Entertaining and Practical Ring Bearer Gifts

Selecting Perfect Ring Bearer Gifts

Ring Bearer Gifts

While most flower girls would be ecstatic after receiving the same gifts as the rest of the female wedding party, ring bearers might be a little more difficult. Not only are they usually younger than the flower girl (which makes the engraved beer mug all the more inappropriate); they might not be as excited to be a part of the big day. This isn’t true for all ring bearers, but part of the fun of sending the young ones down the aisle first is watching the flower girl dutifully attending to her petal-spreading while the ring bearer gets bored and sits at the altar. So how to handle ring bearer gifts? The trick to ring bearer gifts that will be truly appreciated is to know your audience. Very young bearers can be handled in the same way you would a flower girl – a wall decal or growth chart for their wall; something to be relevant now and appreciated later. For ring bearer gifts for older boys, look up to their adult counterparts. Think practical and entertaining. Personalized backpacks (with their name or “ring bearer” embroidered on the front) make for fantastic ring bearer gifts, and they give them something to cling to for the duration of the event. Think about going the extra mile and filling it with things that will keep your ring bearer quiet and happy throughout the ceremony and reception, like crayons and activity books. Dart guns are probably out.