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Top 5 Fantasy Cake Toppers

Bring Fantasy Cake Toppers to your Enchanted Forest Wedding Photo Cred: Happy Chantilly Want to bring a little bit of the fantasy that is in your love story into your wedding? Look no further! Check out our top 5 fantasy cake toppers!

Number One: Rose and Pearls Fantasy Fairy Wedding Cake Topper

This fantasy cake topper makes the number one slot partially because it is what most people think of when they think of a fantasy themed wedding. A beautiful fairy and her knight in a love locked embrace floating on the cloud of romance and white roses; what more could you ask for?

Number Two: Arthur & Guinevere Pewter Cake Topper

You may not have the fate of Camelot resting on your shoulders or be facing the test of being able to pull the sword from the stone, BUT that doesn't mean your love isn't a tale for the ages! And look, the way they hold hands makes the negative space into a heart!! It's kind of the perfect fantasy cake topper is it not?

Number Three: Skulls Groom Kissing Bride Wedding Cake Topper

 Are you a Gothic bride, want to celebrate the Day of the Dead, or just really emphasize that till death you do you NOT part? Then this skeletal bride and groom is for you! We have several options within this theme (Check out the Fantasy and Gothic cake toppers tab!), but this is one of our favorites because it is modeled after the traditional bride and groom, and yet still totally unique.

Number Four: Fairy Tale Dreams Castle Cake Topper

 Complete with the inscribed "And they lived happily ever after..." this fairy tale castle cake topper will look great at your fantasy wedding!

Number Five: Rose Heart Pewter Cake Topper

This is one of our less obvious fantasy cake toppers. Entwined vines and roses create a simple heart shape that will add the perfect note atop your fantasy wedding cake.
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Wedding Theme: Alice in Wonderland Wedding

Wedding Theme: Alice in Wonderland Wedding

DIY Alice in Wonderland Tea Party Wedding Ideas Photo Credit: Shoot It Photography styled by From the Wilde Products A great way to infuse your wedding with playfulness is to let your design be inspired by a theme. Of course, you want to avoid your wedding theme causing a look of an 8 year old's birthday party, but done right, a wedding theme can lead to some of the most spectacular wedding styles. Today we are looking at the classic and whimsical tale of Alice in Wonderland. This story may not be a romantic story, but it's magical whimsy really captures the feeling that is falling in love! For this wedding theme, we encourage brides to be INSPIRED versus directly pulling exact images from the classic tale.

What do we mean by this?

  • Dress your bridesmaids in pretty light blue dresses, but not an Alice costume with headband and all.
  • Your flower girl could wear a light pink striped dress to infer to the Cheshire cat, but no need to have Cheshire grins floating in the trees.
  • Have the groom's wardrobe include a classic pocket-watch (bonus points if it's a family heirloom), but nothing over-sized and goofy.
  • Playing cards would be great place cards, but there is no need to make them look like they can walk off the table on their own.
  • Splattered red white roses can be fun, but perhaps not as the centerpiece of every table and definitely NOT over-sized.
Another good idea would be to include subtle accessories that hint at the world of Alice in Wonderland without being from the story at all.

Below are a few products from our shop that would make a great addition to your Alice in Wonderland Wedding.

[gallery size="medium" ids="7496,7495,7494,7493,7490,7489,7488,7486,7485,7482,7484,7491" orderby="rand"]

For more ideas on how to achieve your dream Alice in Wonderland Wedding, check out our theme board on Pinterest!

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Top 10 Hipster Wedding Cake Toppers

Top 10 Hipster Wedding Cake Toppers

Hipster WeddingIf you don't know already, hipsters are, as defined by the consistently useful Urban Dictionary, "a subculture of men and women typically in their 20's and 30's that value independent thinking, counter-culture, progressive politics, an appreciation of art and indie-rock, creativity, intelligence, and witty banter." This subculture has gained increasing traction over the years, effecting change in mainstream values and trends. It comes as no surprise that it has opened up a whole new world of increasingly popular wedding trends (as seen in Refinery 29's info graphic featured on the left). In fact, you will often find that when we feature "twists" on different wedding traditions such as wedding cakes and cake toppers, that it is the hipster community that has inspired this push on tradition. So this week, we are highlighting those wedding cake toppers that would be at home at a hipster wedding! The following cake toppers take on this challenge of pushing against tradition while also being a part of tradition: many of which take on a vintage feel that goes in par with the Hipster tendency to search thrift shops and vintage styles.
  1. Ballroom Beauty Paper Doll Mix and Match Bride and Groom Vintage Hipster Cake TopperThis paper doll cake topper embodies the hipster tendency toward the vintage and unique. It even allows for great individualism as you can mix and match the "dolls" to suite who you are perfectly!         

  2. Hobo Wedding Cake Topper Hipster Wedding Cake TopperThis patched up bride and groom would fit in at a hipster wedding because of its vintage feel and because of it play on a hipster Bride's likelihood to refurbish her wedding dress from thrifty finds, though her artistic skill would probably be beyond square patches!

  3. Crafters Bride and Groom Wedding Cake Topper
    Crafty Wedding TopperThis more traditional looking cake topper makes the cut because of the Bride's less traditional dress, but also, and more so, because of the unique and colorful button adorned base!
  4. Mr & Mrs Banner Cake Topper  Banner Cake Topper This banner styled cake topper has become increasingly popular and is often found at a Hipster wedding. In fact, as demonstrated in the above info graphic, you are likely to find a banner or two as reception decor!
  5. Zebra Wedding Cake Topper Zebra Cake Topper As Hipsters tend to be on the more creative side, you are likely to find a fun and cute cake topper like these Zebra salt and pepper shakers. Salt and Pepper shakers are not wedding cake toppers? Why not? The porcelain figurines work great on top of a cake AND can be used in your new home together afterword.  The hipster in you may not be able to resist!
  6. Custom Names Topper
    Monogram Cake Topper This monogram cake topper is not only a twist on the traditional figurine cake topper, but also mixes up the traditional look of a monogram cake topper! This monogram works great with whatever desert your serving at your wedding, be it cake, pie, cupcakes, or even doughnuts!
  7.  Wood Finish Bride and Groom Cake Topper FigurineHipster Wedding Cake TopperThis cartooned take on the traditional bride and groom with the big bow tie is exactly the type of cake topper you would find at a hipster wedding. Match it with some unique flower choices and mason jar lighting and you are in business!
  8.  Language of Love Forever Wedding Cake Topper FigurineUnique Contemporary Cake Topper Hipster doesn't always mean vintage, but it does mean unique. The above contemporary cake topper speaks to the artistic nature of hipster culture and with the quote by J. Keats, it invites a more intellectual atmosphere. Additionally the daintiness of both the female and male forms adds an androgynous look that goes hand in hand with hipster culture.
  9. Blue Dutch Cake Topper Dutch Cake TopperAs the hipster community has a focus on culture and heritage, a dutch (or whatever your background is) cake topper like this one would be perfect for your hipster wedding. Please note that this cake topper is one of our salt and pepper shakers that we suggest would work great as your cake topper!
  10.  Rocking Chair Mature Couple Cake TopperHipster Wedding Cake Topper Even though this cake topper is being listed as number 10, it is an easy favorite for hipster cake toppers. It's quirky colors, thick rimmed glasses, and cardigan's fit in perfectly with the hipster fashion mantra. Aside from that, this topper speaks volumes to the idea of wanting to grow old together. How fun would it be to use this topper again for your 50th anniversary? Or, as they are also salt and pepper shakers, they can act as a reminder of the commitment you made together, for better or for worse!

What do you think of our hipster wedding cake toppers? Do they fit the bill? What is your favorite hipster wedding trend?

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Special Touch Flower Girl Baskets


 Special Touch Flower Girl BasketsStern Grove Wedding As one of the first to walk down the aisle, the flower girl is one of the first introductions to your wedding party look, so what you put your flower girl in can work to help set the tone. Flower girl dresses can be made to look like mini versions of the bridesmaid dresses, the wedding dress, or can be its own unique design that is in those wedding colors or wedding theme. One accessory that a flower girl can't go without is her flower basket! Like her dress, there are a variety of different designs you can choose from, but don't let yourself get too locked in to a typical flower basket and have some fun with it!

Flower Girl Basket with Embroidered Sheer Trim & Bows So, what are some options?

Taupe Pleated Silk Flower Basket

This flower basket (Taupe Pleated Silk Flower Basket) is not one that is necessarily out of the basket thinking, but it offers a put together look that will add style to your wedding. What is beautiful about this basket is that it offers a textured look, the cuteness of a bow, and a contrast to the starch white that is often featured in the flower girl look. So if you are looking to put your flower girl in white, we recommend using a colored basked like the one above to add dimension to your flower girl's color palette.

Burlap & Lace Flower Basket

Similarly to the taupe pleated flower basket, this lace and burlap basket offers up texture, color, and fashion. Additionally, it is completely one trend and works great across multiple wedding themes, including but not limited to country western, shabby chic, vintage, and fairy tale. With this in mind, one thing to look for when looking at a flower basket - just as with any wedding accessory - is to find one that adds to or otherwise incorporates your wedding theme. Thus, if you are having a beach themed wedding, then you will  want a beach oriented flower girl basket!

Then there are the non-basket flower baskets. A lot of brides are incorporating buckets or boxes instead of a basket. The above "Rose" flower basket is sort of in between in that it will be carried exactly like a basket, but its flower design sets it apart from its wicker basket kin. These are the type of flower baskets that really open the door for you to get creative.

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Are there some interesting and off-beat wedding accessories around?

Those acting as your ring bearer, ushers, or best man are bound to feel honored to be present in their respective roles for the occasion owing to some wonderful gifts. A bewildering bottle opener key chain is a perfect giveaway on your wedding day, surely among the most special days in your life. On top of our list is this lovely key chain that serves as a dual function gift. Whether you are shopping online for your bridal party, Christmas gifts or even co-workers, this captivating key ring makes a good choice. It’s a timeless accessory, so to say. This is a truly multi-function treat. Adorned with sleek dazzling dome shaped exterior, it incorporates a key ring, clasp and bottle opener. Everyone you gift it is certain to enjoy the bottle opener key chain. An interesting and off-beat post wedding item is a pretty beaded silver jewelry box. It is a perfect place to retain one’s precious treasures. One may keep them neatly and carefully tucked away without worrying about its safety thanks to this gorgeous jewelry box. This beaded silver-plated accessory is made to the perfect size so as to carry your most precious belongings. The lid deftly opens to reveal a magnificent mirror. Dazzling draped velvet lining, two separate compartments plus padded rolls to hold stud earrings and rings only enhance its beauty and value.
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