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Top 12 Fall Cake Toppers

Top 12 Fall Cake Toppers

Since it’s Fall we decided to put together a list of our top 12 favorite fall cake toppers and figurines for this season! Your cake is the main centerpiece at your wedding reception which is why you should meet with designers to create something that is personal, stylized, and creative. When it comes time to add the cake topper the one thing you don’t want to do is pick something generic or distracting! The cake topper should compliment the cake’s design, and it’s one more way to tell your love story or the theme during the reception. So what kind of cake topper should you pick? When you decide on the cake topper you’ll want to consider your overall theme, the design, and the shape of the cake. There are five basic categories for cake toppers:

Cake topper types

When selecting a cake topper you should consider things you love, look outside the traditional wedding themes, and find something that truly represents you. We love some of the offbeat choices during the Fall season.

Top 12 Wedding Fall Cake Toppers

Traditional and seasonally influenced is a no brainer! Our favorite this season is the couple kissing under the umbrella. It’s the traditional bride and groom but it is customizable, and it’s a unique pose that tells us a story. We love the little detail of her rain boots under her dress. It captures the romantic nature of Autumn with a kiss in the rain. fun fall cake toppers Links: Add charm and warmth to any wedding cake with a rustic topper! A popular theme during the Fall for weddings is the warm and rustic theme, which typically feature elements inspired by nature. This is the perfect opportunity to utilize your creativity and DIY skills. If you don’t have a crafty hand, there are some amazing craftsman out there with ready-made toppers with customizable rustic flair options.
Wedding Collectibles 5 Star Reviews! Personalized Rustic Cake Topper I did receive my package and it is perfect! Love the smell of the wood too. 09-27-2018 by Katherine Johnson
woodland cake toppers Links:

Cake toppers with spunk!

Everyone enjoys a quirky bride that goes with her gut and takes advantage of this season to choose a more offbeat wedding theme! We love this classic script cake topper with the quirky saying. Perhaps our favorite thing about cake toppers is that it gives you a romantic keepsake to bring home after the big day. These cake toppers will all be great in a frame or on a shelf as a reminder of your wedding and the “mutual weirdness” that makes your relationship so fun! Halloween fall cake toppers Links: Depending on your style and design of the cake, you may opt out of a cake topper entirely. Or, you may want to go with something more fresh or natural for the season. Whatever the case, couples that choose fall cake toppers that are unique to them are the ones that are most memorable. Head over to Wedding Collectibles to start your search for the perfect cake topper today!
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Wedding Traditions Can be all About You!

Old new borrowed blue wedding tradition for you Photo by Taylor Harding

Old. New. Borrowed. Blue.

We’ve learned that the happiest brides are ones that find ways to make conventional wedding traditions represent their personal style, their family, and their personality. One of our favorite traditions that any bride can have fun with is wearing “something borrowed and something blue”. This English tradition has been bringing brides good luck and fortune since the 1800s. The original rhyme is “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence in her shoe”. However, what began as a way to bless the bride with good luck and fidelity is now also a way to create timeless keepsakes and show some creativity.

How real brides are making traditions their own!

In Hawaii, one bride went beach-combing before her sunset wedding. On the beach she found a white rock and decided to use it as her something borrowed.  She placed the small rock in her bouquet for the ceremony. Then, before she left she tossed it back to the sea. Wedding Traditions for You Jessica Belew of Bremerton, WA, had some precious items as her good luck charms. She wrapped a handkerchief around her bouquet that “had [her] name and wedding date embroidered in blue [and] had the appliques from [her] mom’s veil stitched on.” It is now a treasured family heirloom that she hopes her daughter will use one day. Another more unconventional bride made her family and friends’ smiles widen when she walked down the aisle with a borrowed tennis racket from her new mother-in-law in her bouquet. That’s one way to show a family’s history of sports!  

Whatever you do, make wedding traditions you!

Culture, family, personality, and religion can all play a big part in the wedding planning process. While juggling it all can be stressful, we hope you’ll remember to have fun and look for unique ideas that make your wedding day memorable. Whether it is a nerdy groom’s cake, a sapphire ribbon sewn into your dress, skydiving in your wedding attire, or memorable thank you cards there is a variety of options to make your special day less conventional.

Check out more Old. New. Borrowed. Blue. Ideas here!

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The Best Marriage Advice You'll Ever Hear...

Britt from Bachelor Engagement

The Best Marriage Advice You'll Ever Hear...

For today's blog, we decided to ask a question of as many people as we could possible connect with to hopefully give our brides easy access to what real brides, real couples, have found to be the truly best marriage advice they have ever heard. Check Out Wedding Collectibles on Facebook!   Earlier in the week, we shared on our Facebook page what some of us at have found to be the best advice, but we thought our brides and grooms deserved a much larger sample size! The thing is, a lot of relationship and marriage advice will end up contradicting itself. This is because every person and relationship is a little bit different (that and people love to spout cliches for the heck of it as they sign your guest book). So this list represents what we saw popping up the most and we quoted who we think really said it best! The top 10 advice from the thick of it: 
  1. "I just saw a video clip from Will Smith lately. He says that it is not our partners job to make us happy, it is our own responsibility. Once you remove the expectation of your partner to make you happy you can enjoy them for who they are." - Tiffany
  2. "Listen.. don’t just hear! " - Carin
  3. "You have to want to be kind more than you want to be right." -Heidi
  4. "As cliche as it sounds, it is definitely true! “Never go to bed angry”. My husband and I have been together 6 years, married for 2, and have a 9.5 month old. We do disagree sometimes and get in the bed angry, but we always talk it out and work it out right before we fall asleep. Definitely has helped us!" - Maria
  5. " 'Always fight naked because then your problems just won't seem that important anymore'. I always write this in couple's guest books when they want a little note. Someone wrote it in mind and it just stuck with me. It was kind of a joke, but when you think about it, it's kind of cool. When you are both hands down vulnerable with each other, it's a lot easy to get over being mad." - Kim
  6. "Don't ever stop dating and getting to know each other. People always talk about growing apart, but if you keep getting to know one another as you go through life, it's a lot easier to still know and love each other." - Debbie
  7. "Do the opposite of "It's better to ask for forgiveness, than permission". That line just doesn't work in a marriage" - Kevin
  8. "Limit money talk to small daily check ins. You've got to both know what's up and be on the same page, but leaving it till you've got problems or talking about it for hours is just going to create frustration." -Kayla
  9. "Play hooky. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the day to day things. Be sure to break it up and be spontaneous. Have some silly fun!" -Cheri
  10. "Say I love you in your spouses love language. Some people just need to hear, other's need gestures, and other's physical contact...whatever it is, figure out your spouses love language and say I love you every day" -Demi
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8 Ideas for Your Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

8 Ideas for Your Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Something Old

Image result for this is us kate wedding 1. When deciding on something old, first look to those in your family that are important to you. This became such an apparent reason behind why something old became part of this wedding tradition as we all (if your not you should) watch This is Us's Kaite-girl trying to find something of her dad's to walk down the aisle with her on her wedding day. For Kate Pearson, it might have been a case of finding balance in feeling grief and letting go, but it's more than understandable to want her something old to stand in for her dad. So if someone is missing from your wedding, maybe this little tradition can help fill that gap (at least a little bit). 2. Another great option is a family heirloom. Many families even pass down specific things for their brides to wear. It can be something big like the wedding dress, or small like a bracelet or a tiara. Either way, it fits the bill of something old, and with a lot of meaning behind it!

Something New

For your something new, you will want to think about the new family you are creating. It's not just, "oh I bought this dress new or this hair clip is new". Really, that's just no fun and not in the spirit of the tradition! 3. A great ideas would be to have a monogrammed handkerchief with the initials of your new name. You can find a great one here! 4. Or if you aren't changing your name, then you could do something like have a brand new key made of your first home together as a married couple that could be added to your bouquet or even sown into your dress.

Something Borrowed

This is another one that you can have some sentimental fun with. 5. A bride with a group of best gal friends or sisters might share an item from each of their weddings as their something borrowed. 6. Borrow something from a person or couple whose relationship you admire. This could be something from their wedding or something they consider special to their relationship. For example, you could "borrow" their song for your wedding dance!

Something Blue

something blue heart on back of dress Now, something blue is supposed to represent the purity of the marriage and the promise of fidelity. While anything could be your blue item, choosing something that really works with what it is symbolizing actually will add more meaning to your wedding. 7. A great option for this would be to add it to your wedding ring. Of course if you are dead set against colored gemstones in your wedding rings, then this won't work. But if not, it really is a very meaningful option. Many jewelers will even inlay a gemstone on the inside of the wedding band. Depending on how thing your band is, this could be an amazing something blue! 8. Another way to go would be to add the blue to your wedding dress! Some brides might make it a real focal point, but one of our favorites is when it is used as stitching to add in a message on the bodice or train of the dress. Some brides have done hearts or names, other's quotes or a line of their vows. No matter what you choose, it tends to be pretty special
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100 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

100 Questions to Ask Before You Get Married

Green Wedding Shoes: Urban Tiff Manuell Dress Wedding Alex Wong Photography

+Ask About Love and Marriage

  1. What do you picture our lives to look like in ten years?
  2. What would you do if we fell out of love?
  3. Would you feel comfortable going to marriage counseling?
  4. In what ways do you think our lives will change once we are married?
  5. How important is sex in marriage?
  6. What are your sexual expectations?
  7. What are your views on porn?
  8. What is your biggest fear about being married?
  9. What do you think is the best thing about marriage? The worst thing?
  10. What do wedding rings mean to you?
  11. If there was one thing you could change about me, what would it be?
  12. What do you love about me?
  13. Do you have any doubts about our relationship?
  14. How do you expect our anniversary to be acknowledged?
  15. What is the best way for us to keep our love alive?
  16. What are your views on prenups?
  17. What are your views about divorce?
  18. What was/is your parents relationship like?
  19. How will our past relationships effect our marriage?
  20. Do you believe that "love is all you need'?

Ask About Children

Desert Vow Renewal Alicia Lucia Photography
  1. How many kids do you want?
  2. When do you see us having kids?
  3. How far apart do we want their ages?
  4. If we get pregnant, how long will we wait to announce it to family and friends? Is there anyone that is an exception to waiting to tell?
  5. Will one of us stop working to take care of our kids?
    • If yes, who?
    • If no, what kind of childcare do we want?
  6. Would we want to home school our kids?
  7. Is private school something we want to pursue? Would we be able to afford it?
  8. How do you feel about paying for our kids college education?
  9. Will we give our kids an allowance? Do they have to earn it?
  10. If we discover we can't get pregnant on our own would we be open to medical treatment? surrogacy? adoption?
  11. Would we be interested in being foster parents?
  12. How do we want to handle discipline? For example, one of our kids is bullying at school or is failing classes? What would we do?
  13. What do you think it means to be a good parent?
  14. Are the roles of a mom and dad different? If so, what are they?
  15. Is there anything that worries you about having kids?

Ask About Religion and Personal Values

  1. What are our religious beliefs?
  2. If they are different, how can we realistically handle these differences?
  3. What role do we want these beliefs to play in our lives?
  4. What religious holidays will we celebrate?
  5. What are your views on birth control?
  6. What is more important - financial stability or family relationships?
  7. What are you religious beliefs about marriage?
  8. What do you think about infidelity?
  9. Do you believe an emotional affair is a real thing?
  10. How would you handle it if someone was talking badly about me?

Ask About Money

  1. What kind of career do you envision yourself having and what have you done to get there?
  2. How much money do we each make now and what is a the realistic potential growth?
  3. What spending lifestyle do we want to have and is it realistic?
  4. How do you feel about debt?
  5. What debt do you have now?
  6. What's your credit score?
  7. Do you know how to keep a budget?
  8. What are your views on saving money?
  9. What would we do if we lost either of our jobs?
  10. Would we ever move in with either of our parents? For how long?
  11. When do you think it is important to start saving for retirement?
  12. Will we invest our money?
  13. How will we determine what to invest it and how much?
  14. Would you feel comfortable lending money to a family member or friend?
    • Is there a max amount?
    • Anyone that would be an exception?
  15. Who will be in charge of managing our money? For example, ensuring bills are pain on time?

Ask About Family and In-Law Relationships

Backyard Fairytale Wedding Paige Jones
  1. What is the role of a wife?
  2. What is the role of a husband?
  3. Do you get along with and like my family?
  4. How often do we expect to see our extended families?
  5. How often will we go to them?
  6. How often will they come to us?
  7. What role will our parents play in our children's lives?
  8. How much about our daily lives will they know?
  9. Do you feel comfortable discussing the intimacies (money, sex, fights) of our relationship with anyone in your family?
  10. Would you feel comfortable if I discusses the intimacies of our relationships with someone in my family?
  11. Does anyone in your family have a history of mental illness? violent or addictive behaviors?
  12. Do you have a family history of diseases?
  13. Would we ever let any of our parents live with us?
  14. Would we ever let any of our siblings live with us?
  15. How would you handle a member of your family telling you they don't like me?


  1. Have you ever suffered from depression or any issues involving mental health?
  2. Would you be willing to seek treatment if you ever became depressed?
  3. Would you be willing to attend therapy with me if I asked you to?
  4. If I needed to change my diet for health reasons, would you change yours with me?
  5. How do you feel about weight gain?
  6. How important is it for you that I am physically fit? That you are physically fit?
  7. If one of us gets out of shape, can the other ask us to refocus on our physical health?
  8. Do you live an active or sedentary lifestyle?
  9. How important is having good health insurance?
  10. Do you currently have any medical conditions or take any medication?


Maids and Marys Bridal Brunch London Light Photography
  1. What kind of music and movies do you like?
  2. Would you rather stay home and watch movies together or go out dancing?
  3. How do you picture our daily life to go?
  4. How do you feel about me going out with friends without you?
  5. Do you need to go out with friends without me?
  6. How would you feel about me going on a trip with friends without you?
  7. How do you feel about having close friends of the opposite sex?
  8. How important is spending time alone to you?
  9. Will we share access to all of our social accounts?
  10. Do you enjoy traveling?
  11. What do you picture the perfect vacation being?
  12. How much money do we want to dedicate to travel?
  13. How much work are you able to take off for travel and family vacations?
  14. How often will we go out on dates as a couple?
  15. If we have different interests, will we just enjoy them separately or take turns dedicating time and trips to what the other likes?
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Add a Little Embroidery in Your Wedding

Wedding Bird Embroidery by Pixiecraft Handmade, via Flickr

An Embroidery Wedding

Embroidery. It can be something done over the top and artsy or can be really delicate and just lovely. Either way, we at wedding collectibles are kind of falling in love with embroidery on your wedding day. If your like what? That stuff on my grandmother's pillow? That can't be pretty at a wedding. Let's just say - and we mean this in the nicest way possible - you are just dead wrong. Take a look. You won't be disappointed!

The Wedding Dress

Meadow Bustier Wedding Gown... women boho by jadadreaming on Etsy Even with the embroidery on this dress being more traditional in style and patch worked ,it looks like it is exactly the way it was meant to be. You could actually probably do something similar with your bridal handkerchief. With this style, it would be easy to include a little something old, borrowed, new and even blue! One thing we love, is while the embroidery definitely makes this dress different, it doesn't overpower the dress and it is still very bridal. For example, this dress was posted in the Jadadreaming etsy shop, whose designer Jada, makes custom pieces. If you like this dress, her work might just be the perfect fit for you! A Splash of Colour | the Embellishment Bridal Fashion Trend Next, the embroidery in this gown flows so perfectly, the dress just wouldn't exist without it. Again, a gown with embroidery like this really just adds a little personality and beauty. It is like the cherry on top to a gown that says, "I am getting married. I am in love." This gown was the jewel of a western-inspired wedding featured on and is a Needle and Thread gown from Net-A-Porter.

The Wedding Cake

65 Loveliest Lavender Wedding Ideas You Will Love | A lace and embroidery styled wedding cake isn't a brand new idea, but it is a pretty one. What's great is it opens the door to having a very traditional wedding cake without it being the traditional all white. #Mexican #Embroidery #WeddingCake Another great opportunity embroidery offers is bringing in a touch of culture - like this Mexican inspired embroidery cake from Sweet Art Cakes.

The Groom

The bride isn't the only one that can create an embroidery wedding look! Ayumi Embroidery Works makes this particular bow tie.

The Decor

Even if you don’t like embroidering, you can still take embroidery hoops and use them for cool wedding decor. Attach lace to them and hang... Embroidery hoop table number - Melbourne Wedding from Milk Photography Even if you don’t like embroidering, you can still take embroidery hoops and use them for cool wedding decor. Attach lace to them and hang... A lot of blogs suggest an embroidery wedding as part of a boho wedding theme, which we are sure works great, but it isn't the only style it works for. In fact, with the large variety of styles open, embroidery really can be infused into any wedding! Whether its a backdrop or table numbers, a touch of embroidery can really add some whimsy.

Kind of like it captures the idea of wish...

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Wedding Collectibles GIVEAWAY!!

Image may contain: one or more people Head on over to our Facebook Page, find this picture and enter into our most recent giveaway! We are giving away either our custom Mr. and Mrs. table sign or our "Together" Willow Tree cake topper to one lucky person. Entering is easy and you don't have to buy anything to win! Our goal is to celebrate our brides and grooms by giving them a chance to win something beautiful. We are hoping to share our shop with as many people as possible, and by joining us in doing so, you will get the chance to win!

Here is how to enter our wedding shop giveaway:

  1. LOVE the facebook post featuring the above photo and contest rules.
  2. SHARE the post on your personal page. You can share the post up to one time EACH DAY until the give away end for additional entries.
  3. LIKE our Facebook page if you haven't already 
  4. COMMENT on the contest post THIS if you want to win the Mr. & Mrs. table top sign or THAT if your want to win the Willow Tree Cake Topper figurine.
  5. COMMENT on the contest post and TAG a friend. Tag additional friends in SEPARATE COMMENTS for EXTRA entries!


The deadline to enter is December 1st at noon and a winner will be chosen on December 2nd! The winner will be announced on our Facebook page, so make sure you are following us so that you can claim your prize!

Which of our This or That giveaway options do you want to win? Or is there something else in our shop that you wish was in the give away?! 

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