Impress your Guests with Practical Wedding Favors

They'll remember your practical wedding favors

practical wedding favors

  When was the last time you went to a wedding and left your favor at the reception because it was so forgettable? Do you still use any of the favors you’ve ever received at a wedding? Can you even recall what they were?
Favors are a chance for you to thank your guests for their attendance, and they’re also a way to make sure your guests won’t forget how much fun they had at your wedding. With fun and practical wedding favors, they’ll think about you every time they go to crack a bottle of wine or slice up a homemade pizza. Here are some fun suggestions for practical wedding favors, depending on your personal style:

1. Destination
If you’re having a destination wedding, there is no greater set of practical wedding favors than luggage tags. These practical wedding favors are small enough to bring home, will be used for years to come, and fit perfectly into your getaway. Guests can use the tags on the way home to make sure everything comes back with them!

2. Foodie
If you’re a foodie, food-themed practical wedding favors are for you. Everyone loves food (and wine!) and your favors can accompany your guests at meal time long after your wedding is over. Foodie practical wedding favors come in the shapes of adorable salt and pepper shakers, tea infusers, honey pots, pizza cutters, olive trays, and anything else you can think of that’s small, portable, and incredibly useful. You can even include something edible for your guests (No one ever complains about chocolate, especially if you’re on a budget) as your practical wedding favors.

3. Unique
No matter what your hobbies or interests as a couple are, there are practical wedding favors out there to reflect them. Into books? Share elegant bookmarks with your guests on their way out the door. Can’t stop showing off your diamond? Provide your guests with something equally impressive as you send them off with giant engagement ring key chains or napkin rings. From cookie cutters to whisks to photo coasters, there are practical wedding favors for your guests no matter what your personal taste.