So Who Pays for the Wedding?

So Who Pays for the Wedding?

The average wedding costs, $30,000.00. In most circle's that's a decent amount of money. Since it's 2019 there may be some question as to who exactly is meant to pay that cost.

Traditionally, Who Pays for the Wedding?

Wedding Pay: Who pays for the Wedding? Traditionally Speaking, the Bride's parent's or family would pay for almost everything to do with your wedding. If you're going the traditional route the bride's family can be assumed to pay for everything to do with the wedding ceremony and reception. So this would be the catering, a wedding planner, flowers, the wedding dress, photography, the wedding cake, and any and all of those little wedding accessories. Then, if you're having them the bride's family can also be anticipated to pay for the engagement party and the day-after brunch. The groom's family may not be assumed to pay for a majority of the actual wedding costs, however, traditionally they would be expected to pay for the Rehearsal dinner, the couples's honeymoon, and any alcohol at the reception.

What About the Bride and Groom?

Even in a traditional set up the bride and groom are still expected to front some of the costs for their wedding day. While these may differ depending on the couple and some parents may actually decide help cover these costs, the bride and groom often cover expenses that have more to do with their relationships. For example, the groom would pay for and acquire:
  • the marriage license,
  • officiant,
  • bride's rings,
  • his own attire,
  • and a wedding day gift for the bride and a thank you to his parents.
He might also be expected to pay and set up the wedding night accommodations assuming they aren't whisking away to their honeymoon straight from the reception. Then, the bride will be paying for:
  • the groom's wedding band,
  • bridesmaid gifts,
  • as well as gifts for the groom and her parents.
  • Her and her bridesmaid's hair and make up.

But, it's 2019 and Traditions Tend to Run a Little Lose

While wedding's are still rich in tradition, who pays for the wedding isn't one that is so set in stone. Nowadays, the wedding costs are divided up more naturally to what works for the couple's and their families. Many couples opt to pay for their wedding themselves. When expenses are high, they simply have a longer engagement to fund everything easily. Needless to say, who pays for the wedding is going to be a conversation you need to have right away.