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First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...Life

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...Life

First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage, Then Comes...Life

Romantic Wedding

Getting married is a wonderful moment in someone's life. The wedding ceremony is full of love, promise, and hope. The bride and groom are standing before all of their friends and family, sharing their love with each other. Truly, it is a beautiful thing. However, the wedding and marriage are two separate things. Your wedding day is a sweet memory you can lock up in boxes, pictures, and sentiment. Marriage can be equally sweet, but is out in the open, experienced day in and day out, and comes with a lot of responsibility. Both are beautiful, but the later requires everlasting effort and isn't done in a day, though you may find that life still runs by in a blur. Because of this day in and out experience with your loved one, it is easy to lose a little bit of your wedding day spark between the toe nail clippings and the mouth guards. The days of waking up to your husband's mysteriously minty fresh breath and your wife's seemingly naturally smooth and hairless legs are over. But does this mean you love each other less? Of course not! Does this mean you can't still get butterflies when he smiles? No! But sometimes you may need to remind each other of just how crazy in love you are with one another.

3 Tips for Keeping the Romance Alive:

  1. Tune out of the world and tune in to each other: One of the biggest distractions in any relationship is technology( ie. those pesky little social media sites, your favorite television drama, and angry birds). A great way to boost the romance is to shut off those devices! An easy way to see real results is to designate a time in the day or evening that your will shut off and put away those technologies. How can you have that much needed pillow talk if your working on your top score for subway surfers every night? Turn everything off, say hello, and you will surprise yourselves with how much closer you will feel.
  2. Go on Dates: Marriage can be tough and you probably will have a lot to worry and stress over. This is why it is important to remember to go on real dates. You may spend every day together, but there is a drastic difference between watching a movie because it is what you do every night and having a date night where you get dressed cute and then watch that same movie with popcorn and dessert. By just designating what you are doing as a date shifts the atmosphere. It is important, however, to ask each other out on dates and plan something a little more out of the norm. He might be your husband, but a simple, "Hey, I was wondering if you'd want to go on a date with me Saturday night?", is going to put a smile on his and your face.
  3. Treat Each Other: Basically, don't forget to do nice things for each other. You know what stresses each other out and what helps relieve that stress. If your wife is sick and coughing all night, instead of getting annoyed or suggesting she go sleep in the guest bedroom, go get her some couch medicine and an ice glass of water. If your husband is stressed out about work, wake up early and make his breakfast and morning coffee. The more you serve one another, the closer you will be.
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