Are there some interesting and off-beat wedding accessories around?

Those acting as your ring bearer, ushers, or best man are bound to feel honored to be present in their respective roles for the occasion owing to some wonderful gifts. A bewildering bottle opener key chain is a perfect giveaway on your wedding day, surely among the most special days in your life. On top of our list is this lovely key chain that serves as a dual function gift. Whether you are shopping online for your bridal party, Christmas gifts or even co-workers, this captivating key ring makes a good choice. It’s a timeless accessory, so to say. This is a truly multi-function treat. Adorned with sleek dazzling dome shaped exterior, it incorporates a key ring, clasp and bottle opener. Everyone you gift it is certain to enjoy the bottle opener key chain. An interesting and off-beat post wedding item is a pretty beaded silver jewelry box. It is a perfect place to retain one’s precious treasures. One may keep them neatly and carefully tucked away without worrying about its safety thanks to this gorgeous jewelry box. This beaded silver-plated accessory is made to the perfect size so as to carry your most precious belongings. The lid deftly opens to reveal a magnificent mirror. Dazzling draped velvet lining, two separate compartments plus padded rolls to hold stud earrings and rings only enhance its beauty and value.