sparkly, so instead of a large center stone I went with the double halo and all diamonds on the side." Affordable Engagement RingsThis oval cut gold wedding ring is beautiful and the right amount of dainty. It's center stone is .6 carats and cost $2000. Something to learn from the bride for those looking for a center stone that at least looks large in size: "The oval cut actually makes it look bigger than it is", so be sure to keep in mind the cut of your diamond when figuring out your priorities.      

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Wedding Facts Info-graphic: The Starting Point

wedding help Wedding planning can be - and typically is - very stressful. One of the more stressful points of planning your wedding happens before you have even started. Unless you have been married before or are a trained wedding planner, chances are you won't have a solid idea on everything that you are going to need to do and what it is going to cost. That is where wedding info-graphics like this one made by come in handy. Starting out with facts about what it is you are getting into, including the average cost of an engagement ring, then adding in average number of bridesmaids, who pays, and a budget breakdown. The budget breakdown is a great way to get a feel for what it is your are going to need to tackle in the months to come. If the price range isn't what you want to work with, at the very least it give you a good idea of what you will need to spend money on. So, when you are in that weird phase where you are talking about marriage, but not yet engaged, and clueless as to what to do, browse through info-graphics and blogs to get more of a handle on what you can expect.  
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3 Tips for Staying on Budget

3 Tips for Staying on Budget

1. Designate 2-3 items that you are not willing to cut corners on, price them out, and adjust budget to match.

Ann's Classic Affairs - Bridal Gown: Farrah If you know you are not going to want to pass up the perfect wedding dress because it would take over the budget for the wedding invitations, then set that dress as a no compromise item. Doing this does require you to do some preliminary browsing and research, but it helps you set a budget that gets you the most of what you want. For example, if you would rather spend more money on your wedding dress or wedding cake and topper, than you might choose to forgo sending out wedding announcements and would instead announce online or in person and then just send out invitations. Or if you still want to do both, then look at options for making your own announcements and invitations. DIY can not only help you save money, but it allows you to control everything that goes into it! 2. Get Organized

GSS Wedding Planning Tools :: Tips to Get and Stay Organized! One key to getting organized is to make sure everyone is on the same page. If two people spend the same designated money on different things then you are going to run into problems. So, alongside creating a wedding binder or using online wedding planning tools, be sure to create an easy and open method of communication. For example, uploading your budget sheet onto Google drive and then sharing it with anyone planning the wedding so that everyone can see updates and update the budget as you check off wedding to dos.  You also may want to create a group chat whether it be on Google hangout or on Facebook. 3. Shop Sales Wedding Collectibles Sale Sales are going to be your new best friend. When you walk into a wedding shop or hit a wedding website, start with the sale section. You will make your life so much easier if you put yourself in the position to fall in love with an item that is half off, before you see the way over budget perfect veil, garter, centerpiece, or wedding cake topper. A lot of the time if you find a sale item you love first, and then a full price item you love as well, it will make it easier for you to go with the sale item and keep in budget. Alongside sales, check the clearance section! Clearance and sales are often two different things. Sales will be temporary and will take a certain percentage off a full price item. Clearance will be items that the shop is trying to move out and will then be marked down significantly without the intention that it will soon be marked up again. You may even be able to find a clearance item that is also on sale. This doesn't mean it will be the "ugly" leftovers. You can see this happen a lot at places like Target where the same lamp in two different colors will be two different prices. Most of the time the cheaper item will be the simpler item, and when it comes to wedding accessories, simple is often better!

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3 Tips for the Budget-Conscious Bride

The wedding budget is, without a doubt, one of the biggest concerns for the newly-engaged couple looking to minimize the fiscal impact of a wedding shindig. While budgets sound like easily-maintainable lists and figures when you’re getting started, they can quickly spiral out of control during the planning process. Little expenses pile up, guest lists blossom into twice your intended number, and small charges, such as tips and tax, sneak up on you. Here are a few tips for keeping on top of your wedding budget without spending every night slaving over a spreadsheet:
  1. Compile a wedding budget FIRST
While it may seem like a good strategy to figure out your guest list or ideal ambiance first, that isn’t necessarily step one in your list of things to do now that you’re newly engaged. Ideally, your first step is figuring out how much you have to work with. You may be dreaming big, but if you set your heart on 200 guests or custom dance floors before crunching the numbers, it will be much harder to scale back your expectations. Figure out your budget, and then decide on the style and guest count of your day. You can swing larger numbers or swankier décor if you scale back in the other department, but you should be prepared to do that from the get-go.
  1. Know where your funds are coming from before spending them
On that subject – who is paying for your wedding? If it’s all coming from your own pocket the numbers become simpler, but if either family has pledged to chip in or shoulder the bulk of the finances, things can become complicated quickly. While you know your family better than anyone, it’s always best to hold off on spending money until the cash is in hand. While your aunt may have mentioned that she’d pay for your wedding gown, don’t go off and buy the perfect dress without knowing for sure that they money is coming in. Ideally, have your aunt (or parent or future in-law or whoever) pay first-hand instead of promising reimbursement. This way, the individual financing the expense has a hand in the wedding experience and you can be sure you won’t be stuck with a larger slice of the pie than you anticipated.
  1. Update your budget as you go
The last bit of advice – don’t forget about the budget, even if you feel that you’re “probably staying in range” of your original discussion. Small expenses, such as favors, tips, or invitation upgrades, can add up quickly and derail an otherwise foolproof wedding budget. Keep lines of communication open between all spending parties, and anticipate holding a few casual meetings to catch up with the budget as planning continues.
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Concerns for the Newly Engaged

A good friend and colleague of mine got engaged over the weekend, and was full of questions when she was back to work. Most of them built up to one bigger concern – where should she even start? If you have a tentative wedding date in mind as soon as you’re engaged, there are a few things you should consider before you start looking through specific details for your day. Before you start picking out centerpieces and trying on dresses, jot these down in a newly purchased wedding planner:   Figure out a guest list
You won’t need a set-in-stone guest list until you send your save-the-dates or invites before your wedding, but all of your other decisions depend on at least a fuzzy picture of who you expect to be attending your big day. A guest list of 50 versus 100 will change the way you spend your $5,000 budget. Much like the earlier budget decision, your thoughts on your guest list composition will color the picture you’ll start to craft of your ideal wedding. This decision is best left for after determining your budget. You can always scale your budget down, but it’s harder to do that with a guest list once you have your heart set on the friends and family you hope to see on your wedding day.   Figure out a budget
It’s easy to get swept up in the romance of a new engagement, but making decisions, even small ones like linens and candles, without a budget can really throw a wrench into the wedding experience. If you get your heart set on a venue or guest list without first figuring out what you can afford, you’ll find yourself disappointed way ahead of time. Even if your wedding is far off in the future, or you know that you’ll need to save up a bit before you start committing to definite plans, know what your end goal is before searching for inspiration online. Have a dollar amount in mind so you aren’t reaching for the moon during your preemptive planning. Weddings can be spectacular on any budget, so don’t fret!   Enjoy the moment!
For the moment, stop planning and start enjoying being engaged. Take your nose out of Pinterest and enjoy some time to yourselves. This is especially important now, as relatives and friends will likely be asking about wedding plans in droves. A simple “we really haven’t started thinking about it yet” will allow some time to digest your ideal plans in favor of some more realistic ones before you start leaking details. Let it settle, enjoy the enthusiasm around you, and start seriously planning a few months down the road.

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Spreadsheets for a Perfect Wedding Budget

Congratulations on your engagement! The first few months of your engagement (depending on how long you want to wait for the big day) can be a little overwhelming if you start planning things out early. Figuring out budgets and checking out locations can become a little disorganized, and I definitely recommend a solid wedding spreadsheet.

Microsoft Excel is designed to be easy to use and helpful, and is especially wonderful during the wedding planning process - take advantage of it! If you aren't comfortable using Excel (or an equivalent program), try to get help from your new fiancé/fiancée or a particularly friendly coworker. I first learned how to navigate the wonderful world of spreadsheets by looking around on Google and YouTube for quick "basics" tutorials, as you won't need anything past a basic understanding to create a good wedding spreadsheet - it's an amazing tool, as it practically does all of your budgeting for you.   Columns! So Exciting!
Columns can be organized by different budget scenarios, with the running total on top (for ease of access), starting with your ideal budget and working toward budgets that are more specific. I recommend one column for an ideal budget, a column for projected budget (how much you think you'll actually spend. Depending on different variables, you can have multiples of these), a column for various quoted prices, and an actual money spent column. These columns will help you to keep your budget in perspective as you move forward, and it works well for testing out different combinations and package options to see how they would affect your overall budget. Sometimes it's hard to visualize all budget outcomes without a tangible guide, and Excel is a great solution. Rows! Hooray!
Your rows can be as general or specific as you like, but keep in mind that you can always add subheadings for specific items that are a part of a larger group. You can have a row for "party rentals" and a row for "tables," or you can group them together as a single expense. These groupings will change depending on how inclusive venues and packages are and you can always group them in later columns. The reason that Excel is such a great wedding planning tool is that no expense with take you by surprise at the last minute as you add up your expenses and discuss priorities with your future spouse. Excel can be a singular tool that keeps track of your expenses and helps you decide where you want to spend your money on your wedding day! Color code away!

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How to properly prepare for a wedding

A wedding needs to be perfect. It usually happens only once in a lifetime, and everything needs to be in its proper place, or else a wedding can be ruined. In order for a wedding to go off smoothly, proper planning needs to be done. Whilst planning a wedding, one of the first and most important factors to come into play is the budget. Although it is hard to stick to a certain budget, it is important not to exceed it by too much either. This budget needs to be broken up into several segments such as catering, transportation, entertainment and accommodation to name a few. After the budget is broken up, a lot of choices have to be made like where the wedding venue will be, what band to hire for the wedding, which caterers will supply what kind of food, how the wedding cake will be and so on. The list can go on and on. All this can be taken care of with proper and diligent delegation of duties. Once people have been assigned duties, it is important for a responsible person to oversee the entire process of the wedding. This way, one can make sure that everything goes off smoothly and as planned.
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