Designing and Finding a Script Monogram Cake Topper

Perfecting the Script Monogram Cake Topper

Script Monogram Cake Topper

A script monogram cake topper is a great way to lend a touch of class to the fluffy wedding pastry of your choice. Monograms in weddings are becoming more and more popular, but the way in which you present your monogram is entirely up to you. Many couples use their monogram as the “brand” for their wedding, and it will be featured as a light-up image on the dance floor, a print on napkins, and even an embroidered accent on handkerchiefs. A script monogram cake topper will help you to represent your chosen monogram in an elegant and classy manner. Not everyone wants a printed monogram as their “brand” on their wedding day, so it’s helpful that there are so many typefaces available in the script monogram cake topper world. You simply chose the script monogram cake topper design that best fits your style and enjoy!   It is recommended that a couple choose their script monogram cake topper before marrying themselves to a monogram design elsewhere. Your script monogram cake topper will be harder to bend to the needs of an independently-designed monogram, but you can always design a monogram (for napkins, appliques, etc.) after you’ve chosen the script monogram cake topper that works for you.   Also, be sure to order your script monogram cake topper well ahead of time, as popular letters, such as “M” and “S” tend to sell out quickly. If you’re looking for deals on a script monogram cake topper, it’s best to have a unique first letter of your last name!