How Much do Engagement Rings Actually Cost?

How Much do Engagement Rings Actually Cost?

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When a new couple is looking to get engaged, buying that engagement ring can be pretty daunting. Unless the couple comes from a family of Jewelers or are somehow super up to date on how much a diamond is going for these days, it can be hard to know how much money will equal what size diamond. Looking online at Pinterest can be deceptive and even looking online at jeweler stores can be misleading because you are not really going to get a real feel for the ring to price ratio. Your best bet is really going to be going into Jewelers and seeing what is out there, but again, that can be a little nerve racking and time consuming, while also leaving that question of is there something better somewhere else? Especially if you are not shopping together and the asker is trying to find that perfect ring on his/her own. So, after a quick survey and a little bit of digging, here is some info on what real wedding rings costs for real people (ie. We can't compare to celebrities or people with a disposable income because a Million dollar ring is not often realistic...not that celebrities and uber rich people are not real people too). To start: In the article "How Much Should an Engament Ring Cost?" in Women's Health Magazine published in February of this year, it states, "The average price tag for an engagement ring is $2,311, according to new data from American Express Spending & Savings Tracker. Of course, not everyone drops that amount on the rock. In this survey of over 1,500 adults, 25 percent of people said it was appropriate to spend between $2,000 and $4,999." But, with nontraditional ring styles becoming increasingly popular, this number can be dropped significantly lower. If your heart is set on a diamond ring, know that it is the diamond that is going to determine the price of your ring, and the bigger the diamond, the bigger the cost.  The only way to have a large diamond at a cheaper price is if you sacrifice cut, color, or clarity. In the article, "The New Rules to of the Engagement Ring" on it states "According to Philip York, one of GIA’s diamond experts, the importance of each C will depend on the person and their preferences. For instance, "Do they like a lot of brightness or some fire (the rainbow of colors caused by dispersion)?" he asks. If that’s the case, focus on the diamond’s cut more than, say, its size. And if size is what’s most important to you or your bride-to-be, then depending on your budget you may have to sacrifice on cut, color or clarity" So a HUGE factor in how much an engagement ring will cost is dependent on who the ring is being bought for and what her preferences are going to be. If you are trying to surprise you soon to be fiance with the proposal and don't want to involve her in the purchase, but also don't know her preferences, then try asking her best friend. Chances are she has told her exactly what she wants for that special day when you come asking around. Real Rings from Real Brides Engagement Ring Cost This engagement ring is from Jared's Galleria of Jewelry for $1500. With the wedding band and everything said and done, the total came out to $3000. Recommendation from the bride: "If you want a wedding band, try to buy them as a set because they can sometimes be cheaper together." Engagement Ring Price

This gorgeous ring is from Pasha Jewelers in Orange, Ca. Originally priced close to $5,000 they were able to get it for $2,000 because they were paying in cash. Tip: Don't be afraid to try and negotiate and ask about upcoming sales. This is a big purchase! Wedding Ring Cost

For $2,500 this bride was able to get two wedding bands and a 1/4th carat center stone from Fred Meyer. From the bride: "It was more important for me to have my ring be super sparkly, so instead of a large center stone I went with the double halo and all diamonds on the side." Affordable Engagement Rings

This oval cut gold wedding ring is beautiful and the right amount of dainty. It's center stone is .6 carats and cost $2000. Something to learn from the bride for those looking for a center stone that at least looks large in size: "The oval cut actually makes it look bigger than it is", so be sure to keep in mind the cut of your diamond when figuring out your priorities.