A Western Cake Topper for a Wild Wedding

Tie the Knot with a Western Cake Topper

Western Cake Topper

What crowns a good old-fashioned Western wedding quite like a Western cake topper? Western weddings are growing in popularity, and who wouldn’t understand why? A Western wedding pairs American ideas of rough, tough individualism with the bond of marriage and tops it with an us-against-the-world attitude. The trick is maintaining that attitude while still keeping your wedding elegant and feminine, perhaps with a Western cake topper. A Western cake topper might not do all of the work for you, but it sure will tie the theme together in a feminine, elegant way. A Western cake topper will feature you and your sweetie as cowboys riding into the sunset, ready to face the world together, but won’t lose its feminine sense of style. A Western cake topper doesn't have to be as masculine as the theme might imply – a western cake topper is just as chic as its modern counterparts – their just a little more wild.   Think about incorporating a Western cake topper into your Wild Wild West wedding – your guests will get a kick out of it and you can remember when you “tied the knot” forever.