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Wedding Traditions Can be all About You!

Old new borrowed blue wedding tradition for you Photo by Taylor Harding

Old. New. Borrowed. Blue.

We’ve learned that the happiest brides are ones that find ways to make conventional wedding traditions represent their personal style, their family, and their personality. One of our favorite traditions that any bride can have fun with is wearing “something borrowed and something blue”. This English tradition has been bringing brides good luck and fortune since the 1800s. The original rhyme is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. However, what began as a way to bless the bride with good luck and fidelity is now also a way to create timeless keepsakes and show some creativity.

How real brides are making traditions their own!

In Hawaii, one bride went beach-combing before her sunset wedding. On the beach she found a white rock and decided to use it as her something borrowed.  She placed the small rock in her bouquet for the ceremony. Then, before she left she tossed it back to the sea. Wedding Traditions for You Jessica Belew of Bremerton, WA, had some precious items as her good luck charms. She wrapped a handkerchief around her bouquet that “had [her] name and wedding date embroidered in blue [and] had the appliques from [her] mom’s veil stitched on.” It is now a treasured family heirloom that she hopes her daughter will use one day. Another more unconventional bride made her family and friends’ smiles widen when she walked down the aisle with a borrowed tennis racket from her new mother-in-law in her bouquet. That’s one way to show a family’s history of sports!  

Whatever you do, make wedding traditions you!

Culture, family, personality, and religion can all play a big part in the wedding planning process. While juggling it all can be stressful, we hope you’ll remember to have fun and look for unique ideas that make your wedding day memorable. Whether it is a nerdy groom’s cake, a sapphire ribbon sewn into your dress, skydiving in your wedding attire, or memorable thank you cards there is a variety of options to make your special day less conventional.

Check out more Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. Ideas here!

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Kathleen & Garret's Vineyard Wedding

Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

A Real Wedding Feature: Kathleen and Garrett's Vineyard Wedding

For this real wedding, Kathleen and Garrett created their dream Vineyard wedding at Lake Oak Meadows. This gorgeous venue is located in Temecula, California. They chose it for it's serene beauty and the intimacy it creates. Take a glimpse into this real wedding for inspiration, as well as tips on how to make this real wedding your own.

The PhotographerBrooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

Brooke Hicken Photography captured this fairy tale wedding day. . To see her amazing portfolio check out her website here. Brooke Hicken Photography captured everything from the nervous-excited bride getting ready down to the impeccable wedding accessories that made this a picture perfect event. This gorgeous shot captures the simple elegance of this wedding. Featuring a jealousy inducing engagement ring and wedding bad, each representing the commitment this bride and groom decided to make. Having a wedding rings featured in your wedding photos is definitely on trend and Brooke Hicken Photography did not disappoint.

The Traditions Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

Kathleen chose a traditional route of getting ready with her bridesmaids wearing a beautiful bridal robe as she eagerly awaited slipping into her princess worthy wedding dress. Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature Here the bride and groom chose to have their first look captured privately, before Kathleen walked down the aisle. This is a choice more and more couples are making; it allows them a few quiet moments together before they declare themselves in front oftheir loved ones. Whether you choose to have that first look before or during the ceremony, the moment will be one you want to remember.    

Wedding Accessories

  Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature Next, wedding looks tend to come down to the little details. For example, the small candles laced with crystal and the stunning cake serving set help establish a look and feel of elegance. A similar look can be created with our "Glittering Beads" serving set. Or, take a look at our reflective lace candle holders that can be found by clicking here.

The Wedding Cake

Brooke Hicken Photography: A Real Wedding Feature

A wedding is often the crown jewel of a wedding look. Therefore, no real wedding feature would be complete without taking a look at the cake! This real wedding used a glass base lined with dripping crystal (talk about gorgeous!).  Kathleen and Garret's wedding cake is small and a blue ombre, but has defined color blocks. The wedding cake topper is what makes this wedding cake truly unique. If you want a similar look, this cake topper can be mimicked and made your own using Wedding Collectible's contemporary "Love Bird" cake topper.

As you are planning your dream wedding, what is your priority one?The photographer, the venue, the little details, or the cake?

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Vintage Real Wedding with President and Jackie Kennedy

JFK Wedding Day As we approach Independence day, we would like to pay homage to and feature the wedding of one of the most loved presidential couples in our history as a country: President John F. Kennedy and First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (Jackie). Known for being a socialite and having impeccable, classy style, it is a wonderful privilege to be able to take a peak into Jackie Kennedy's wedding day and to celebrate a time in their lives that was full of hope and promises.

Vintage Wedding Entering the Church escorted by her step father, with a look of absolute thrill.

President Wedding Ceremony The church and ceremony

bridal party  The wedding party.

Keeping Wedding Traditions

As a country, the U.S. is full of traditions as a part of the foundation of who we are. The fact that most of the country will be attending holiday parades, park events, and fire work shows in honor of those who have served and in celebration of the independence of this country is a demonstration of our love for (and need of) tradition. There seems to be a security or reassurance in tradition. That is probably why we uphold them and why it is so comforting -and even exciting- to see that in the lives of our Presidents traditions are kept. JFK and Jackie Kennedy upheld many wedding traditions, including but not limited to the first dance and cutting the cake.

Kennedy first dance The First Dance.

Jackie Kennedy's Wedding Veil Is that wedding veil not insanely gorgeous? Image by © Bettmann/CORBIS President Wedding TraditionThey look like the kind of couple that would smash the cake in each other's faces (under extreme punishment if he got any on her dress, of course). Having so many glimpses into their wedding, knowing where their future led, emphasizes the wonderful nature of the wedding day. It is a snap shot, and captured moment of simple joy, complete love, and the promise of many days of happiness. As you approach your wedding day, don't forget it's significance goes beyond the table settings and the reception decorations. Have your goal for the day to have the same look of joy on your face as the Kennedy's do on their wedding day.  

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Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor (Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

 Real Wedding with Dani and Taylor

(Part 1: An Engagement to Remember)

Engagement PhotographyMeet the Couple Dani and Taylor both grew up in California, but met working in the very romantic setting of In-N-Out while attending school in Utah. They dated for a whole two months before their first kiss, Dani lamented, but also proclaimed, "It was the best first kiss I have ever had." "Taylor was walking me to my car from his apartment and the whole way I was so nervous because I knew we were finally going to kiss. I say finally because we had been dating for almost two months already and he hadn't kissed me yet! So lets just say I was dying. We got to my car and we hugged and I looked up at him. But he didn't kiss me. So what did I do? I took charge and kissed him! It was the best first kiss I have ever had. As we pulled away we hugged again and he gave me the sweetest kiss on the forehead and then I went home. He will still to this day deny that I kissed him first." So what do you say Taylor? Will you admit she made the first move or do you have another story to tell? Whether he admits it or not, that two months of waiting ended up helping them build a strong foundation to stand on. Plus he more than made up for it when he proposed in early august of last year. The Surprise Engagement Wedding Engagement "In August, I went to my hometown Corona, CA to see my family before the new semester started. I was having a "girls night" with two of my best friends. We had planned to go to dinner and to the beach to shop around. When we got to the beach, they led me down the sand towards the water and in the middle of the sand there was a path of candles leading to a computer and a stool. I was so confused." "When we got to the path I had no clue it was for me! Then I saw my name written on the sand and right then I knew what was happening. I started freaking out. I walked down the path and watched a little video that Taylor had made for me. It was a video of him telling me how much he missed me and how he wanted to relieve the pain by visiting some of our "special places" [aka all the places they had kissed ;)] ". At the end of the video, "Not knowing what to do, I turned around and he was standing behind me. So I stood up and he kissed me and told me how happy I make him and how he wants to spend the rest of his life making me as happy as I make him. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him." She said yes!


Up To The Wedding Planning the wedding went smoothly for Dani (mostly). What made it hectic was that she and Taylor were in the middle of a semester and planning a wedding in another state. Dani's mom acted as the wedding planner and was a huge help in making the wedding possible ("Thanks Mom!"). They utilized a lot of talent family friends and recommendations from brides Dani knew, finding what she wanted. Dani attributes the ease to the fact that she wanted to keep things simple and didn't have a very specific vision at first, so there wasn't much to make things complicated. There was this one hiccup that could of put a huge dent in their wedding plans. The day before the wedding -the first day they were both down in California - they went to pick up their wedding licence. Unfortunately, when they got there, the system was down and they were told to come back tomorrow morning. Of course, Dani flipped to being on the brink of a freak out as she quickly explained that they were getting married the next morning. They were then told that the problem had never happened before ("Of course") and that they could try another county. Speeding away to the next county, they had to cancel their planned bridals at the beach and walked into a second office in which they were greeted with, "What if I told you our system was down?" Now extremely stressed out, Dani replied "I will cry..." Fortunately the worker saw the panic in her face and quickly retracted his question as being a poorly timed joke. They got their licence and decided it was a blessing they had to cancel the photo shoot because it was a somewhat rainy day. The day they ended up actually doing the photos hoot was full of sunshine and her wedding dress got filthy with sand. "If we had done it when we had planned my dress would of been dirty on the wedding day. So it all worked out." A blessing in disguise. Beach Bridal Shoot Lessons to be learned? First, get your wedding licence more than one day in advance and second, don't plan a beach photo shoot in your wedding dress before your wedding without time to get in cleaned.

What wedding lessons have you been learning as you plan your wedding?? Share in the comments below!!

**Watch for Part 2 next week featuring their beautiful wedding day and all those lovely wedding accessories.
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Real Maryland Wedding With Trevor & Emily

Meet The Couple When asked about their first kiss, Emily simply stated, "It was awesome, perfect, and in a hammock." This, almost completely, describes the relationship between Trevor and Emily. These two love birds met in Utah in January of 2011; her first memory of Trevor being him "showing off" on the piano playing "Great Balls of Fire" during a church choir practice.They began dating in August of 2011 when Emily invited Trevor to go running with her. It wasn't long after that until they, and anyone within two feet of them, knew that they were meant for each other.  In a way, Emily's sweetness and Trevor's (sometimes described as annoying by his siblings) habit of knowing everything about just about everything, strikes a balance between the two, making it easy to love one another.

Bride and Groom

Trevor proposed to Emily at a picnic at the Corona Del Mar beach. His family can remember his eagerness as he whisked her off to this specially planned picnic after an 8 hour drive from Utah to California to visit his family, unable to wait another day. Mormon Temple The couple was married six months latter in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saint's Maryland Temple on May 4th.

Little Details

Sunflower Bouquet For her bridal's Emily used big sunflowers that really just match her beaming personality. Then on her wedding day her bouquet was made of Lily of the Valley and were arranged by a close friend. She wanted to keep things simple and pretty, so her colors were sage green, cream, and coral pink. She had her bridesmaids pick out their own dresses in cream and had her family dress in cream also. Harkness+Fenn+Temple+Wedding+1-1840666961-O copy Wedding Family The ceremony was the most important part for them and as Emily indicated, "It went perfectly". They were most grateful to have so much family and friends present, especially since they decided to have the wedding in Emily's hometown in Maryland and all of Trevor's family were on the west coast. Bird Cake Toppers At the reception they had these adorable bird "you and I" cake toppers and a cake trimmed in Lily of the valley. DPP_0002-1843659015-O copy At the reception, they upheld quite a few of wedding traditions including cutting the cake, the father daughter and mother and son dance, the first dance, and even a money dance! They also did a bouquet toss and a garter toss, both were caught by the maid of honor and the best man! Father Daughter Dance First Dance Garter Toss Wedding Tradition Wedding Photos They even included a poster cut out of Trevor's brother who was unable to attend the wedding since he was serving a mission for his church. This is a great way to have those important family members who can't make it to the wedding feel like they are a part of everything!

A Second Reception

Then, because the families lived on opposite coasts, the couple had a second reception or open house at the Fenn's residence in California so that more of Trevor's family and friends could attend. Just Married Wedding Photos576876_428164607215836_1442390054_n 560444_427969863901977_480844459_nInstead of cake, they decided to serve mini pies! They were made by a personal friend of Trevor's mother. Wedding Reception The reception decorations were done by family and friends, as were the photography at both wedding receptions. 533188_427969767235320_1210805609_nWedding Reception To The Present Now the happy couple has just recently celebrated their second year of marriage, Trevor is nearing the completion of his first degree, and the two are expecting a baby girl this July! A big thanks to Trevor and Emily for sharing their wedding with us and with future brides. We wish you all the best! Share your wedding with Wedding Collectibles and let us tell your story and share your wedding ideas!
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Real Wedding: Purple and French With Trina & Spencer

 Real Wedding: A French Styled Purple Wedding With Trina & SpencerBride and Groom

Meet the couple: Tina and Spencer met and fell in love while attending their church activities. Trina quickly picked him out as a cutie and it wasn't long until they were dating. The first time they kissed, Trina snuck a kiss on his cheek as he dropped her off at her front door and Spencer's face lit up. Trina remembers it feeling so special and sweet to see him beaming as he drove off that night. Spencer, nervous, proposed to Trina up at the look out point in Fullerton California after spending more time than normal trudging through trails and sprinklers. Of course, Trina eagerly said yes, but right before Spencer put the ring on her finger he adorably asked "This is the finger it is supposed to go on right?" Essentially sealing the deal for Trina's heart without even realizing it. This sweet couple was married in the LDS Newport Beach Temple followed by a simple ring ceremony through the OC Sailing and Event Center for those that were unable to enter the Temple to be a part of. The wedding and reception was full of joy and fun; however, the night before the wedding they were met with sobering news: Trina's father had passed away. Sharing this, Trina stated that "with love, support, and smiles, our family was able to have an amazing wedding day". Her father's passing made each quiet moment special and she knew without a doubt that her father was still with her that day. Their Wedding Style : French with Purple All Over Real Wedding CenterpiecesTheir table centerpieces alternated between tall elegant vases with flowers by Saadia Kibirya from Kismat Events and intricate birdcages. Real Wedding Centerpieces Real Wedding Sign in TableTheir sign in table included delicately wrapped wedding favors, a cute Mr. and Mrs. frame, and a sign in book with colorful signing pens. Wedding Cupcakes Being a couple that enjoys being exactly who they are, they decided to mix up the traditional wedding cake and chose to do wedding cup cakes! The alternating deep and light blue flowers worked beautiful with the purple color scheme and added a nice color pop. Along with the cupcakes they had a small cake so that they could keep the tradition of the bride and groom cutting the cake together. Wedding Cake
Reception DecorIn order to really establish their theme at their reception, they had a table beautifully set for the the bride and groom. This acted as a perfect focal point and really created the ambiance Trina was looking for. Pruple Reception Decor
Real Wedding Bridal Bouquet Trina's bouquet was divine. It featured dark purple calla lilies wrapped in a black ribbon and a simple (and yet it is also decadent) bouquet accessory. Bridesmaid Bouquet The bridesmaid bouquets included as single flower, feather, and neatly tied black ribbon. Real Wedding BridesmaidDeciding to be flexible, Trina wanted her bridesmaids to pick out their own dresses with the only decree being that they were purple. Though this decision lead to a lot of stress and debates on whether or not pink could work instead, the final look of each girl was exactly what Trina had been hoping for. Bridal Party First Dance They decided to keep to tradition with cutting the cake, a first dance, and throwing the bouquet. It was extremely important to them that they could enjoy each moment to the fullest. Bouquet Toss The reception really was full of fun! They had a DJ, dance floor, photo booth, and great food! Trina and Spencer both felt that the night was magical. Wedding Photobooth The Planning Process : Spencer and Tina had a little under three months to plan their wedding, which might seem terrifying, but since Trina had just spent the last year working as a wedding planner, she wasn't too worried. The biggest stress was the bridesmaid dresses, but everyone eventually cooperated.The best way to shop? Online! Trina and Spencer found almost everything online. If it wasn't, they had picked up at Michaels.

The planning flew by and the wedding day flew by, but it will always be a beautiful day to remember.

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Destination Hawaii Real Wedding Feature - Melissa & Cameron

A Get Away Destination Hawaii Wedding - Melissa & Cameron


Meet newlyweds Melissa and Cameron. Melissa and Cameron met when they were just in the 3rd grade and became fast friends. Time and school quickly parted them, but by age 16 they were in each other's lives again and they quickly fell in love (though, as Melissa reports, Cameron wouldn't kiss her until 9 months after they were dating). Both Melissa and Cameron live life with adventure in their heart. Cameron is in the Navy and Melissa is currently pursuing her passions in aviation, fitness and make up design. With their adventurous spirits there was no question that their wedding would be full of love, adventure, and that little feeling you get right before you leap.

Planning the Wedding On a Tight Budget

After they got engaged, stress set in. Melissa had always dreamed of her wedding, but what wasn't a part of  that dream was the anxiety that set in. "We had only three months to put it together. We had a pretty small budget. $3000. Also, my father-in-law promised us a honeymoon somewhere. After about a month of stressing over how to pay for things like: locations, photography, flowers, invitations, announcements, cake, food, entertainment, etc. I text my soon-to-be saying why don’t we get married in Hawaii and spend the rest of our honeymoon there. And so we did!"

That $3,000  covered their airfare, minister, marriage certificate fees, her wedding dress, photographer, cake, and flowers.

Wedding Cake  

Wedding Cake

Cake kiss

How Did They Do It?

They got married on a beach in Oahu and used the wedding planning service, Hawaiian Barefoot Weddings , which according to Melissa, was one of the best decisions they made. Hawaiian Barefoot Weddings took care of the beach permit, photographs, cake, marriage certificate, and supplied the family with fresh flower leis. Then, they were blessed with a family that was supportive and parents who covered their rental car, hotel, and reception dinner.

Everything was close knit.  

Melissa and Cameron truly wanted to focus their wedding on them. They wanted to only have immediate family present, an outdoor and Christian based ceremony.

Papering the Bride

Melissa got ready with her mom and two of her little sisters in her hotel room. She was only a little bit (20 minutes) late.

Wedding Ceremony

 Her father, David, walked her down the sandy shore aisle.

Walking down the Aisle He most definitely got teary eyed, and Melissa could not contain her excitement upon seeing her groom.

Wedding Ceremony

 Who could not have a greater look of joy on his face.Wedding Ceremony

Saying "I Do!" surrounded by family and the sounds of waves meeting the shore.
Wedding Ceremony   Vibrant flower petals encircled the bride and groom.

Wedding Ceremony DecorationsleisAnd as part of the Hawaiian beach ceremony, they handed out leis!

Cameron's brothers were his groomsmen (dressed in Hawaiian shirts) and Melissa's sisters were her bridesmaids (dressed in mint). Melissa's father walked her down the aisle, sharing in that sweet moment of passing his daughter over to her new husband. The mothers were tearing up and everyone was smiling. This was a marriage that they had known was in the works for years.

Wedding Party Full of Family

"Things that people remember about our wedding are: the white sandy beach, the sunset, the fresh flower leis, the bubbly, the coconut cake and the strawberry shortcake, and the turtles that joined us at the end of the ceremony. Things that I will remember are: the minister and his wife, who coordinated the entire ceremony, the beautiful way that the sky met the waves of the ocean, the sunset, and above all seeing my soon-to-be husband standing among our closest relatives waiting to take my hand."

Special Little Details and Accessories  

Though Melissa wasn't worried about having her wedding be traditional, she did decide to adhere to the tradition of having something old, something new, something borrowed, and something blue. Something NewWedding Jewlery

For her something old, she attached a heart pendant that belonged to her mother-in-law's grandmother to her wedding garter. Then for her something new,  she wore  a silver bracelet gifted to her by her mother for her birthday just a few months before the wedding. Her something borrowed was really rather creative. On the morning before the ceremony her and her husband went for a walk on the beach and picked up a single white stone from the sand. Borrowing the stone from the ocean, she hid it in her bouquet for the ceremony. At the end of their honeymoon she returned it by tossing it back out to sea. Then finally, as her something blue she wore blue crystal earrings. Wedding Bouquet Another little detail for her wedding that was particularly special was her gorgeous bouquet made by her husband's grandmother. It was a waterfall bouquet of white Lilies, hints of green leafs, and subtle small crystal accents at the center of each flower. The something extra these crystals added is simple proof of what a bouquet accessory (or really any wedding accessory) can do to make each wedding detail special. It is obvious from her photographs that Melissa was a glowingly happy Bride. When asked what her advice would be to Brides, particularly those that are on a tight budget, she said "Go with the flow and stay true to yourselves...In the end there are a few key things that will make your wedding perfect. Make those things happen and let the rest be." weddingques3 Be sure to submit your dream wedding to be featured!

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Real Wedding Features!!!

Wedding Collectibles Real Wedding Features Ruffled Handcrafted Sonora Wedding Real Wedding Featured on Ruffled. Photo By: Joleen Willis We are so excited to announce that we are now taking submissions for real wedding features on our blog. We love working with brides and now we want to see the final event. By submitting to be featured you will not only inspire us as we develop products, but also soon-to-be brides as they are delving into their wedding planning and accessorizing journey.

What We Are Looking For

  • Brides that love their wedding and want to share their favorite aspects and vendors with other brides!
  • If you strayed from tradition or were creative in a particular aspect of your wedding decor we want to know about it!
  • If you stayed traditional, we still want to hear about how you did things. We love traditional weddings!
  • High quality photos. A picture is worth a thousand words here! We want to see photos that really show off the beauty of your wedding.
  • What you wish you knew when you started planning your wedding and other tips and tricks you picked up along the way.
  • If you used a Wedding Collectibles product, we want to hear about it and see how it turned out!

How to Submit

It's easy! Just follow the link below and fill out the questionnaire. Click here to submit your real wedding! If your wedding is selected to be featured, you will then be contacted with further instructions regarding your photo submission. We look forward to hearing from you!
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