Blinging with Style with a Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Working with a Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

Crystal Monogram Cake Topper

  Combining the bling appeal of crystals with the chic and stylish makings of a monogram makes for one heck of an eye-catching cake topper. A crystal monogram cake topper is sure to crown your featured pastry with poise and style, catching the attention of every guest as soon as they enter your reception hall. If you’re looking to bling out your wedding day, a crystal monogram cake topper is the most versatile and beautiful option. Your monogram often becomes the “brand” for your wedding, adorning cocktail napkins and aisle runners throughout your entire wedding day. Continue that with a crystal monogram cake topper that acts as the crown jewel of them all! If you and your betrothed are hyphenating your married names, simply work an additional crystal monogram cake topper on to your wedding cake. Most wedding cake tops aren’t quite wide enough for more than one crystal monogram cake topper, especially if they’re sitting abreast, so get creative with your placement. Put your combined crystal monogram cake topper further down on your cake, or stagger them on the top to create a 3D super crystal monogram cake topper. Get creative to get your crystal monogram cake topper to work for you!