Presenting wedding favors to your guests

Finding wedding favors should not be a problem for any bride. The options are endless. You can even customize the favors. But once you have chosen the favors, you need to give them away to the guests. To decide how you want to give your wedding favors, you would need to decide on the theme of your weddings. Then you need to decide on how many guests will attend the wedding and what kind of gifts you will give. All these factors are responsible for deciding on how you want to present the favors to your guests. Now comes the important part as to how you want to give away. One way is to keep the favors at each guest’s place setting. This is the most common way to give away awards. You can also append the wedding favor to back of the chair, maybe with a bow or any other material. It will act as a good decoration for your reception and guests will also be happy to see it. You might even decide to appoint an usher who will stand at the entrance and personally hand over the favors to the guests. This adds a personal touch. If the number of guests are not too many, then the bride and the groom can personally visit each table and hand over the favors expressing their appreciation.