A Few Tips on Addressing Wedding Invitations

Writing out wedding invitations

Wedding invitations

Wedding Invitations are something that all brides will eventually find themselves putting off. When the guest list has been finalized, it will still be a few days before you’re comfortable sitting down for a long afternoon of calligraphy (or, if you’re lucky, someone else will be the one penning stylized names on papyrus envelopes) No matter who is doing the addressing, it’s important to keep the following etiquette rules in mind while writing out wedding invitations:
  1. Couples are a social unit and should be invited together on wedding invitations. Generally, it doesn’t matter how long the two have been together (questioning it too much could cause some undue anxiety), they should be invited as a unit if they identify as a couple. Wedding invitations should be addressed to Mr./Ms./Mrs. _____ and Mr./Ms./Mrs. _____ if the couple live together, and Mr./Ms./Mrs. _____ and Guest if they live apart (addressed to the member of the relationship the couple knows).
  2. Wedding invitations should offer no directions regarding the attendance of children. If children aren’t invited, don’t list them on the wedding invitation. If the parents call and ask, politely tell them that the event is adults-only. If they RSVP with a child, you should be the one to make the call.
  3. Be sure to check the spelling of all names before you start the wedding invitations! Even if you’re %100 sure of a spelling, keep correct copy beside you while you’re writing, checking it often. Wedding invitations should always list the names of all guests invited to the event – correctly!