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Switch it Up with Winter Wedding Toasting Glasses

Winter Wedding Toasting Glasses for the Colder Months

Winter Wedding Toasting Glasses

  Toasting glasses are an important part of a bride’s keepsake arsenal. They’re often personalized and are a relevant part of the proceedings during a wedding reception. While Spring, Summer, and garden weddings often feature lighter beverages (such as light white wines and champagnes) in their toasting glasses, winter wedding toasting glasses offer some fun and unique opportunities for cold weather brides. Switch up your beverage choices. Winter wedding toasting glasses accept more than champagne. The cold winter months allow you to change things up a bit and pour beer or spiced cider in your winter wedding toasting glasses. For dry weddings, no one will say no to a pint of hot chocolate or cider, especially if you drink yours out of special winter wedding toasting glasses.
Winter wedding toasting glasses also allow you to switch up your materials and design. Find winter wedding toasting glasses that feature frosted glass (to mimic the frosty weather), or the foliage of the season (like pine cones, conifer leaves, etc). Though most winter wedding toasting glasses will keep to the traditional shape, don’t be shy about switching it up. Everything looks sleek and delicious in the right set of winter wedding toasting glasses.
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Bachelorette Party Accessories: Essentials for your Night Out!

Enjoy your Shindig with Bachelorette Party Accessories

Bachelorette Party Accessories

  Whether you’re getting hitched right out of your family’s home or you’ve been living together for years, every bride deserves a bachelorette party. And every bachelorette party deserves killer bachelorette party accessories.   So what will you need to hit the town with your closest gal pals?   Some bachelorette party accessories that can’t be missed are: themed favors, transportation decals, and sashes that tag you as the lucky future wife. Themes and color coordination aren’t just for the big day; they can also have a place at your bachelorette shindig. Make sure your bachelorette party accessories (such as favors and banners) are coordinated so you can find each other across the club, and make your way back to your ride (driven by a designated driver, of course).   If you’re having your last hurrah in Las Vegas, your bachelorette party accessories practically pick themselves. Go for banners and car decals that sport the iconic sign for Sin City, or bachelorette party accessories that showcase some sexy silhouettes.   Don’t forget favors at the end of the night! Bachelorette party accessories wouldn’t be complete without a few little gifts to give your favorite girls. Show them you appreciate their support with shot glasses dedicated to your last wild night before your nuptials.
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Prepare for Sin City with Las Vegas Wedding Accessories

Las Vegas Wedding Accessories Light up the Night

Las Vegas Wedding Accessories

  If you're tying the knot in Sin City, you've got to be prepared. Las Vegas wedding accessories can take your event from a run-of-the-mill shindig on the strip and turn it into an elegant (yet cheeky and fun) event that would make any traditional wedding blush.   Vegas weddings aren't what they used to be (though you can still find Elvis impersonators who will jump at the chance to officiate your wedding), but you still have to bring many of your Las Vegas wedding accessories with you. You can count on your chapel for flowers and a musician, but what about flower girl baskets? Car decals? Cake toppers? Las Vegas wedding accessories are the little pieces that really bring your day together, but with a little Sin City flair. The phrase "Las Vegas wedding accessories" doesn't necessarily imply the bold and brazen trinkets that a bachelorette party on the strip might have, though that is always an option. There's no rule that says shot glasses and racy cake toppers are off the table for Las Vegas wedding accessories, but they aren't your only option. Vegas can be a family venue too, and classy weddings aren't as rare as they used to be. Accent your decor with Las Vegas wedding accessories that showcase poker themes or the specific theme of your hotel. Little hints of Vegas make your wedding your own, and Las Vegas wedding accessories can set the tone you want for your big day.
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Unique Toasting Glasses Reflect your Taste

Celebrate with Unique Toasting Glasses

Unique Toasting Glasses

The glasses that you and your fiancé will toast with on your wedding day are one of the only keepsakes that you will be almost guaranteed to display in your home throughout your (hopefully never-ending) married life. The glasses are usually a centerpiece on your wedding day (on your sweetheart table or presented adjacent to your cake), and are one of the items you don’t want to just rent from your caterer. Your toasting glasses should reflect who you and your fiancé are as a couple, as they are the symbolic representation of your union. Think about selecting unique toasting glasses for this role – glasses that you’ll be proud to display in your home for years to come. Toasting glasses aren’t one-size-fits-all. They’re as different and creative as the rest of the special touches you’re adorning your event with. Unique toasting glasses are a great way to fit your décor in with something you’ll be comfortable displaying in your home. Into tabletop gaming and/or Ren Fairs? Select unique toasting glasses made of pewter, adorned with slinking dragons and whimsical fairies. Are you and your fiancé into art and culture? Find unique toasting glasses made of blown glass or shaped in an appealing aesthetic fashion. Your unique toasting glasses can also reflect your heritage (in fleur de lis or Celtic designs). When you’re choosing beverage receptacles to reflect your relationship, no unique toasting glasses are the wrong unique toasting glasses.
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Get Inspired: Floating Wedding Candles

Candles will always have their place at weddings. They’re simple. Subtle, romantic, and they fit in with any and all possible décor. Candles fill empty spaces with warm, glowing light, and compliment (or replace!) any kind of centerpiece. 
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Transporting Your Destination Wedding Accessories

Though, technically, all wedding accessories become destination wedding accessories when you pack up your event and head for the Bahamas, specialty destination wedding accessories can really make your day shine.
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The Many Meanings Behind Fleur de Lis Toasting Glasses

The fleur de lis is a cultural icon; originally meant to depict a lily mid-bloom, the fleur de lis has evolved into a symbol on its own. 
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Handling Toasting Glasses

Often overlooked, the toasting glasses are an important keepsake and an integral part of your reception.
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A highly functional and attractive gift to go with the spirit of the wedding day

Wedding memorabilia is something you can relish looking at and even proudly showing to your relatives and friends. For example, stylish and elegantly engraved gorgeous groomsmen gifts make the occasion a memorable one.  One of the popular wedding gifts that you can consider is a set of white wine glasses. They allow you to toast the joyous occasion. These eclectic wine glasses are stately, shapely and tall. This is a superb set of four glasses that make a fantastic gift. It sure will serve as a lasting reminder of that special evening and let everyone cherish the memories forever. The etched glasses comprise a single script initial that is stylishly engraved on the bell. This space on each wine glass is perfect for incorporating first initial or a surname.  Importantly, these fabulous white wine glasses are so crafted that they truly enhance the bouquet as well as appreciation of an alluring Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, or Pinot Grigio. The narrow and tall glass will allow the wine to remain chilled by cutting down the surface area that gets exposed to air even while the beautiful stem keeps the body heat from a user’s hand away from the glass. Isn’t this a perfect combination to make for a highly functional as well as attractive gift that goes with the spirit of the occasion?
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Tips for unique wedding accessories and centerpieces

When it comes to selecting wedding day collectibles, what you would like is a wide range of options available at attractive prices. There are truly amazing items like bridal headpieces, veils and last but not the least, tiaras that make the wedding of your dreams a reality. If you choose your online resource carefully, you will sure be able to find the most wonderful wedding ceremony as well as reception accessories. One among them, as mentioned above, is wedding bridal tiaras. The specially designed pieces are on offer in every conceivable form - from classic to modern, and from traditional to contemporary. What makes wedding bridal tiaras extra special is meticulous attention paid to every detail employing the finest of pearls and crystal you would ever get to see on these pretty pieces! Apart from collecting unique accessories, you must pay equal attention to centerpieces. You can think for interesting concepts like hourglass decoration as captivating centerpieces. The candleholder glasses in the shape of hourglass look lovely. You can put a candle on top and a flower in it at the bottom to enhance its beauty. You can apply your imagination to think of well-designed and elegant pieces of art, which can be decorated and displayed on the wedding table. You can certainly think about a themed wedding centerpiece decoration.  For instance, if the whole setting revolves around say, bronze golden color theme, consider candles and other items of the similar color combination.
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What are the centerpiece ideas just perfect for the wedding table?

If you are looking for captivating centerpieces for your wedding day, there are many online resources available to simplify and enhance the selection. You can make a correct choice provided you are clear about your exact requirements. An eclectic wedding centerpiece decoration acts as a pivotal point of the entire ceremony. A wonderful wedding centerpiece customized for the occasion fascinates all. If you apply imagination, thought and some creativity, you can conceive a perfect centerpiece for the wedding table. For example, you can opt to place a bowl as the centerpiece. It can be filled with fabulous fluttering butterflies. Let them elegantly float on the water! The imagery will make for an attention-grabbing centerpiece. You can create more magic by adding candles to it. You can place candles made in the form of beautiful butterflies for the purpose. Or use orchids with floating candles. These flowers with catchy colors and delicate wings sure will do the trick. How about placing some floating candlesticks in the miniature mouth blown glasses? This will look indeed lovely and stunning when set on a sumptuous buffet table or adorning the ravishing reception table. You can try out some really unique ideas for wedding centerpiece decoration. Such creative ideas will add to the charm of your centerpiece, and make the occasion even more memorable.
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Make your day special with Wedding Reception Decorations

Well, it’s your wedding time and you are looking at your gorgeous best! You are at the top of the world as it is the august day when you will be marry your betrothed amidst the blessings of your family and friends. However, make sure you make your day memorable with wedding reception decorations that create an impressive and memorable day for your wedding. You can choose from an entire range of wedding reception gifts such as wedding collection sets, wedding card boxes, wedding cake servers, wedding favors, wedding guest books and pens, wedding toasting glasses along with beautiful centerpieces. This will wedding reception decoration gifts will add a special charm to the entire occasion. Some of the exquisite wedding favors include Asian wedding favors, bath and soap favors, beach wedding favors, bridal shower favors, candle wedding favors, fairy tale wedding favors along with many other accessories. In case you want an attractive wedding guestbook, you can choose from beaded guest book, calla lily wedding book, Cinderella fairy tale guestbook dramatic chocolate mantilla lace wedding guestbook and other fabulous items. Similarly, you can choose exciting toasting goblets in attractive shapes and designs. All such wedding reception decorations will add to your wedding day’s charm.
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