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Top Three Wedding Gifts

Top Wedding Gifts

Raise your hand if you have a wedding invitation posted on your fridge and need to find the perfect wedding gift! Take a look at these top three wedding gifts that every newlywed couple wishes they had! Number One Wedding Gift

1) Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer

The Kitchen Aid standing mixer is the premier standing mixer for households from beginning to more professional levels of cooking and baking. What makes this product great is that it really is high quality and the couple won't have to replace it any time soon. Furthermore, it is really customizable to the couple's wants and needs; this customization includes the color, style, and size, as well as the many different attachments. This makes the Kitchen Aid standing mixer a top choice for a wedding gift. Most Used Wedding Gift

2) High Quality Pots and Pans

Pots and pans are one of the number one household items that are taken for granted and that can make all the difference in a couples family dinner game. It may be a good idea to either go off the couples registry or ask if they prefer copper, stainless steal, or ceramic, etc. This may not be the most important decision they make in life, but it is a pretty big one. Most Practical Wedding Gift

 3) Gift Cards

A lot of people think that gift cards are not personal enough for a wedding gift. However, as many newlyweds will tell you, pulling out that $100 gift card when they need it most is a pretty spectacular gift.  One bride even said that she had forgotten about a gift card and found it about three months after the wedding. "It was so awesome! I thought it was a $5 gift card that I got in a promotional purchase, but it turned out to have over $100 on it and covered everything we needed and still had some left over. BEST. GIFT. EVER!"
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Choosing The Right Wedding Favor For Your Guests

Choosing The Right Wedding Favor For Your Guests

Wedding Collectibles Among deciding on all the little details of a wedding day, many brides often ask if buying wedding favors are worth it.  Favors were created to send a little of your wedding day home with your friends and families as a keepsake.  When choosing the right wedding favor, it should be something that reflects the personality of you two as a couple.  Many choose something that is useful to your guests to ensure they want to keep it for years to come.  We’ve put together our favorite wedding favors to give you some ideas!

Anchored Mason Jars

If you’re thinking about having a signature drink at your reception, why not put them in a cute custom glass?  These mason jars are engraved with an anchor and have a handle to help as guests carry them around all night.  Think about buying one per guest and placing it at their seat for use the rest of evening.  When the night is over, they can bring it home with them to forever remember your special day.

Home State Coasters

Tie in a little of your home state!  These glass coasters are engraved with the home state of your choice and come in packs of 4.  Use them at home post-wedding or give them as gifts to your wedding guests.  If you’re having a wedding in a different state than where you grew up, this can be a fun way to tie in your roots and give guests a little flavor of where you’re from.
Wedding Collectibles

Heart Sparklers

A great idea for anyone having a beach wedding or celebrating in an outdoor location.  These heart sparklers can easily be decorated with a little thank you note to personalize for each of your guests.  They’re a fun addition to any wedding exit, and something your guests will surely enjoy!
Wedding Collectibles

Tea Cups

How about giving them a “cup of your love”?  These teacups have a gold heart shaped design and come individually packaged to make the perfect gift.  Fill it with candies your guests can enjoy on your wedding day.
Wedding Collectibles

Precious Moments Sealed With A Kiss Medallion

As a fun idea for the Precious Moments fan, why not give your wedding guests a collectible medallion that’s “Sealed with a Kiss”?  This adorable wedding favor idea is ideal for the couples who have an obsession with Precious Moments and who want to share that with their friends and family.
Wedding Collectibles

Mini Book Favors

We are in love with these mini book favor ideas! Perfect for a literary wedding, it’s an adorable way to kick off your wedding reception.  Set one at each guests’ seat and watch their eyes light up – this novelty item that is cute enough that no one will leave it behind!
Wedding Collectibles

Heart Cake Candle

Finally, this delicious heart shaped candle looks just like a wedding cake. It makes a sweet wedding favor for your guests and will leave them wanting for more cake!  Lay a small place card against each one and they can double for a place card holder.
Wedding Collectibles
Choosing the right garter may not be easy, but there are so many options available that there is always something for everyone.  If you are looking for a specific color or style that you don’t see on our website, please call our customer service line at 1-866-210-2226 so they can help you locate exactly what you’re looking for.
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Gifts That Help Couples Go From Wedding to Home

Weddings are wonderful and being invited to celebrate with a happy couple is an honor. Part of being a good wedding guest will be to give a gift (within your means of course) that the bride and groom will appreciate and love. There are a lot of different types of wedding presents you can give; such as funny gifts like corny couples board games, wedding day wedding gifts like the traditional bridal handkerchief or helping pay for a specific part of the wedding, and then there are the gifts that help the bride and groom build their home together. Within this last category there really are two types of home building gifts you can give - the utilitarian and of use gifts or the more aesthetic home decor type gifts. So let's ask this question: Does a toaster make a house feel like a home or does a throw pillow?

Here are some gifts that we feel help couples build their home. Help the bride and groom get ready to be hosts! One of the first things couples have a tendency to like to do after moving into their new place and new life is to invite in family and friends to celebrate. It is likely that unless they received party platters and serving dishes for wedding gifts that they will be prepared. While these may not be an item that is out on display all of the time, they are a great home builder and a step up from their first house party treats being served on paper plates! Another gift we have that is on a similar thread is a party glassware set or a cake plate. These types of gifts always come in handy, but tend to be hard to justify buying when you are on a newlywed budget, making it a perfect gift to give! Home State Glass Coasters (Set of 4) Yes coasters. It might seem silly, but it is little items like this that can take an empty space and start to make it feel more like people live and love there! What is neat about these coasters is they are meant to be designed with the state the couple is starting their home in. This is a type of gift that a couple will appreciate because it is not one they are likely to consider buying for themselves, but their individualized design make them a great addition to their home. Other gifts that fit this useful but decorative category are things like a hanging key holder, throw pillows, throw blankets, candles, and decorative picture frames.    

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2 Gifts to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

2 Gifts to Make the Father of the Bride Feel Special

Sneak Peak: Ashley + Anthony’s Wedding All of the time when people think about weddings they first think of the bride and then of the mother and the bride and how exciting it must be for the mom, but there are a lot of daddy's girls out there and fathers that would even surprise their daughters with how excited they are for their daughter. Father's have a tendency of showing a little extra emotion on the day of his baby girls wedding. We want to help you highlight the role he has in your wedding and in your life. Here are two simple ways to help you let your father know what he means to you!

  1. Gift him With Special cuff links to Proudly Wear on the Wedding day.Father Of Bride CufflinksCuff links are a perfect way to give your dad a little something extra that designates him as the father of the bride. You can bet that he will wear these proudly and may even find an excuse to wear them at his next business meeting or with his Sunday best!
  2. Give him a sentimental wedding handkerchief.
From the Bride to her Father Wedding HandkerchiefThis sweet and traditional gift is not just for the bride, but is also traditionally given to members of the brides family and even bridal party. The above wedding handkerchief includes a special poem from the bride to the father that is sure to cause your dad to actually need that handkerchief!  
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A Gift from You to Your Groom: Don't Forget it is His Wedding Too!

A Gift from You to Your Groom: Don't Forget it is His Wedding Too! When people bring up wedding planning and that "big day", they usually focus on the bride and what she wants. Now, this isn't wrong or bad. A majority of brides have been day dreaming about their wedding day since they were little girls. This does not, however, that there are not any grooms out there that haven't been doing the same, and even if they have not, that does not take away from the fact that it is there wedding day too. So, we would suggest making sure your groom is given the same amount of doting as the bride. 

NFL Engraved Pint Glasses Start by treating him to a night out with the boys to celebrate his new commitment. Why only have him celebrate at his bachelor's party? Through all the stress of wedding planning, relaxing with the guys and watching the sports game will be the perfect way to keep tempers down, just like the bride needs time with her girls to get pedicures and catch a chick flick. What better way to make sure your groom knows you appreciate his support and help then gifting him with sports paraphernalia like the above engraved pint glasses and a free night to not worry about wedding planning woes? 

Black Border Designer Cuff Links & Tie Clip Then treat him to some masculine wedding "bling". One of the perks of the wedding day for a bride is the excuse to get new earring, bracelets, or necklaces to accessorize with her beautiful wedding dress. Typically, this means getting the best jewelry to create the best and most classy wedding look.  Why should the bride be the only one to enjoy some classy glitz. So, go order your groom some cuff links and a tie clip to dress his wedding suite. This is the time to let yourself buy things that you wouldn't typically have reason or justification for spending the money on.   

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Unique Wedding Gift Ideas

Being invited to join a bride and groom on their wedding day is a special privilege. It is important to show your support for the new couple on their special day, not only by attending, but also by giving a gift.  You may decide to give a gift designed for both the bride and groom, or to the bride and groom individually, depending on your relationship with each.  So what gifts can you give? Here are a few ideas: For the Bride: Something Sweet and Sentimental A Bride's Tradition (From Friend or Family to the Bride) Wedding Handkerchief

One traditional gift for the bride is the wedding handkerchief. This is a gift that is appropriate from a family member or a friend who is extremely close to the family and more particularly the bride. This can be a particularly sweet gift from the father of the bride. The handkerchief in the image above comes with a sweet poem card, a lucky penny, and a blue ribbon; All of which are meant to help tell the bride just how happy you are for her and to wish the happy couple the best. Other handkerchiefs can be embroidered with sweet sentiments or customized with the names of the bride and groom, the date of the wedding, or perhaps their favorite scripture. 

Help the Couple Make their House(or apartment) a Home Home State Throw Pillow

A sweet, and less intimate gift, is customized home decor. Be it a painting, print, or embroidered pillow, a bride always appreciates something nice for her home that represents her love with her groom. A popular trend is home-state decor. These come in a variety of shapes, but are designed to have the home state of the bride and the groom brought together or the state they are beginning their home in printed on the canvas, blanket, or pillow.  Linen Hemstitch Napkins

Every newlywed appreciates kitchenware items to build their home, but if you are going the kitchenware route, take it one step farther and make it unique for your blushing bride. Monogramming everything you own may be a trend of the past, but monogramming wedding gifts to symbolize the union of two families, is a trend happening right now. If you know the bride and groom have a taste for whine, then why not give the gift of a personalized whine decanter or whine glasses? Or if your Bride is often a hostess or you know she has a particularly sweet sweet-tooth then a personalized dessert bowl would be a perfect gift. 

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Wedding Woes that can Wait

Planning a wedding seems to happen all at once - all of the decisions feel equally important and relevant when you're first engaged and you're caught in a flurry of congratulations and furious planning. Before you drive yourself crazy with details and dahlias, what tasks can be delegated down or saved for later? Here's a short list of tasks and tribulations that you can put on the backburner:   Picking the Bridal Party
Many a retrospective and once-overly-enthusiastic bride will tell you this: don't pick your bridal party too early. If you're still more than a year away from the wedding, keep your #1 pick for Maid of Honor and Flower Girl under wraps. Relationships change, people move away or begin doctorate programs. While your bridal party has only one responsibility - showing up and wearing nice, pre-selected clothes - you want to be sure that the men and women in your line are the friends and family you really want behind you on your wedding day. There's no harm in just waiting it out! Snapping Engagement Photos
Even though they're called "engagement photo shoots" they don't have to be planned and finished within the first few weeks of your engagement. The point of an engagement photo shoot is to showcase your relationship in an environment in which you feel comfortable during a particularly happy time in your life. Some couples choose to use these photos in their "save the dates" or wedding invitations, but by no means is that a requirement. If you're already overburdened with other wedding woes, don't feel that you have to squeeze an engagement photo shoot in as well. Then again, if you could really use an afternoon of looking pretty and exploring your favorite museum or tide pool with your puppy and fiancé, go right ahead!   Selecting Wedding Gifts
Gifts are fun, and pre-planning gifts for your wedding can be just as enjoyable, but it can also take a lot out of you. Registering takes way more energy than you might think, and registering too early can spell disaster for your "early bird" wedding planning ideals. If you register more than a few months ahead of when your invitations go out, you run the risk of items being discontinued and matching dish sets being broken up. My advice is to go through retailers' websites, mark items that you're interested in, and put that list aside for later. Save the physical registration process for just a few months before the big day to save an even bigger hassle later.
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A Personal Wedding Gift for the Happy Couple

A Worthwhile Personal Wedding Gift

Personal Wedding Gift

As a wedding guest, it can sometimes be difficult to find just the right personal wedding gift for your favorite couple – especially if they are without a registry. If you’re uncomfortable just handing over a gift card and calling it a day, think about finding a personal wedding gift that the couple will be sure to use and love for decades. A personal wedding gift that will really get the couple excited for their new life together is often something monogrammed with their new combined initials. A newly wedded couple will love to see the letters that make up their new life together on everything – glassware, hygiene kits, luggage, or even hankies. Embroidering or engraving the couple’s monogram on a personal wedding gift will make your contribution to their gift pile stand out. Another great way to make any gift a personal wedding gift is to appeal to the couple’s new title set. Newlyweds are always happy to be referred to as “Mr” and “Mrs,” and finding the right personal wedding gift to reflect that is sure to delight. Towels, beach gear, and passport covers are all examples of “Mr” and “Mrs” honeymoon accessories that really work well as a personal wedding gift. So no matter who you’re buying for, be sure that you find just the right personal wedding gift for the happy couple in your life.
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Quick Tips for Bridal Gifts

Bridal Gifts for the Eager Bride in Your Life!

Bridal Gifts

Whether you're a doting parent, supportive bridesmaid, or just an enthusiastic guest, selecting a special gift for the bride presents with a series of quandaries. Should you buy off the registry? What sorts of things does a bride want or need in the days leading up to her wedding? Stick to these ideas while selecting a bridal gift, and you are sure to hit a home run with the eager bride in your life: Traditional Tokens A bridal gift that is sure to be used and appreciated during the ceremony are gifts related to various wedding traditions. A blue hanky, a necklace with a hidden lucky penny - all wonderful thoughts for bridal gifts. They show thought and regard for the traditions and rituals of marriage (plus, it never hurts to have several "something new"s! Relaxation Gifts Weddings are stressful, and that fact is, the bride is going to be burning through bath salts and aromatherapy candles. Choose bridal gifts that will help her unwind after a long day of running and planning. The good news about these bridal gifts? She'll appreciate them long after the stress of the season wears off. Personalized Gifts "Personalized" bridal gifts can mean two things: accessories that are adorned with her name, and accessories that say "Bride" anywhere on them. Every bride loves water carafes and simple bracelets with her new monogram on them, but being a "bride" is exciting too. Don't discount the meaning of trinkets that declare her soon-to-be marital status. Bridal gifts that tell the world she's a bride will make her smile too!
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Some interesting wedding gift ideas

Giving gifts to the newly wed is a part of a long tradition that conveys warmth and affection. You should give an apt wedding gift that befits the spirit of the occasion. You can anything you want as long as it is appropriate and classy. It will depend on how close you are to the couple and your budget. When you go out to buy a gift for the newly wedded couple, the first consideration that comes to your mind is durability and luxury. You will want to give a gift that will last long. You would want to give a gift that will make the couple remember you for a long time to come. One unique gift can be jewelry. All women love jewelry. The bride will be elated to get it. You can choose simple yet elegant pieces. Depending on your budget you can decide on the choice of metal – silver, gold, platinum. You can think of giving her diamonds, too. You might want to give her some amazing accessories like bags, makeup box and similar things. If you want to give something that will be handy to both the bride and the groom, you can opt for utility durables like microwave, washing machine etc.
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Wedding Gift Registries

Any bride will tell you that deciding what to put on their gift registries is the hardest thing to do. Couples need to be very careful in planning their gift registries. They are starting out on a new life and thus, they must make sure they have all the essential items ready. The couples are doing a big favor on the guests by proving all with an exhaustive list regarding what they would want as a gift. So the guests are sure that they get something that will be useful for the couple. You must create your registry with a store that will have a wide variety of things. It is advisable that you let your guests know about the registry at least two months before so that they can also plan. Your registry must include a wide variety of price ranges to make it easier for al to choose. It is better to include both your names for guests who want to personalize the gifts. The gift articles must be ones that can be easily shipped. It is not fair to ask your guests to pay for shipping too. If you create an online registry, then it will be easy for you to keep track of who bought what. You can also send them thank you notes from the site itself.
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Choosing Gifts For The Groom’s Men And The Bride’s Maids

When you shop for gifts for your bridesmaids, make sure to see whether they match with the theme of the wedding or not. You can choose from a variety of gifts like scarves and jewelry and accessories. You can get small purses or beaded breeches designed for them with their initials on it. Or you can give them crystal showpieces that will remind them of your wedding. It is better to personalize every gift so that they have a sentimental value attached. After all, your bridesmaids are your treasured friends. They deserve some personalized attention. Now comes the gifts for the groom’s men. It is always difficult to shop for men than for women. You can opt for perfumes or tie pins or wallets with their initials on. If you are a good cook, you can even think of whipping up something like a cake or some pasta or anything that you wish to. Again, the groom’s men are your close pals and thus they deserve something special. You can even take them out for a drink, maybe a pre bachelor party kind. Also there is no need to splurge on the gifts. Try and stay within the pre determined  budget.
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