Switch it Up with Winter Wedding Toasting Glasses

Winter Wedding Toasting Glasses for the Colder Months

Winter Wedding Toasting Glasses

  Toasting glasses are an important part of a bride’s keepsake arsenal. They’re often personalized and are a relevant part of the proceedings during a wedding reception. While Spring, Summer, and garden weddings often feature lighter beverages (such as light white wines and champagnes) in their toasting glasses, winter wedding toasting glasses offer some fun and unique opportunities for cold weather brides. Switch up your beverage choices. Winter wedding toasting glasses accept more than champagne. The cold winter months allow you to change things up a bit and pour beer or spiced cider in your winter wedding toasting glasses. For dry weddings, no one will say no to a pint of hot chocolate or cider, especially if you drink yours out of special winter wedding toasting glasses.
Winter wedding toasting glasses also allow you to switch up your materials and design. Find winter wedding toasting glasses that feature frosted glass (to mimic the frosty weather), or the foliage of the season (like pine cones, conifer leaves, etc). Though most winter wedding toasting glasses will keep to the traditional shape, don’t be shy about switching it up. Everything looks sleek and delicious in the right set of winter wedding toasting glasses.