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Don’t get broke after your wedding

Weddings can be very expensive. So if you do not want to be broke after your wedding, then you will need to plan ahead and prepare a budget. Wedding venues are quite expensive. Even if you choose the church as your venue, you will have to shell out quite a sum for the entire day. Private venues will ask for a deposit. It will be best if you can get married in your backyard or maybe on the beach. This way, you can save a lot of money on venue cost. For floral arrangements, you can choose seasonal flowers so that they do not charge you a bomb. Wedding photographers charge a lot of money. But you cannot do away with wedding photographs. It is best to request a relative or a friend to help you click photographs. You can also divide the task among more than one people. Now let’s come to your wedding gown. You can get very good wedding gowns at extremely reasonable prices at factory outlets. You can also try shopping online. You can have a simple menu for the guests but do not compromise on the quality of the food. That will not be taken in too well by the guests.
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Wedding Planning Tips

Your wedding is one of the most important and biggest events in your life. You will surely want it to go glitch free. For that you would need proper planning days ahead of the D day. Here are some tips: •    Spending a lot of money doe not necessarily mean that you will have a fabulous wedding. So prepare a proper budget and follow it.
•    Plan a lot and document the entire plan the moment you think about it. You might be in the midst of an important meeting when something comes to your mind. Carry a notebook with you so that you can jot it down before you forget.
•    Try and get a good deal from your florists, caterers, bakery, photographer and others. Get everything in writing from your vendor.
•    Take the weather into consideration in your plan.
•    Involve your would be spouse in the plan too so that he or she is equally responsible.
•    Get as much help as you can get.  Planning a wedding is a massive task and you will surely not want to be exhausted before your special day. Do not assume anything. Do not keep anything for the last day. Get all loose ends tied up so that you can enjoy on the D day.
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Preparing Wedding Budget

Wedding is a special occasion in everyone’s life. All of us would want to have a fabulous wedding. But that does not mean that we get burdened with debt just to have that dream wedding. It is best to chalk out a budget at the onset so that the cost does not get out of hand. Make a list of every thing before hand starting from flowers to drinks to food to decorations and various others. This way you will know before hand what are the things that you need to take care of. Once the list is done, get it reviewed by some close people especially those people who might finance the wedding. Before you decide on the venue, check out all the options available. Call them up and ask them about the charges and deposits involved. Talk to the florists, decorators, caterers and others about their charges. See if you can get a discount. Surf the net for testimonials and other advice. There are many blogs and discussion forums that talk about weddings. You can also take the opinion of friends and families. Once you decide on the details, make sure that they do not overstretch the budget fixed for them.
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