What are the aspects to be considered when buying candles and candle holders?

In this post, we shall consider are some of the key aspects to be kept in mind while choosing your favorite candles and candle holders. ·    Get candles and candle holders that go well with the overall setting and mood of the occasion. ·    It is a delicate accessory. Handle with care so that your precious piece is not damaged and you can preserve it as a memory for years to come. ·    Keeping in mind the fact the temperatures are high for four months starting from May until September, it is recommended that all candles be shipped with any of the express methods so that they are preserved during delivery. ·    For this very reason, orders with candles as a norm are only shipped for first two days of the week to avoid the prospect of weekend layovers. ·    You should seek clarity regarding any melted candles that are shipped by ground and whether they are accepted for returns. Just to give you a feel of the wonderful range of attention-grabbing items in this category, we draw your attention to Wedding Taper candle holders that come with tapers set. This is available as part of the captivating Calla Lily collection. The pair of Calla Lily taper candle holders looks extremely elegant. It features fine sculptured calla lilies tinged with a light green border. Made of painted resin both taper candle holders measure 2" tall each. There are several such elegant accessories to choose from this captivating category.