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Can you recommend some great keepsake items to preserve wedding day memories?

Let’s draw more insight on captivating wedding memorabilia that you can seek at a wonderful wedding collectibles platform online that strives to make your wedding a truly memorable occasion. To begin with, an interesting item that you would like to take a look at is Chantilly Lace memory book. The magnificent memory book is available in Ivory or White. The charming Chantilly Lace Collection also comes with any of the sizzling satin ribbon colors comprised in the comprehensive Custom Color Collection. It will allow you to keep a record of those special moments, from cute courtship through fabulous first anniversary celebrations in one of the 3 ravishing ring binder memory books that you can treasure forever. The memory book is available with pages that are elegantly embossed. There’s scope for almost 240 to 250 wedding guest signatures to record plus one photo album page. Next in line is, a really superb silver Renaissance scrapbook photo album / frame. It comes with serene silver satin ribbon, silver jacquard scrolls. A rhinestone accent gives it an antique, quaint, albeit elegant look. This lovely silver photo album (13" x 12.5") with 4 beautiful photo frames on the cover is a must have accessory for your wedding celebrations. The Renaissance scrapbook photo album / frame comprises close to 20 scrapbook / photo pages measuring 12" x 12".
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Magical mementos that will cherish the precious wedding memories for years to come

 There are several precious pieces that should ideally form of your wedding day collection. You would like to purchase as many as them, but cost is sometimes a constraint. However, a truly affordable online interface for acquiring wonderful wedding collectibles has done away with all your budget worries. You can just visit the Web-based platform, search for items of your choice; pick and choose them depending on your tastes and theme. That’s all you need to do! The rest will be taken care of by the system. To simplify your task, we are suggesting some nice wedding accessories. ON top of the list is Starlight photo album. Literally thousands of beautiful sparkling beads are deftly applied in mass glisten on this very, very special album by Lillian Rose.  It can hold up nearly 100 of your precious photographs (4" x 6" size). The Starlight photo album has 14 1" lines on each page for remarks. It’s a great keepsake! We suggest you also consider ‘Infinite Love’ (Circle of Love) couple wedding picture frame. The captivating wedding figurine has a deft contemporary twist on a typically traditional element featured on a picture frame. It holds a 5x7 photograph. Just picture this lovely couple topping your wonderful wedding cake. Won’t that be a great combination? The frame sure will add a unique touch to your wedding celebrations. It will serve as a memento that cherishes the precious memories for years to come.
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What are the virtues of a versatile and reliable wedding collectibles resource?

If you search for wedding collectibles online, you sure will come across a truly dependable Web based avenue that hosts an impressive selection of exclusive accessories. You would want to know the virtues of a wedding collectibles resource that make it versatile and reliable.
  • You should have a wider choice - from contemporary to traditional designs – with an option to personalize your offerings.
  • It invariably pays extra attention to every fine detail using the finest ingredients and materials such as porcelain, crystal, ribbon, lace and fabric.
  • Wedding collectibles like albums, memory books and scrapbooks, which are carefully, skillfully and meticulously designed with quality material by experienced designers, will retain its luster and shine.
To check the authenticity and credibility of the online resource is important before you make a selection and place your order. Thankfully, you have made it to the right platform. It is essential that you talk to customers who have previously used the wedding accessories and find out whether they are satisfied with the results. With a quality resource, you can be assured of the fact that you will be able to secure the perfect wedding accessories to make your dream day’s ceremony and reception a memorable occasion everyone present would always remember.
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What are some truly amazing wedding accessories I would love to treasure?

It’s your wedding, and your personality should shine through right down to the very last detail. No matter what your personality, you are sure to find unique wedding stationery / wonderful wedding albums, sizzling scrapbooks, and perfect picture frames to suit your every whim, fancy and dream. What you need is a Web based platform that will have on offer an enterprising selection of exquisite wedding accessories. The aim should be to help you customize or personalize the very special day in your life in a truly unique manner and match your taste as well as style quotient. Sample some of the amazing accessories you would like to treasure for years to come: One among is the lovely Keepsake Box. This box forms part of the fabulous Anniversary of Love Collection that comprises many interesting accessories. The captivating Keepsake Box is 5.5” wide. Another must-have wedding accessory is a beautiful Beaded Beauty photo album. The term ‘Beaded Beauty’ aptly describes this wonderful white photo album. Just to elaborate a bit, it features handsome hand-sewn pearls, bugle beads and seed beads on matte satin. The fabulous photo album is of size 4" x 6". It can easily hold well up to 100 pictures of your wedding day or engagement ceremony. You can look for other matching guest book & photo frame ideas.
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Tips for unique wedding accessories and centerpieces

When it comes to selecting wedding day collectibles, what you would like is a wide range of options available at attractive prices. There are truly amazing items like bridal headpieces, veils and last but not the least, tiaras that make the wedding of your dreams a reality. If you choose your online resource carefully, you will sure be able to find the most wonderful wedding ceremony as well as reception accessories. One among them, as mentioned above, is wedding bridal tiaras. The specially designed pieces are on offer in every conceivable form - from classic to modern, and from traditional to contemporary. What makes wedding bridal tiaras extra special is meticulous attention paid to every detail employing the finest of pearls and crystal you would ever get to see on these pretty pieces! Apart from collecting unique accessories, you must pay equal attention to centerpieces. You can think for interesting concepts like hourglass decoration as captivating centerpieces. The candleholder glasses in the shape of hourglass look lovely. You can put a candle on top and a flower in it at the bottom to enhance its beauty. You can apply your imagination to think of well-designed and elegant pieces of art, which can be decorated and displayed on the wedding table. You can certainly think about a themed wedding centerpiece decoration.  For instance, if the whole setting revolves around say, bronze golden color theme, consider candles and other items of the similar color combination.
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Wonderful wedding handkerchiefs with lovely poetry hankies

The secret of getting unique wedding day items is to take into your attitude, your personality as well as overall ambience and theme planned for the occasion. To make this possible, you should be able to select a wedding collectible resource that has on offer a diverse and dynamic range of wedding accessories. If you manage to impart a subtle personal touch to your wedding day celebration, it will be a truly unforgettable occasion. There are many items that are an integral part of any wedding day celebration – lavish or simple. One among them is wonderful wedding handkerchiefs – lovely poetry hankies. These hankies will also make heartfelt keepsake gifts for guests, relatives, parents and friends. The handsome hankies are a handy memento for the bridal party, and of course, the bride and groom.  The beautiful boxed hankies carry lovely poetry. The lines can be selected to convey your feelings with different verses to select from. They are embroidered elegantly with words such as ‘Bride’, ‘Mother’, ‘Grandma’, ‘Sister’, ‘Daughter’, or even a ravishing rose design. On the other hand, men's handkerchiefs may be plain. If you want, you can have them embroidered. The poems express genuine sentiments of love and gratitude. And you sure will like to give it to every special person in your life. Here is your platform to secure a wide array of truly magnificent wedding items.
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Wedding Cake Toppers...Redefined!

Want to see a sneak peak on the latest trends in cake toppers. Here you will be able to take a look at funny cake toppers, contemporary cake toppers, and traditional wedding cake toppers. httpvh://
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Wedding jewelry

You must be planning on what dress and jewelry to wear on your wedding since you were a teenager. Now is the time to turn your dream into reality. It is logical to first buy your dress and then match your jewelry with it. If you have got yourself a sleeveless dress, then it can carry a particular shape of a neckpiece. In a dress with a halter cut, you can simply wear a single strand of necklace. If required, you can even skip the necklace and focus on pretty pair of earrings. The style of the dress will help you decide on what jewelry you should choose to compliment it. You must coordinate your jewelry with your dress if you do not want to feel awkward. If you have a simple dress, you can opt for heavy jewelry. If your dress has lot of sequins and pearls and beadwork, then you can relax a bit on the jewelry front. You must ensure that your jewelry is coordinated even if you decide to do a mix and match thing.
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Centerpiece ideas

In a wedding, guests do take notice of the wedding decorations apart from the bride and the groom. There are various centerpiece options that are there for you to choose from. Candles can create a good theme for your reception. You can display floating candles in a bowl. Adding colorful petals in the water can add to the beauty of the design. Taper candles look very pretty on the wedding table. These candles do not drip and can be accessorized. They are really good wedding table ideas. Flowers are also a great idea to dress up your wedding table. You can get custom made floral designs to decorate your table. You can also get the flowers made from silk or handmade paper. If you want to keep it simple, you can also put flowers in a vase and decorate. A fun wedding table idea is chocolate. You can opt for a moulded chocolate bride and groom centerpiece. You could even have a tower that is piled with little chocolate bags for your guests. Some people decide for confetti. You can also place cardholders that will match the theme of your wedding.
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Unity ceremony

The Unity Candle Ceremony is considered to be a symbolic part of the wedding ceremony. The lighting of the candles signifies the union of husband, wife and both their families. The unity candle set comprises of two taper candles and a large candle that are placed in a candelabra. The largest of the three candles is called the unity candle. The couple takes one taper candle each and lights the large unity candle together symbolizing the unity of their new lives together. Before the ceremony begins, you need to ensure that your candles light. You might also want to keep the taper candles burning before the ceremony. You can also have both set of parents take part in the ceremony to symbolize the union of both the families. If you have children, they can also participate in the lighting of candles. It is a good idea to have your favorite love song play during the ceremony. After all it is your wedding. You can customize the ceremony as you want it. Just seek the approval of the pastor.
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Bridal shoes

There are various accessories that a bride wears on the wedding day. You will take special care to procure those accessories. But you must not forget about one of the most important accessories and that is bridal shoes. You must make sure that your shoes are comfortable. You would need to be on your feet the entire day. So it is important that you your shoes do not betray you. You will get a variety of shoes to choose from – starting from pumps to heels to stilettos. Choose the one that offers both style and comfort. Make sure that the color of your bridal shoes matches with your dress. Getting married is stressful. The least that you can do is to make sure that your feet are not stressed out at the end of the day. You will have to do a lot of prancing around. Bridal flip flops are the most popular among brides. They serve as good gifts as well. If you feel that you are not getting a stylish pair of shoes that is comfortable too, then do not worry. Your gown will cover most of your shoes. So you can wear a pair that may not be too stylish but is extremely comfortable.
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Your wedding jewelry

You need to choose your wedding jewelry with utmost care to make your wedding special. If you have an heirloom jewelry that you need to wear, then you do not have much of choice. Chances are that you will not have the entire set handed down to you. So to get matching accessories, you need to visit the antique store. If you decide to buy anything from there, you must check that there are no missing stones that may make it look ugly. If you do not have a heirloom jewelry, then you would need to buy something yourself. Before choosing any piece, make sure you have taken the shape of your face into account. Then think of your hairstyle that you intend to sport on that day. Your earrings will depend on how you are wearing your hair. You would not like to go over the top am sure. You can choose any thing from gold, silver and diamonds. You can also decide to wear colorful gems if it matches your outfit. However, the jewelry should not overshadow your dress. Pearls are the safest bet though. Whatever you buy, you would need to store it carefully for your kids.
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