First Impressions with Wedding Place Card Holders

Wedding Place Card Holders Set the Scene

Wedding Place Card Holders

Wedding place card holders are probably the first things that your guests will see as they enter your ceremony space. Yes, they’ll notice the feel of the room, the centerpieces and the cake (if it’s set out) too, but the first small detail that they will see will be your wedding place card holders.
It’s no secret that the small touches are what makes a wedding. Every hall can be filled with roses and washed with pink tinted light, but your small touches are what sets your wedding apart from someone else’s. Things like wedding place card holders show your guests the time and energy you put in to your wedding day, and they will reciprocate that energy and passion.
Wedding place card holders don’t have to be fancy - on the contrary. Simple touches are often the most significant to an impressionable guest. Try to fit the wedding place card holders to the theme and feel of your wedding; paper bird silhouettes for a garden affair, tiny bells for a church wedding, or small renderings of famous works of art for a gallery cocktail hour. This detail is often the most overlooked, but can be a precious keepsake for your guest. If you’re hiring a calligrapher for your pace cards (or having friends and family help with the printing and design), keep in mind where the wedding place card holders will grip the cards. It might be confusing for a guest if their name is cut off by a wayward but well-meaning rosette.