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Guys: How to Deal with a Bridezilla

When you proposed, she was so happy and full of love and excitement…then she started planning the wedding. The girl who once was sweet and calm, suddenly became grumpy and obsessed about all her wedding details. There is a name for that my friend: A bridezilla! Unless you want to end up leaving her at the altar, stick to the below pieces of advice.

Calm a Bridezille

 Photo Credit: Amanda Watson Photography  Help her with the Planning If you want to have a really angry bride, don’t show any interest on the wedding. Otherwise, try to get as involved as possible. Take her look at the locations, give your opinion regarding decoration or do some research to choose a theme: she will be delighted. In addition, ensure you make her understand she is not alone at this, you will support her through the whole process. Don’t forget that leaving her alone will make everything worse and you will be the main affected.  Spoil her Every Now and Then Try to keep your bridezilla as relaxed as possible. How? Well, there are a couple techniques which never fail:

  • Buy her an emergency survival kit.  You will not only fulfill one of her needs, but you will demonstrate how caring and loving you are. This one doesn’t fail.
  • Book a spa session for you two. You will both relax and enjoy a nice moment together. If you want to save money, try to do the massage yourself. We bet she will think it is really romantic and will appreciate it.
  • Pick one day of the week and name it the “weddingless day.” None of you will be allowed to talk about the wedding during that day and in exchange, you will let her choose an activity for that day.
Don't Allow Tantrums Yes! you have to support, love, help her and be patient; however, that doesn’t mean you must let her be a bridezilla. As soon as she starts yelling, doing tantrums and disrespecting you: stop her. You don’t have to put up with that. Let her know you will gladly comfort her and listen to her; but, whenever she calms down. Don’t let her turn you into a groomzilla. Most likely, you will be the one with the feet on the ground. Therefore, make sure you help her stay in the real world. If you remember to show her how much you love her and at the same time draw the respect line, you will definitely pacify your bridezilla.  
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Top Five Mistakes When Organizing a Wedding

 Photo Credit: Claire Morgan
Planning a wedding is a lifetime adventure: unknown, intriguing, and exciting. While most people prefer to hire a wedding planner, some prefer to organize their own to make sure it goes perfect. If you’re planning to organize your own wedding, keep in mind that you will need to invest a lot of time and effort on it. To make sure your plans go as expected, you better take note of the below mistakes so you don’t make them: 1.    Not Having a Defined Theme The theme of your wedding will reflect your and your couple’s personality and interests; that’s why you have to define one before you start the whole planning. Not being clear on a wedding theme will lead you to combine different elements or styles, and end up with a characterless and forgettable wedding. 2.    Lacking a Budget Estimate Planning a wedding when you don’t have a defined budged could be catastrophic. If you’re unsure of how much you can spend, you might end up burning all your savings, or even worse, getting bogged down in debt. Be careful, you don’t want your wedding to become a complete nightmare. 3.    Not Hiring a Good Photographer A close friend or relative –who likes photography- might ask you to let them take the pictures of your wedding. That sounds like a good way to save money, but don’t forget that once the wedding is over, the only visual memories that will last for many years are the photographs. So carefully choose a professional photographer, even better, an expert wedding one. 4.    Choosing a Place without Knowing the Date Now, this might sound dumb, but choosing a place for your wedding involves a lot of visiting, thinking, and time. Before choosing your setting, make sure when exactly your wedding is going to take place. Choose a specific time also to know the season and weather you’ll have on your dream day, so you can get ready for every possible scenario. 5.    Not Having an Agenda Unless your main virtue is being super organized, you must have an established agenda -enough time- ahead of the wedding day; otherwise, you will probably go nuts. Take note of all the information related to your wedding and create a time table to help you organize all your pre-marriage tasks. Make sure you don’t forget any of the above and we promise your dream day will be smooth sailing. But, above all this, make sure that you really enjoy your wedding day. None of the planning will be worth it if you don’t relax and relish this day like you’ve never enjoyed any other day before. Remember, it will only happen once!  
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How to Tell Someone They Won't be a Bridesmaid

How to Tell Someone They Won't be a Bridesmaid

Bridesmaids When you get engaged you are going to be face with a million decisions big and small. One of which will be who to include in your bridal party. This can be difficult if you have a lot of friends and family members that you care about and have been important parts of your life. Really, to have so many people in your life that are important to you is a blessing, but when it comes to narrowing it down for your bridesmaids, it becomes a curse. First, there are all the women that you want to ask to be a bridesmaid, then there are those that you are obligated to have as a bridesmaid, and finally, there are those that expect to be a bridesmaid. For the women you want in your bridal party, it is easy as pie. Those that you are obligated to have may cause a little stress if your numbers are getting too high, but obligation doesn't always mean you wouldn't want them in your bridal party anyway. Really, the problem child in this group are those that expect to be a bridesmaid. When you are choosing your bridesmaid, chances are you really want all those girls in your life as bridesmaids, but you can't have everyone. So, when you have friends or family that make it clear that they expect to be asked, it can make things really hard. Note to friends of the newly engaged bride: It is an honor to be asked to be in the bridal party, but it is also NOT a statement to not be asked. So, don't call up your newly engaged friend and chat about how excited you are to be a bridesmaid. Call them up and congratulate them. It is, after all, not about you! So, how do you tell someone important to you that you won't be asking them to be in the bridal party?
  1. Take a Deep Breath: Remind yourself that this day is about you and not them. Of course you don't want to be rude, but you don't need to accommodate anyone either.
  2. Talk in Person: If it is someone that expects or would be expected to be a bridesmaid, it is a good idea to talk to them in person, especially if it is family.
  3. Don't list off the people you did ask: If they really wanted to be a bridesmaid, but didn't make the cut, don't remind them of everyone that did.
  4. Keep it simple: You can explain to them that they are important and that you want them involved, but that you only had a limited number of people you could ask. Just don't tell them why you decided to pick someone else over them.
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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...Life

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...Life

Romantic Wedding

Getting married is a wonderful moment in someone's life. The wedding ceremony is full of love, promise, and hope. The bride and groom are standing before all of their friends and family, sharing their love with each other. Truly, it is a beautiful thing. However, the wedding and marriage are two separate things. Your wedding day is a sweet memory you can lock up in boxes, pictures, and sentiment. Marriage can be equally sweet, but is out in the open, experienced day in and day out, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Both are beautiful, but the later requires everlasting effort and isn't done in a day, though you may find that life still runs by in a blur. Because of this day in and out experience with your loved one, it is easy to lose a little bit of your wedding day spark between the toe nail clippings and the mouth guards. The days of waking up to your husband's mysteriously minty fresh breath and your wife's seemingly naturally smooth and hairless legs are over. But does this mean you love each other less? Of course not! Does this mean you can't still get butterflies when he smiles? No! But sometimes you may need to remind each other of just how crazy in love you are with one another.

3 Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive:

  1. Tune out of the world and tune in to each other: One of the biggest distractions in any relationship is technology( ie. those pesky little social media sites, your favorite television drama, and angry birds). A great way to boost the romance is to shut off those devices! An easy way to see real results is to designate a time in the day or evening that your will shut off and put away those technologies. How can you have that much needed pillow talk if your working on your top score for subway surfers every night? Turn everything off, say hello, and you will surprise yourselves with how much closer you will feel.
  2. Go on Dates: Marriage can be tough and you probably will have a lot to worry and stress over. This is why it is important to remember to go on real dates. You may spend every day together, but there is a drastic difference between watching a movie because it is what you do every night and having a date night where you get dressed cute and then watch that same movie with popcorn and dessert. By just designating what you are doing as a date shifts the atmosphere. It is important, however, to ask each other out on dates and plan something a little more out of the norm. He might be your husband, but a simple, "Hey, I was wondering if you'd want to go on a date with me Saturday night?", is going to put a smile on his and your face.
  3. Treat Each Other: Basically, don't forget to do nice things for each other. You know what stresses each other out and what helps relieve that stress. If your wife is sick and coughing all night, instead of getting annoyed or suggesting she go sleep in the guest bedroom, go get her some couch medicine and an ice glass of water. If your husband is stressed out about work, wake up early and make his breakfast and morning coffee. The more you serve one another, the closer you will be.
For more tips and tricks on keeping the romance alive see our blog article, "Three Fun and Corny Date Ideas" and stay posted every week here on our Wedding Collectibles Blog and see what we write on Wedding Aces!
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Wedding Facts Info-graphic: The Starting Point

wedding help Wedding planning can be - and typically is - very stressful. One of the more stressful points of planning your wedding happens before you have even started. Unless you have been married before or are a trained wedding planner, chances are you won't have a solid idea on everything that you are going to need to do and what it is going to cost. That is where wedding info-graphics like this one made by come in handy. Starting out with facts about what it is you are getting into, including the average cost of an engagement ring, then adding in average number of bridesmaids, who pays, and a budget breakdown. The budget breakdown is a great way to get a feel for what it is your are going to need to tackle in the months to come. If the price range isn't what you want to work with, at the very least it give you a good idea of what you will need to spend money on. So, when you are in that weird phase where you are talking about marriage, but not yet engaged, and clueless as to what to do, browse through info-graphics and blogs to get more of a handle on what you can expect.  
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How to Judge Quality When Shopping Online

When shopping online there is often a fear that what you see is not what you are going to get. This can be particularly stressful when you are shopping for accessories for one of the biggest days of your life: your wedding. Wedding Collectibles works to provide the best quality and a variety of choices, but we also look to provide items that will work for a variety of budgets. We've come up with 3 tips that should help you buy exactly what you are looking for.

Flower Basket

  1. A great rule of thumb when shopping for anything in your wedding is that you are going to get what you pay for. So if a flower basket is under $10, then it is going to be worth under $10 (unless there is some sort of mega sale). This does not mean it won't be pretty and nice or that you shouldn't buy it, but that it  does mean that it will not be the same type of product as if you were buying a basket worth $60.
  2. Working off of the first point, it is important to read the product descriptions, paying special attention to size and material. For example, the flower basket above is $7.95 with a 4.9 star rating. That is a great price for a beautiful and simple flower basket. However, as read in the product description, this basket is also 7 inches tall. So, while this may be perfect for your 3 year old flower girl, it may seem dwarfish in the hands of anyone over the age of 8. Imagine if you hadn't read the description and expected it to be larger; you might find yourself frustrated and thinking it was poor quality.
  3. The final tip for judging the quality of a product online is to read the reviews. By paying attention to star ratings and comments other shoppers have made, you can get an idea of what exactly you are buying. When doing this, be sure to look at both positive and negative reviews because what is bothersome to one person, may go unnoiticed to another.
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How to Create an Intimate Atmosphere at Your Wedding

How to Create an Intimate Atmosphere at Your Wedding

Whether you are having a big wedding or a small wedding, you are going to want to have an intimate atmosphere in order to amplify feelings of love and genuine happiness. Here are four suggestions to help you bring your family and friends closer together as you celebrate your new marriage.

Unplugged Wedding

  1. Personalized Name Cards - If you are having place cards for assigned seats, personalize the cards to your guests. If you have a large guest list, this can be time consuming, but it may be worth it to make your guests feel special and like you wanted them specifically to be there. A personalized place card can be as simple as their name in that person's favorite color and can even include an icon or image that represents something about them. Or, to take it even further, you can have a personalized message to them on the back or under their name.
  2. Ask everyone to unplug - We have seen rounds of weddings that have created their own wedding hashtag for their guests to link photo's to, but now we are seeing couples opt to "ban" cell phones and social media from their wedding. The goal is to get people off their phones and pull them into the moment of the wedding. Some are even including a "phone check" (like a coat check) as a way of making it fun, but also enforcing it. By keeping everyone in the moment, your guests will become more a part of your wedding and even be a key part in building an intimate atmosphere.
  3. Use a warm color scheme - Warm colors absorb light and bring a room closer together. Even the description of warm pulls to a more intimate feeling. Warm and full of love. So choosing a warm color scheme for your wedding can definitely help you bring a closer feel to your wedding.
  4. Don't just greet, mingle and interact - Greeting lines are great for insuring that you get face time with each of your guests, but sometimes that cane be overly formal if you want to have a more intimate vibe. Instead, or along side it, try to take a moment with each of your guests (not necessarily one on one). This can be going around to each table to greet and talk with your guests, but also includes having things like money dances or opportunities for your guests to take turns to dance with you and your groom.
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Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor (Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

 Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor

(Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

Engagement PhotographyMeet the Couple Dani and Taylor both grew up in California, but met working in the very romantic setting of In-N-Out while attending school in Utah. They dated for a whole two months before their first kiss, Dani lamented, but also proclaimed, "It was the best first kiss I have ever had." "Taylor was walking me to my car from his apartment and the whole way I was so nervous because I knew we were finally going to kiss. I say finally because we had been dating for almost two months already and he hadn't kissed me yet! So lets just say I was dying. We got to my car and we hugged and I looked up at him. But he didn't kiss me. So what did I do? I took charge and kissed him! It was the best first kiss I have ever had. As we pulled away we hugged again and he gave me the sweetest kiss on the forehead and then I went home. He will still to this day deny that I kissed him first." So what do you say Taylor? Will you admit she made the first move or do you have another story to tell? Whether he admits it or not, that two months of waiting ended up helping them build a strong foundation to stand on. Plus he more than made up for it when he proposed in early august of last year. The Surprise Engagement Wedding Engagement "In August, I went to my hometown Corona, CA to see my family before the new semester started. I was having a "girls night" with two of my best friends. We had planned to go to dinner and to the beach to shop around. When we got to the beach, they led me down the sand towards the water and in the middle of the sand there was a path of candles leading to a computer and a stool. I was so confused." "When we got to the path I had no clue it was for me! Then I saw my name written on the sand and right then I knew what was happening. I started freaking out. I walked down the path and watched a little video that Taylor had made for me. It was a video of him telling me how much he missed me and how he wanted to relieve the pain by visiting some of our "special places" [aka all the places they had kissed ;)] ". At the end of the video, "Not knowing what to do, I turned around and he was standing behind me. So I stood up and he kissed me and told me how happy I make him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life making me as happy as I make him. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him." She said yes!


Up To The Wedding Planning the wedding went smoothly for Dani (mostly). What made it hectic was that she and Taylor were in the middle of a semester and planning a wedding in another state. Dani's mom acted as the wedding planner and was a huge help in making the wedding possible ("Thanks Mom!"). They utilized a lot of talent family friends and recommendations from brides Dani knew, finding what she wanted. Dani attributes the ease to the fact that she wanted to keep things simple and didn't have a very specific vision at first, so there wasn't much to make things complicated. There was this one hiccup that could of put a huge dent in their wedding plans. The day before the wedding -the first day they were both down in California - they went to pick up their wedding licence. Unfortunately, when they got there, the system was down and they were told to come back tomorrow morning. Of course, Dani flipped to being on the brink of a freak out as she quickly explained that they were getting married the next morning. They were then told that the problem had never happened before ("Of course") and that they could try another county. Speeding away to the next county, they had to cancel their planned bridals at the beach and walked into a second office in which they were greeted with, "What if I told you our system was down?" Now extremely stressed out, Dani replied "I will cry..." Fortunately the worker saw the panic in her face and quickly retracted his question as being a poorly timed joke. They got their licence and decided it was a blessing they had to cancel the photo shoot because it was a somewhat rainy day. The day they ended up actually doing the photos hoot was full of sunshine and her wedding dress got filthy with sand. "If we had done it when we had planned my dress would of been dirty on the wedding day. So it all worked out." A blessing in disguise. Beach Bridal Shoot Lessons to be learned? First, get your wedding licence more than one day in advance and second, don't plan a beach photo shoot in your wedding dress before your wedding without time to get in cleaned.

What wedding lessons have you been learning as you plan your wedding?? Share in the comments below!!

**Watch for Part 2 next week featuring their beautiful wedding day and all those lovely wedding accessories.
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Top 10 Beach Wedding Cake Toppers

Take a look at this weeks Top 10!! These cake toppers are great for any beach or summer themed wedding!
  1. "Sand and Shells " Wedding Cake Topper Beach Themed Wedding Cake Topper
    The "Sand and Shells" cake topper is our number one beach cake topper because it is pretty much flawless. From the toes in the sand to the effortless wedding day kiss it is beautiful. We love the paint work on this topper because the shading really does add texture and a little bit of life (look at those rosie cheeks). And, as always with C&R products, there is that beautiful crystal on the bride's ring finger. All the little details with this cake topper are what puts it at number one!

  2. Surfer Dude and Bikini Girl Bride and Groom Cake Topper Beach Themed Cake Topper This surfer dude figurine set is a customer favorite and makes number two as the best beach cake topper because of it's vibrant colors, easy-going humor, and straight up adorableness!

  3. "Summer Lovin" Surfer Cake Topper
    Beach Wedding Cake Topper Another sweet beach themed cake topper takes the number three slot! This cake topper seems to evoke ideas of young and pure love. If you or your soon-to-be love to surf, this topper with the simply and summery designed surf board and delicate flowers is the perfect topper for you!
  4. "Crystal Starfish" Wedding Cake Topper Starfish wedding cake topper Looking for something a little different? This unique starfish cake topper is our number four, not only because it is a little different, but also because it's details are exquisite! The crystal accents at the center of each starfish really are what makes this cake topper go from glitter to absolute shine.
  5. Beach Wedding Acrylic Heart Starfish Cake Topper 

    Beach Wedding Cake Topper We love the simplistic design of this acrylic beach themed cake topper. The delicate engravings and heart shape help make this the perfect cake topper to go with your cake designs.

  6. Casual First Dance Wedding Bride and Groom Cake Topper Figurine Beach Themed Cake Topper This cake topper is perfect for a casual wedding on the sand. If you are carefree and laid back (and let's face it, most beach bums are), then this cake topper is for you!

  7. Starfish Cake Topper Starfish Wedding Cake TopperSo as this is the third starfish cake topper to make the top ten, it is becoming obvious that starfish tend to make good wedding cake toppers. Why? We talk about love under the stars of night and these are the stars of the ocean. If you are having a beach themed wedding,  what could be a more romantic cake topper? Wish upon a starfish with our number seven of beach topper favorites and enjoy its clean design that will work with any color scheme.
  8. Beach Romance Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper Beach cake topperWe love this romantic cake topper because it captures that special over the threshold moment that is symbolic of starting your new life together. The "just married" carved into the sand is one of the many details that make this one of the best cake toppers to capture the moments of your big day.
  9. Toucans Tropical Wedding Cake Topper Animal Beach Themed Cake Topperokay. These toucans are adorable! They are number nine partially because of their cuteness and then partially because they are a different twist in how to do a cake topper. If you are skeptical of how these colorful toucans will look atop you elegant wedding cake, take a look at the photos we have of how a couple used our Boston Terrier Dogs cake toppers -absolute elegance.
  10. Romantic Wedding Couple Lounging Casual Beach Cake TopperThe final item in our top ten this week is lounging in the sand couple. What we really like about this topper is the naturalistic posing that can be incorporated easily with your beach atmosphere.
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What is the Difference Between Porcelain Cake Toppers and Resin Cake Toppers?

So...What is the Difference Between Porcelain and Resin?

This is a common question at Wedding Collectibles because most wedding cake toppers are going to be made of one or the other. To answer this question I will go over the qualities of both, noting some pros and cons of each. It is important, however, to know that whether you should buy a porcelain cake topper versus a resin cake topper will depend more on what is important to you. Porcelain  Porcelain Cake Topper Porcelain is a ceramic material made similar to the way that glass is made, involving heating or firing of material such as clay.If it breaks, you will notice that the texture of the broken surface will feel powdery, demonstrating that the material is made of smaller materials or grans. However, unless it is dropped or hit with something it isn't going to break. Porcelain is a material that doesn't ware away or in anyway disintegrate. These are known for being a high quality cake topper. Why?
  • Porcelain lasts longer. The color and shape won't fade or distort (unless you drop it and it breaks!)
Like most things, there are some disadvantages to Porcelain cake toppers as well.
  • The major disadvantage is that is can't hold edges very well. What this means is that if the edge or detail is too thin, it will collapse on itself. If you have a porcelain cake topper, you do not need to worry about this happening. This would only occur while making the figurine, meaning that it limits the kind of details you are going to find in the cake topper.
  • Expensive Material. High quality porcelain cake toppers do tend to be more expensive, but not necessarily out of budget. If you are looking for a long lasting keepsake, porcelain is well worth the money!
Resin  Resin cake toppers Resin or Stone Resin is an increasingly popular material for wedding cake toppers and figurines. Why?
  • Resin can be intricately detailed, meaning that your cake topper can have more detail.
  • It can be cheaper than porcelain, but still maintain a similar look.* (See exemption in Cons below!)
Some Cons for Resin cake toppers
  • Resin actually yellows over time, so if you buy a resin cake topper you may find the white to be looking a little less...white. If you display it in an area that has a lot of sun, your cake topper will easily be yellowed within a year. Whether it sits in the sun or not, it will yellow, the sun just speeds up the process.This is why if you plan on your cake topper being a keep sake that you will have around for a lifetime or more, you may want to look at something other then Resin.
  • The cost is increasing! Resin is most basically a high grade plastic. For a long time this meant that the cake toppers could be made at a lower cost, but the cost of this material is going up. Making the cost difference between Resin and Porcelain to not be so much of a difference.
You will find wedding cake toppers made of both materials because you can get a high quality cake toppers with each. Whether one is better than the other will depend on what you want to focus on. If you are looking for a top of the heap porcelain cake topper, Lenox is known for producing high quality porcelain. Then, one of the most popular makers of resin cake toppers and figurines that you may be familiar with is Willow Tree. Wedding Collectibles carries both of the above brands and produces our own. We work diligently to produce the best cake toppers at an affordable price. You can trust that affordable, in our case, will not mean sloppy work.

If you have any more questions on these difference please feel free to post below or give us a call!!

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DIY Wedding Programs

Wedding Collectibles DIY Circle Fan Program Kit
Wedding Collectibles DIY Circle Fan Program Kit
There are so many little items and accessories that are a part of your wedding day. Keeping track of all of them and finding the perfect item for every item you need, can be difficult. One solution to making everything exactly how you want it is to do-it-yourself (DIY). DIY wedding accessories may take a little extra time, but can help you make your wedding 100% how you want it. One wedding accessory that works great -and almost best - as a DIY are paper items like your wedding day program. As wedding programs have developed over the years and people have observed guest already fanning themselves with their carefully selected and folded paper, the design of a wedding program fan has jumped ahead in the preferred styles and is easy for DIY. Wedding Collectibles DIY Circle Fan Program Kit Materials Like many of our DIY Program Fan kits, the above "DIY Circle Fan Program Kit" comes with:
  • 50 Program Paper Fans
  • 50 Wooden Sticks
  • 108 Adhesive Glue Dots
  • Complimentary CD with pre-designed and blank Templates.
  • Test Printing Sheets
  • Instructions for use
The benefit of ordering a kit instead of trying to drum up all of the materials is that it saves you the headache of not only having to make everything, but having to figure out how to make it work. Not every DIY is going to turn out fabulous. These kits, however, include instructions and templates that really will make your DIY experience easier. Plus they are super cute!

Other Designs

Wedding Collectibles DIY 3pc. Fan Program Kit Wedding Collectibles DIY Heart Fan Program Paper Kit   Wedding Collectibles DIY Scroll Fan Program Kit

Which DIY wedding program design do you like best?

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Engaged on Valentine's Day?

Ruffled Cupid’s Arrow Valentine’s Day Inspiration

Engaged on Valentine's Day?

Valentine's day is typically a holiday that people see as a dividing holiday; those in love and those that are not. This is has always been something that makes me sad because the heart and sole of Valentine's day is to celebrate love. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic love either. Everyone loves and is loved by someone somewhere. Be it a best friend, a family member, or a significant other. This concept of enjoying and celebrating love is what makes Valentine's day so wonderful, romantic, and a perfect day to pop that big question.     Ruffled Dreamy Valentine’s Day If you watch that Facebook feed you may find that so many couples get engaged on Valentine's Day. It isn't unoriginal and it doesn't take away from your engagement. Think about how excited you are right now. Now think about the idea that hundreds or more other women are just as excited as you are. Is it not amazing to think that there are so many women and couples that are happy and excited and not weighed down right now? And you get to be a part of it! Now, with so many couples getting engaged on Valentine's Day, that makes the day after a day of perusing wedding sites and starting to realize how many decisions and tasks go into putting together your dream wedding. Don't stress! One of the many benefits of not being the first woman to ever have to plan her wedding is that there are tons of resources and tools that will help you handle the madness that truly can be wedding planning. Ruffled Fuchsia + Yellow Valentine’s Day Here are a list of Blogs and Resources that may be Helpful to you: While I do believe it will be a good idea for you to peruse through these resources, particularly those that will help you get organized, I would like to implement the 3-day rule. While this is typically applied to calling after that wonderful first date, it needs to be applies to that wonderful engagement as well. For those first three days after being engaged enjoy it. Get excited, maybe browse wedding pictures, but otherwise avoid the pressure of already planning the wedding. You should celebrate for a few breaths before you dive into the wedding celebrations. Take three days to just be happy. Then dive in! Ruffled Dreamy Valentine’s Day So if you were one of those lucky ladies that got engaged on Valentine's Day, get offline now and go cuddle with your fiance!
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