A Beautiful "Must": Wedding Card Boxes

Preparing with elegant Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding Card Boxes

Wedding card boxes have exited on gift tables at weddings for decades - and with good reason. They provide a place for guests to slip you their well wishes (and a little cash) without cluttering the gift table with stacks of envelopes. If designed correctly, wedding card boxes don’t have to stick out amongst your other wedding decor, and they can even add a nice, elegant touch to a usually drab table. After all, you can’t just skip wedding card boxes at events like weddings. As much as we like to think that OUR wedding will be crasher-proof, it’s always nice to have a little locked-down insurance, especially for easily-swiped wedding cards! Think about the size of wedding card boxes. Depending on the budget of your event, something the size of a shoebox is usually about right; any smaller and you risk the bending and possible ripping of cards. A lock isn’t necessary, but it is helpful to have some way to latch your wedding card boxes. Imagine trying to bring it out to the car only to have your cards spill out all over the parking lot! Bird cage-style wedding card boxes are an elegant way to add to your decor without sticking out. The cage allows you to see the contents as they multiply, and they look beautiful at any event (especially at gardens or backyard weddings). Wedding card boxes are a must, but they should be a BEAUTIFUL must!