Wedding jewelry

You must be planning on what dress and jewelry to wear on your wedding since you were a teenager. Now is the time to turn your dream into reality. It is logical to first buy your dress and then match your jewelry with it. If you have got yourself a sleeveless dress, then it can carry a particular shape of a neckpiece. In a dress with a halter cut, you can simply wear a single strand of necklace. If required, you can even skip the necklace and focus on pretty pair of earrings. The style of the dress will help you decide on what jewelry you should choose to compliment it. You must coordinate your jewelry with your dress if you do not want to feel awkward. If you have a simple dress, you can opt for heavy jewelry. If your dress has lot of sequins and pearls and beadwork, then you can relax a bit on the jewelry front. You must ensure that your jewelry is coordinated even if you decide to do a mix and match thing.