Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor (Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor (Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

 Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor

(Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

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Meet the Couple

Dani and Taylor both grew up in California, but met working in the very romantic setting of In-N-Out while attending school in Utah. They dated for a whole two months before their first kiss, Dani lamented, but also proclaimed, "It was the best first kiss I have ever had." "Taylor was walking me to my car from his apartment and the whole way I was so nervous because I knew we were finally going to kiss. I say finally because we had been dating for almost two months already and he hadn't kissed me yet! So lets just say I was dying. We got to my car and we hugged and I looked up at him. But he didn't kiss me. So what did I do? I took charge and kissed him! It was the best first kiss I have ever had. As we pulled away we hugged again and he gave me the sweetest kiss on the forehead and then I went home. He will still to this day deny that I kissed him first." So what do you say Taylor? Will you admit she made the first move or do you have another story to tell? Whether he admits it or not, that two months of waiting ended up helping them build a strong foundation to stand on. Plus he more than made up for it when he proposed in early august of last year. The Surprise Engagement Wedding Engagement

"In August, I went to my hometown Corona, CA to see my family before the new semester started. I was having a "girls night" with two of my best friends. We had planned to go to dinner and to the beach to shop around. When we got to the beach, they led me down the sand towards the water and in the middle of the sand there was a path of candles leading to a computer and a stool. I was so confused." "When we got to the path I had no clue it was for me! Then I saw my name written on the sand and right then I knew what was happening. I started freaking out. I walked down the path and watched a little video that Taylor had made for me. It was a video of him telling me how much he missed me and how he wanted to relieve the pain by visiting some of our "special places" [aka all the places they had kissed ;)] ". At the end of the video, "Not knowing what to do, I turned around and he was standing behind me. So I stood up and he kissed me and told me how happy I make him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life making me as happy as I make him. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him." She said yes!


Up To The Wedding Planning the wedding went smoothly for Dani (mostly). What made it hectic was that she and Taylor were in the middle of a semester and planning a wedding in another state. Dani's mom acted as the wedding planner and was a huge help in making the wedding possible ("Thanks Mom!"). They utilized a lot of talent family friends and recommendations from brides Dani knew, finding what she wanted. Dani attributes the ease to the fact that she wanted to keep things simple and didn't have a very specific vision at first, so there wasn't much to make things complicated. There was this one hiccup that could of put a huge dent in their wedding plans. The day before the wedding -the first day they were both down in California - they went to pick up their wedding licence. Unfortunately, when they got there, the system was down and they were told to come back tomorrow morning. Of course, Dani flipped to being on the brink of a freak out as she quickly explained that they were getting married the next morning. They were then told that the problem had never happened before ("Of course") and that they could try another county. Speeding away to the next county, they had to cancel their planned bridals at the beach and walked into a second office in which they were greeted with, "What if I told you our system was down?" Now extremely stressed out, Dani replied "I will cry..." Fortunately the worker saw the panic in her face and quickly retracted his question as being a poorly timed joke. They got their licence and decided it was a blessing they had to cancel the photo shoot because it was a somewhat rainy day. The day they ended up actually doing the photos hoot was full of sunshine and her wedding dress got filthy with sand. "If we had done it when we had planned my dress would of been dirty on the wedding day. So it all worked out." A blessing in disguise. Beach Bridal Shoot Lessons to be learned? First, get your wedding licence more than one day in advance and second, don't plan a beach photo shoot in your wedding dress before your wedding without time to get in cleaned.

What wedding lessons have you been learning as you plan your wedding?? Share in the comments below!!

**Watch for Part 2 next week featuring their beautiful wedding day and all those lovely wedding accessories.