Handling Toasting Glasses

Toasting Glasses

Be Cautious When Selecting and Handling Toasting Glasses

Often overlooked, the toasting glasses are an important keepsake and an integral part of your reception. Not provided by your caterer or party rental company (unless you don’t wish to keep them), many couples save the selection of their toasting glasses (if they remember them at all) as a last-minute purchase. Your toasting glasses, if you want them engraved or personalized in any way, should not be saved until the end of the planning process. In order for your toasting glasses to conform to the style of your wedding, they should be selected and purchased with the rest of your décor.   Be sure to mark your toasting glasses in a special box for your wedding coordinator so they aren’t cracked or crushed in transit to your reception space. Don’t discount the importance of marking “FRAGILE” on the side of the toasting glasses box – your toasting glasses will be hard to use if the stem is cracked in half!   Toasting glasses make a nice centerpiece to the kitchen you and your spouse will build together, and can be a constant reminder of the commitment you made to each other; Take good care of them!