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Your wedding favors

Your wedding day is one of your happiest days in your life. You would want to share your happiness with your guests who would grace your occasion. One way to show your happiness is by giving wedding favors to your guests. There are various things that you can give away as wedding favors. You will get various things at a variety of prices. One very common wedding favor is coolies. You can buy cookies and decorate it as you want depending on your budget. You can also bake the cookies by yourself if you want to add a personal touch to them. Pewter is a good choice but it is more expensive. Another nice choice is plants. Your guests can plant it in their garden and always remember your wedding when they see it. You can place the plant in nice porcelain pots if you wish to. Yet another idea is to give away soaps and accented candles to the guests. They are easy to get and are quite cheap. Sharing your happiness and showing your gratitude to your guests for coming to your wedding is the basic core of wedding favors. No matter how small it is, it is the thought that matters.
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Presenting wedding favors to your guests

Finding wedding favors should not be a problem for any bride. The options are endless. You can even customize the favors. But once you have chosen the favors, you need to give them away to the guests. To decide how you want to give your wedding favors, you would need to decide on the theme of your weddings. Then you need to decide on how many guests will attend the wedding and what kind of gifts you will give. All these factors are responsible for deciding on how you want to present the favors to your guests. Now comes the important part as to how you want to give away. One way is to keep the favors at each guest’s place setting. This is the most common way to give away awards. You can also append the wedding favor to back of the chair, maybe with a bow or any other material. It will act as a good decoration for your reception and guests will also be happy to see it. You might even decide to appoint an usher who will stand at the entrance and personally hand over the favors to the guests. This adds a personal touch. If the number of guests are not too many, then the bride and the groom can personally visit each table and hand over the favors expressing their appreciation.
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Wedding Napkins and Favors

Planning your wedding napkins and favors can be a tiring task if you do not plan ahead. Try and think of ideas to personalize your napkins and favors as much as you can. On the internet you can find hundreds of online stores that will custom make your favors and napkins. The advent of the web has really made custom made stuff very easy to obtain. Initially it was an expensive proposition. But online stores do not have too high an overhead. Thus they can provide customization at a low cost. You need to decide on your wedding colors ahead of time. Once that is decided, you can decide on how to color coordinate the napkins and favors as per your wedding colors. If you are following a specific theme, then you have to be careful that your favors and napkins complement the theme. If you buy different things, it will surely not look good. The aesthetics will go for a toss. No matter what the theme or the color scheme is for your wedding, the key is to plan much ahead of time. If you have everything planned and documented, you are sure to have a smooth function.
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Edible wedding favors

Wedding favors are an important part of the wedding. Wedding favors can be cheap and fun. You need not spend a bomb on them. You can make a variety of different edible wedding favors. There are many creative ideas that you can come up with that both you and your guests will enjoy. You can make them on your own or get other people to make it for you. It will do you good if you can come up with some really creative ideas that will reflect your personality. There are various bakery shops that can make special edible favors. They have an assortment of ideas that you can choose from. You can go with their ideas or can also customize as per your choice. You can use cookies in the colors of your wedding theme. Trust me; your guests will simply love it. You can also use lollipops with your name on them. Many candy stores will give you a good deal on them. There are so many things that you can do. But first you need to get your budget right. Then you can choose among the various options you have. No matter what your budget is, you are sure to get a good deal.
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A must-have item for the wedding day or beach honeymoon

On the eve of her wedding, a bride will need accessories that are functional and fashionable. There are some off-beat, albeit vital things that a bride-to-be must have with her. One of them is a wedding day flip flop for casual usage; we suggest you go for a fancy flip flop in keeping with the mood and the occasion. There are wonderful wedding day tropical sandals that will come in handy for moving around. They come in eye-catching colors. Check the strap quality or we suggest you keep an extra pair of flip flops in case the one you are wearing gets un-strapped. The finish and smoothness of soles is also a key factor. Soothing soles of your wedding day flip flop will make sure that you are feeling comfortable. These are some must-have items for wedding. They can also be of a great value during your beach honeymoon. These flip flops are a favorite of most brides, and not difficult to know, why! These are the accessories, which you might tend to overlook so this will serve as a timely reminder.
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Wedding Gift Registries

Any bride will tell you that deciding what to put on their gift registries is the hardest thing to do. Couples need to be very careful in planning their gift registries. They are starting out on a new life and thus, they must make sure they have all the essential items ready. The couples are doing a big favor on the guests by proving all with an exhaustive list regarding what they would want as a gift. So the guests are sure that they get something that will be useful for the couple. You must create your registry with a store that will have a wide variety of things. It is advisable that you let your guests know about the registry at least two months before so that they can also plan. Your registry must include a wide variety of price ranges to make it easier for al to choose. It is better to include both your names for guests who want to personalize the gifts. The gift articles must be ones that can be easily shipped. It is not fair to ask your guests to pay for shipping too. If you create an online registry, then it will be easy for you to keep track of who bought what. You can also send them thank you notes from the site itself.
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Ideas for Wedding Gifts

Nowadays you will see that couples are simplifying the gifting process for the guests. They usually set up a registry of gifts that they want to receive and let the guests choose from their list. That way the guests are sure that their gifts will be useful to the couple. But you can always not  choose from their list and gift them something unique of your choice. There are so many things that you can choose from. You can choose a painting or a piece of sculpture if you are aware that the couples are inclined towards such objects. You can also think of giving them cooking gadgets or modular kitchen sets if they are trying to set up their new house. You can also opt for some electrical appliances that may useful to them. In fact you can also get them tickets for their favorite local sports team depending on your budget. If the newly weds are sporty then they will really love this. You can choose anything that you want to. It is the wishes and blessings that really count. You can choose from the bridal registry or from your own creative ideas. After all you are showering your emotions on them and that will be treasured.
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Low Cost Wedding Reception Ideas

Your wedding is something that you have grown dreaming about. But that does not mean that your wedding will put you in debt. No point starting a new life with debt. So do not go overboard. Things are expensive and over splurging is not a good sign. Your wedding is your special day. You are not here to please your guests. In fact your guests are here to be a part of your special day. Keep in mind that the most extravagant wedding is not necessarily the best one. One good way to cut cost is to avoid all frills. You can do away with alcohol. You can simply provide soft drinks and hot beverages. If necessary, you can keep a cash bar. If your guests want to drink, they can do it at their own cost. You might skip dinner entirely by holding your reception early in the day. You can also opt for pot luck by asking few close friends to cook. You can do away with the expensive china and silverware. You can use paper plates and napkins. Don’t worry no one will mind. If you want some music, you can check with local colleges. They have good in-house bands that are not too expensive. You can also compile a  CD of your favorite tracks from the net and play it at the venue
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Wedding Guestbook and Pens for the memorable day

Tying the knot with someone you love and to spend the whole life with that someone special is the most desirable dream for any human on this earth. The D-DAY when this desirable dream comes true is the most awaited day in everybody’s life. So many preparations are done to make it an unforgettable day in memories of guests and to know the comments of every guest, wedding guest books are maintained so that not a single note remains unwritten and afterwards the couple can rejoice by reading everything. A unique combination of guest book and instant photos having hand written notes is a perfect idea to relive the magic moments once again. Give it a personal touch by asking for guests’ favorite memory with you and advice for a happy marriage. Also ask guests to sign a memento so that it can be displayed at home as reminder in open instead on book shelves. Guest books and pens are a must to always keep the memories fresh in the minds and hearts of people.
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Wedding favors- a great way to thank our guests!

Bride and groom will have some fond memories of their weddings but guests who attend many weddings like yours will forget your wedding one day. There is one way through which you can make it memorable for your guests by the medium of wedding favors. It is a gift given by bride and groom to their guests on wedding receptions. Brides and grooms choose the favors on their own which reflects their personality, choice and theme of the wedding reception. Even the wedding favors depend on the theme of the wedding as the bride showers and table center pieces did. If you plan to have a wedding on the beach, then ornamental shells makes a perfect wedding favor. Wines depending on the bride shower theme can also be gifted as wedding favors. But even green wedding favors have been candles, small candles, big candles, scented candles, handmade candles and just candles! They are also not very expensive which makes them a perfect wedding favor. But every bride and groom wants their wedding to be unique in every way, whether cake toppers or table center pieces or decorations or themes and even the wedding favors. They go for personalized wedding favors which have a touch of their warmth and memories. So, find out some innovative wedding favors here.
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Make your day special with Wedding Reception Decorations

Well, it’s your wedding time and you are looking at your gorgeous best! You are at the top of the world as it is the august day when you will be marry your betrothed amidst the blessings of your family and friends. However, make sure you make your day memorable with wedding reception decorations that create an impressive and memorable day for your wedding. You can choose from an entire range of wedding reception gifts such as wedding collection sets, wedding card boxes, wedding cake servers, wedding favors, wedding guest books and pens, wedding toasting glasses along with beautiful centerpieces. This will wedding reception decoration gifts will add a special charm to the entire occasion. Some of the exquisite wedding favors include Asian wedding favors, bath and soap favors, beach wedding favors, bridal shower favors, candle wedding favors, fairy tale wedding favors along with many other accessories. In case you want an attractive wedding guestbook, you can choose from beaded guest book, calla lily wedding book, Cinderella fairy tale guestbook dramatic chocolate mantilla lace wedding guestbook and other fabulous items. Similarly, you can choose exciting toasting goblets in attractive shapes and designs. All such wedding reception decorations will add to your wedding day’s charm.
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