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Just Beautiful - Full Crystal Monogram Wedding Cake Topper Review

My future husband and I were searching for the perfect wedding cake topper and are so pleased to have found it. The monogram with the stones is just beautiful. We will be having a heart shape two layer cake with roses on the top so this topper will look so elegant.


Daryl – Marysville, Washington

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Say "I Do" Everyday Forever

 Say "I Do" Everyday Forever

Marriage is a commitment. Whether you see it as death till you part or for time and all eternity, marriage is a commitment of love, loyalty, sacrifice, forgiveness, compassion, and trust. While the wedding day is a huge and special event (as it creates a huge industry of wedding products and services), it is only the beginning. This realization is something many new brides relish in theory. It adds to the lofty romance. However, it creates a different kind of romance for couples that have been married for 15,25, and 50 years. Once you have been together for that long, and have lived that commitment, marriage and the promise of marriage takes a new meaning. Couples should never stop realizing how much they love each other and should never stop celebrating the life they have together. That is why Wedding Collectibles provides beautiful products for not only soon-to-be brides, but also for wedding anniversaries for those couples that are choosing to celebrate their love once again.

50th Pearl Rose Cake Top

Just like for newlyweds, there is a large selection of anniversary wedding cake toppers that can please any celebrating couple. The above is the "50th Pearl Rose Cake Topper" and it helps create that romantic and classy look that easily represents the kind of timeless love a couple of 50 years would recognize.

Crystal Florette Accented Porcelain Monogram Cake Topper - Custom Colors!

Another option for anniversary couples is a monogram or number cake topper. These are simple and very flexible for whatever year mark you would be celebrating. With these cake toppers there is a wide selection of fonts, colors, and decorative accents that will work nicely with any themed party.

Hippie Cake Topper Figurine

For spunky couples it might be more fun to celebrate with a more quirky cake topper that matches your couple personality. This option works great for couples that have been married for several years because the couples personality is more fully developed or has gone through many transformations. Plus, if you are a couple that had a more traditional wedding, a more spunky anniversary party may be a better option. You have been married for so long; You deserve to celebrate in style!

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Enjoyed Shopping This Site - Flower and Pearl Accented Porcelain Monogram Cake Topper Review

Thank you. I enjoyed shopping this site. Very easy to follow and items well pictured and described.


Michelle – Kannapolis, North Carolina

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Flower and Pearl Accented Porcelain Monogram Cake Topper

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Thank you so much! - Monogram Silver / Gold Rhinestone Inital Cake Toppers with Swarovski Crystal Review

Thank you so much for making my cake absolutely beautiful!!


Linda – Rochester, New York

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Monogram Silver / Gold Rhinestone Inital Cake Toppers with Swarovski Crystal

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A Monogram Letter Cake Topper

Name Your Cake with a Monogram Letter Cake Topper

Letter Cake Topper

A custom monogram is a must-have in the modern wedding scene, and a letter cake topper ties the whole affair together. A letter cake topper is a wonderful way to crown your picturesque wedding pastry, and is a classy, contemporary accessory for weddings of any style and formality. Some letters sell out faster than others when it comes to the right letter cake topper, so be sure to start your shopping early and be open to different styles and designs. A script and silver letter cake topper may find a better home at a swankier affair, while a print letter cake topper in porcelain with a seashell accent would look a little out of place. It’s all about your personal style and what you decide on as a couple.   You aren’t limited to a single letter for your letter cake topper, despite the singular moniker. If the top of your cake allows, craft a custom monogram by combining your first initials with your communal last initial. Many couples are choosing to change names, hyphenate, keep them the same, or come up with entirely new names together – gone are the days of the assumed singular letter cake topper. A one letter cake topper isn’t gone forever, but it’s certainly getting company.
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Blinging with Style with a Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Working with a Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

  Combining the bling appeal of crystals with the chic and stylish makings of a monogram makes for one heck of an eye-catching cake topper. A crystal monogram cake topper is sure to crown your featured pastry with poise and style, catching the attention of every guest as soon as they enter your reception hall. If you’re looking to bling out your wedding day, a crystal monogram cake topper is the most versatile and beautiful option. Your monogram often becomes the “brand” for your wedding, adorning cocktail napkins and aisle runners throughout your entire wedding day. Continue that with a crystal monogram cake topper that acts as the crown jewel of them all! If you and your betrothed are hyphenating your married names, simply work an additional crystal monogram cake topper on to your wedding cake. Most wedding cake tops aren’t quite wide enough for more than one crystal monogram cake topper, especially if they’re sitting abreast, so get creative with your placement. Put your combined crystal monogram cake topper further down on your cake, or stagger them on the top to create a 3D super crystal monogram cake topper. Get creative to get your crystal monogram cake topper to work for you!
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Designing and Finding a Script Monogram Cake Topper

Perfecting the Script Monogram Cake Topper

Script Monogram Cake Topper

A script monogram cake topper is a great way to lend a touch of class to the fluffy wedding pastry of your choice. Monograms in weddings are becoming more and more popular, but the way in which you present your monogram is entirely up to you. Many couples use their monogram as the “brand” for their wedding, and it will be featured as a light-up image on the dance floor, a print on napkins, and even an embroidered accent on handkerchiefs. A script monogram cake topper will help you to represent your chosen monogram in an elegant and classy manner. Not everyone wants a printed monogram as their “brand” on their wedding day, so it’s helpful that there are so many typefaces available in the script monogram cake topper world. You simply chose the script monogram cake topper design that best fits your style and enjoy!   It is recommended that a couple choose their script monogram cake topper before marrying themselves to a monogram design elsewhere. Your script monogram cake topper will be harder to bend to the needs of an independently-designed monogram, but you can always design a monogram (for napkins, appliques, etc.) after you’ve chosen the script monogram cake topper that works for you.   Also, be sure to order your script monogram cake topper well ahead of time, as popular letters, such as “M” and “S” tend to sell out quickly. If you’re looking for deals on a script monogram cake topper, it’s best to have a unique first letter of your last name!
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Ways to Use your Fun Monogram Cake Topper

A Funky, Fun Monogram Cake Topper

Fun Monogram Cake Topper

If you’re planning a fun, laid-back wedding, but you’re truly in love with monogram cake toppers, you don’t have to stick to the formal styles that grace so many wedding magazine covers. There is a fun monogram cake topper out there for you – in fact – there are probably several! Your fun monogram cake topper should match the look and feel of your wedding. If you’re having a posh loft wedding, something silly might not stick. But if you’re having a backyard barbeque, the curly q whimsy of a fun monogram cake topper won’t stick out at all.   Think about styling your own monogram (the one you stamp on invitations, napkins, etc) after the style of your fun monogram cake topper. As it’s often hard to find a cake topper that matches your stamps as apposed to the other way round (there are many services that craft stamps for you), you might want to think about purchasing your fun monogram cake topper first.   Have fun with your fun monogram cake topper. If you aren’t doing a big cake or even a dessert table, stick your fun monogram cake topper into a few cupcakes or even a wedding pie. Your fun monogram cake topper only has creative limits if you set them; go nuts!
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The Perfect Fit: A Simple Monogram Cake Topper

A Simple Monogram Cake Topper Fits the Bill


Simple Monogram Cake Topper

  A simple monogram cake topper embodies the spirit of the stylish wedding. A simple monogram cake topper doesn’t rely on someone attacking it with a glue gun and a bedazzler to be noticable, it is beautiful in its simplicity. So why choose a simple monogram cake topper?   A simple monogram cake topper doesn’t distract from the details of the rest of your wedding. If your cake is already wrapped delicately in sugar poppies and ribbons of fondant, why would you want an overly complicated topper cluttering up the mess? A simple monogram cake topper is also a wonderful option for the couple who can’t find dopplegangers in the cake topper world (or if tiny people on top of a cake freak them out). A simple monogram cake topper can also be a wonderful supplement to another cake topper, be it a sugar rendition of the couple (sometimes climbing the cake, sometimes chilling at the bottom) or a non-traditional permananet pair (often found at the dessert bar or escort card table).   A simple monogram cake topper works at any wedding, as it can either continue the simple, elegant theme by keeping the décor low-key, or it can fit in at an event dripping with roses and DIY touches. A simple monogram cake topper is a great choice for any bride.
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A Seamless and Simple Monogram Cake Topper

A Seamless and Simple Monogram Cake Topper

Keep your personality in mind while selecting your monogram cake topper

A good wedding will often feel like a brand – everything will fit together in a coherent and aesthetically appealing way, and it should never feel cluttered or crowded. Seamless and Simple should be your guiding light as you design your perfect wedding day, and the same goes for your monogram cake topper. A monogram cake topper is one the most customizable options for the top of your cake, and your monogram may appear in other places at your wedding as well. Your monogram cake topper should fit your theme (and your other monograms) as closely as possible, and this is easiest through simplicity. You may want to select the style of your monogram cake topper before moving on to calligraphy and stamps, as it is much easier to copy the style of a manufactured monogram cake topper than it is for you to find a monogram cake topper that fits a piece of calligraphy. Your monogram cake topper should fit your personality as a couple while still retaining its elegance and simplicity. Are you a perfectionist? Fun and silly? Edgy? The angle and design of your monogram cake topper can reflect that. Remember, your monogram will become the brand of you and your sweetie on your special day, and it shouldn’t be cluttered or over-designed. Keep your monogram cake topper Seamless and Simple!
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Monogram Cake Toppers...Bring the Bling! Preview

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