Get Inspired: Floating Wedding Candles

Floating Wedding Candles Offer Chances for Creativity

Floating Wedding Candles

Candles will always have their place at weddings. They’re simple. Subtle, romantic, and they fit in with any and all possible décor. Candles fill empty spaces with warm, glowing light, and compliment (or replace!) any kind of centerpiece. The most versatile of candles are floating wedding candles. With the addition of a vessel filled with water (or champagne – your wedding budget is your own business), floating wedding candles add a relaxing and beautiful ambiance to your event. They’re especially wonderful for spaces with fountains or other bodies of water (such as small man-made ponds or otherwise unused bird baths), and are very easy to maintain. Unlike other types of candles on your wedding day, floating wedding candles allow you to really get creative in your designing. Think about adding floating wedding candles to the top of vases that are filled with water and flowers, or lining rows of tables with mixed-and-matched glass containers (such as fish bowls, glasses, and antique vases), all pulled together by the floating wedding candles on top.   Floating wedding candles are perfect for any creative mind looking for a little something different (but definitely elegant and beautiful) on their wedding day.