Mark the Occasion with a Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

Transitioning to Adulthood with a Sweet Sixteen Cake Topper

"Sweet Sixteens" have gotten a bad rap thanks to shows featuring bratty teenagers and extravagant parties. The truth is, turning sixteen is a big deal for adolescents, and the "Sweet Sixteen" is a tradition that shouldn't be allowed to die. Sixteen marks a turning point (no matter your background) for teenagers with their eyes on adulthood. For many young adults, it's the first time adult responsibilities (such as the acquisition of a driver's license and shifting curfews) are trusted to them. How should you (the guest/parent) mark this often-overlooked occasion?   Consider the sweet sixteen cake topper. A sweet sixteen cake topper crowns an event as a legitimately important affair, and is something drastically different from what's expected at a child's birthday party. The sweet sixteen cake topper is a marker of adulthood; a symbol of what the sixteenth birthday is all about: the end of childhood. A sweet sixteen cake topper shows the adolescent-of-honor that you acknowledge this birthday more so than the others that preceded it; that this day is the beginning of a lifetime of adult recognition.   The significance of the sweet sixteen cake topper doesn't mean that it doesn't get to be pretty. Sweet sixteen cake toppers come in a wide variety of designs and can be outfitted with the teen's name, birth date, and any pattern that fits the party's theme. A sweet sixteen cake topper is a symbol of adulthood, but that doesn't mean that it can't be a fashionable one!