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First Impressions with Wedding Place Card Holders

Wedding Place Card Holders Set the Scene

Wedding Place Card Holders

Wedding place card holders are probably the first things that your guests will see as they enter your ceremony space. Yes, they’ll notice the feel of the room, the centerpieces and the cake (if it’s set out) too, but the first small detail that they will see will be your wedding place card holders.
It’s no secret that the small touches are what makes a wedding. Every hall can be filled with roses and washed with pink tinted light, but your small touches are what sets your wedding apart from someone else’s. Things like wedding place card holders show your guests the time and energy you put in to your wedding day, and they will reciprocate that energy and passion.
Wedding place card holders don’t have to be fancy - on the contrary. Simple touches are often the most significant to an impressionable guest. Try to fit the wedding place card holders to the theme and feel of your wedding; paper bird silhouettes for a garden affair, tiny bells for a church wedding, or small renderings of famous works of art for a gallery cocktail hour. This detail is often the most overlooked, but can be a precious keepsake for your guest. If you’re hiring a calligrapher for your pace cards (or having friends and family help with the printing and design), keep in mind where the wedding place card holders will grip the cards. It might be confusing for a guest if their name is cut off by a wayward but well-meaning rosette.
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Giving Candle Wedding Favors

Elegant Candle Wedding Favors

Candle Wedding Favors

  Selecting appropriate wedding favors can be a difficult, especially if you’re trying to select something both elegant and useful. If you want something that will slip seamlessly into your guests’ decor and is both beautiful and memorable, look no further than candle wedding favors. Color scheme and theme are no longer obstacles when you opt for candle wedding favors, because their elegant simplicity matches all surroundings.
Guests won’t forget their candle wedding favors on their way out for the night! And it isn’t a problem if a group finds themselves with several candle wedding favors. Unlike other gifts (“What do we do with four knitted toaster coazies?!”), candle wedding favors aren’t a burden in abundance (and they won’t put a strain on your wallet, either). Add a personal touch by thinking outside of the molded tea light - try candle wedding favors in lanterns, with flowers, and even shaped into unexpected objects (think apples, seashells).
Candle wedding favors also include fun holders for candles your guests already have at home (though it’s always a good idea to include a candle with your gift so everyone knows what it’s for). The addition of candle wedding favors to their mantle will have them thinking of you for years to come.
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Impress your Guests with Practical Wedding Favors

They'll remember your practical wedding favors

practical wedding favors

  When was the last time you went to a wedding and left your favor at the reception because it was so forgettable? Do you still use any of the favors you’ve ever received at a wedding? Can you even recall what they were?
Favors are a chance for you to thank your guests for their attendance, and they’re also a way to make sure your guests won’t forget how much fun they had at your wedding. With fun and practical wedding favors, they’ll think about you every time they go to crack a bottle of wine or slice up a homemade pizza. Here are some fun suggestions for practical wedding favors, depending on your personal style:

1. Destination
If you’re having a destination wedding, there is no greater set of practical wedding favors than luggage tags. These practical wedding favors are small enough to bring home, will be used for years to come, and fit perfectly into your getaway. Guests can use the tags on the way home to make sure everything comes back with them!

2. Foodie
If you’re a foodie, food-themed practical wedding favors are for you. Everyone loves food (and wine!) and your favors can accompany your guests at meal time long after your wedding is over. Foodie practical wedding favors come in the shapes of adorable salt and pepper shakers, tea infusers, honey pots, pizza cutters, olive trays, and anything else you can think of that’s small, portable, and incredibly useful. You can even include something edible for your guests (No one ever complains about chocolate, especially if you’re on a budget) as your practical wedding favors.

3. Unique
No matter what your hobbies or interests as a couple are, there are practical wedding favors out there to reflect them. Into books? Share elegant bookmarks with your guests on their way out the door. Can’t stop showing off your diamond? Provide your guests with something equally impressive as you send them off with giant engagement ring key chains or napkin rings. From cookie cutters to whisks to photo coasters, there are practical wedding favors for your guests no matter what your personal taste.

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Wine Wedding Favors - Useful and Elegant

Give your guests the gift of wine wedding favors

wine wedding favors

Wedding favors are a nice gesture for any couple looking to thank their guests for attending. Favors don’t have to be flashy or expensive, but a touch of practicality is always appreciated. Wine wedding favors have the appeal of a practical gift with the elegance of a formal one. Wine wedding favors range from charms to stoppers to corkscrews to decorations, and all are appropriate for any wedding - from the beach to the ballroom.
Wine charms are particularly cute wine wedding favors, and could even be used throughout the evening to differentiate between guests’ glasses - just be sure to leave a little note at each place setting, reminding them to take their wine wedding favors home!
Bottle openers and corkscrews are also popular wine wedding favors. Though their functions will probably not be needed during dinner, these wine wedding favors will be a beautiful and useful addition to your guests’ homes. If you’re strapped for cash, but you’re still set on wine wedding favors at your event, consider allotting one for every social unit instead of every guest. Also, it’s very unlikely that the children attending with their families will have much use for wine wedding favors!
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Be Prepared with Wedding Hand Fans

Wedding Hand Fans

Help Your Guests Beat the Heat with Wedding Hand Fans

Fall may be upon us, but hot days are still surprising brides all over the country. Don’t be caught unprepared! Wedding hand fans make a great favor for your guests, and they’ll definitely appreciate it if your ceremony is outdoors. Wedding hand fans are easy to slip into your décor, and make lovely additions to your guests’ seats or place settings. Wedding hand fans come in a variety of colors and won’t look out of place no matter what your color scheme or theme. Wedding hand fans are dainty and discreet – even if you didn’t plan on using them before your big day, they can be great to have on hand just in case. The same goes for wedding umbrellas!   Outdoor weddings are rising in popularity, but often a bride will forget about the aisles of sweaty guests that will be watching her nuptials. She may be so swept up in the moment that she won’t need wedding hand fans, but her guests certainly will! Make them as comfortable as possible with wedding hand fans and they won’t think twice about the blazing sun – all eyes will be on you.
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Fun Uses for Wedding Favor Cameras

Wedding Favor Cameras

Fun Uses for Wedding Favor Cameras

Wedding favor cameras can be a great way for guests to catch candid moments of you and your beloved on your wedding day. If you provide enough of them (one for every two or three guests or one per table), wedding favor cameras can catch moments that your photographer missed - including multiple perspectives of key events such as the cake cutting and first dance.

    Fun ways to encourage guests to use wedding favor cameras: - Provide scavenger hunt cards that challenge guests to capture a variety of moments at your wedding, such as the bouquet in midair, groups of people laughing, the groom kissing his new wife, and children dancing with the bride. Wedding favor cameras are portable and fun, and they’re durable enough that it isn’t the end of the world if they’re dropped on the dance floor. - Hand out wedding favor cameras to the children at your wedding. You’ll be able to see your wedding from their perspective (expect several shots of the cupcake table), and wedding favor cameras are a great distraction for young ones who aren’t quite old enough the hit the dance floor. - Use wedding favor cameras as either a supplement or replacement for your guestbook. Guests can take photos and sign the camera (or printed pictures) with their well wishes for you and your new spouse. It might be more advisable to use wedding favor cameras as just a supplement to the guestbook - it’s hard (and unrealistic) to flip through boxes of cameras to find the cute message from your great aunt six months from now. No matter how you use them, wedding favor cameras are a great addition to any wedding day, and will provide you and your new spouse with albums full of candid memories.
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Are you looking for wedding decorations with a fine blend of innovation and imagination?

As you would agree, you need to work with some offbeat and innovative ideas to make your wedding decorations appealing so that the effort is really worth it! You may be wondering how to achieve this fine blend of innovation and imagination. But that’s not a cause of worry or apprehension for you, at all! A wide variety of excellent picks are now available. A majority of decorations you will come across here are so designed that they will smoothly coordinate and blend with favors you might decide to use at your reception. Why not try out Bling Ladybugs that are exquisitely made with every element of care and craftsmanship that is always at the heart of any magnificent wedding accessory. Bring them to life by incorporating delightful Garden Friends of your choice in new styles and colors all over!
Next in line are Bling Hummingbirds. Taking flight with a novel line of Garden Friends, they come in all new styles and colors! With them you may plant an awe-inspiring garden of Flowers in a wide range of styles on your top tier, along with crystal leaves and deft curly stems. Why not hover these wedding decorations over a nice bouquet of Flowers or simply perch them on top of your Monograms or Hearts? Another interesting option would be to crystallize the delicate wings for an added sparkle.
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What are the aspects to be considered when buying candles and candle holders?

In this post, we shall consider are some of the key aspects to be kept in mind while choosing your favorite candles and candle holders. ·    Get candles and candle holders that go well with the overall setting and mood of the occasion. ·    It is a delicate accessory. Handle with care so that your precious piece is not damaged and you can preserve it as a memory for years to come. ·    Keeping in mind the fact the temperatures are high for four months starting from May until September, it is recommended that all candles be shipped with any of the express methods so that they are preserved during delivery. ·    For this very reason, orders with candles as a norm are only shipped for first two days of the week to avoid the prospect of weekend layovers. ·    You should seek clarity regarding any melted candles that are shipped by ground and whether they are accepted for returns. Just to give you a feel of the wonderful range of attention-grabbing items in this category, we draw your attention to Wedding Taper candle holders that come with tapers set. This is available as part of the captivating Calla Lily collection. The pair of Calla Lily taper candle holders looks extremely elegant. It features fine sculptured calla lilies tinged with a light green border. Made of painted resin both taper candle holders measure 2" tall each. There are several such elegant accessories to choose from this captivating category.
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How does wedding favors add to the aura and sentiment of the occasion?

Wedding favors have indeed become an essential element of the wedding day etiquette. In popular parlance, it’s a thoughtful and attractive gift that is presented to important wedding guests to show appreciation on part of bride and groom. Wedding favors are for those present for sharing the joyful moments of the special day in one’s life. In contemporary times, they are one of the most important aspects of a wedding plan. Of course, wedding favors need not be bound by conventions; they can be anything, depending on tastes, themes and the type of guests present on the occasion. Traditionally photos or chocolates have been offered over the years. But today’s couples opt for more creative favors that carry an unmistakable personalized touch. Now, the favors may include a host of utility and fancy objects like bottle stopper, picture frames, wine opener, candles, kitchen tools, key chains, etc. The list is endless. In essence, wedding favors can be the couple can think of as a memento for their special guests. However, a wedding couple may need professional inputs to purchase the right kind of favors that your guests would feel happy to receive. They should seem exclusive so that the people present on your wedding day will preserve the wedding favors for several years to come. Thankfully, your choice has been made more exciting, enterprising and elegant thanks to a comprehensive wedding collectibles resource.
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Some fabulous accessories to add to the joy of wedding celebrations

We suggest that you take a look at some of the recommendations below for some fabulous accessories. Grabbing them will sure help you double the joy of wedding celebrations. First of our picks is an eclectic engraved Heart Keepsake box. Made of sizzling silver, the beautiful box is the perfect option to keep some of your most cherished treasures. Apart from its functionality, it has fabulous looks. Having been lined with extremely gorgeous black velvet, its appeal gets further enhanced. The silver-plated trinket holder in itself will become your favorite spot. It can be used as an ideal perfect accent accessory to any vanity, desktop or dresser. It carries an easy close lid. If you want to make it look unique, you can get it personalized to make her feel more special. The feature is available free of cost.  We are sure that women of all ages and tastes will relish its highly customized charm, class and chic boutique appeal. Our next pick for you is this fantastic flower pearl necklace plus earrings. The nice and subtle combination of necklace and earring carries beautiful round pearls along with ravishing rhinestones. They are so delicately arranged that you will be left spellbound by its fabulous floral pattern. The beautiful necklace measures 16" long. It’s available with charming white pearls only in a sizzling silver setting.
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How can you ensure hassle free shopping of wedding accessories?

You sure will like to preserve the wedding accessories as lasting memories of a special occasion to be always remembered. They are precious treasures to be cherished for the lifetime. This is exactly why you need to be even more discreet in choosing a wedding collectibles resource. The process of collecting wedding accessories can become enjoyable if you select the right one. No matter what your concept of a dream wedding is, you can bring it into reality by visiting a comprehensive online platform. Some of the essential features of a truly user friendly avenue are as follows:  • It acts as a one point source to meet all your needs, and offers an end to end service. • It should be dynamic as well as affordable so that you can seek every type of wedding accessory with a full guarantee in terms of material quality, exquisite finishing, durability, look and functionality. • You should be able to get every detail of each wedding accessory on offer simply with the click of a button. • You can easily get necessary details of each product along with its image to get a complete idea of something you wish to buy. Thankfully, you have come to the right source that unveils a wide variety of exciting wedding accessories including wedding cake toppers, wedding cake knives, cake server sets, wedding cake stands, flutes, wedding table accessories and wedding favors among others.
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How can you fulfill your dream of a wonderful wedding?

The wonderful tradition of wedding memorabilia continues in the contemporary times as people buy, collect and preserve different types of wedding-related accessories. There are wedding cake toppers, pictures, veils and other memorabilia that they cherish close to their hearts. Internet has made the task of looking for wedding collectibles so much more enjoyable. When gathering wedding accessories, the thrust should be on adding a highly personal touch to your wedding day celebrations. This helps you express your individuality and make the occasion memorable. A core theme such your concern for environment can be expressed through matching accessories. We feel this is what your dream wedding indeed should be like; it’s all about you and your tastes! A competent online interface will allow you to personalize one of the most special days in your life. A vast collection of truly unique wedding gifts, favors and wedding items available online serves a perfect medium to express your sentiments. These items let you revive those cherished memories. True to your sentiments, here is a comprehensive collection of magnificent wedding collectibles that make your very special day even more special. There are a wide array of items including wedding cake toppers and a host of bridal accessories. You can look for wedding cake servers, ring bearer pillows, cake topper figurines, wonderful wedding guestbooks and pens, toasting glasses, flower girl baskets, garters, unity candles, poetry hankies, captivating candleholders, amazing albums, money bags, purses, tiaras, centerpieces, Thank You cards and much more...
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