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Tips for Prompt and Perfect Thank You Cards

Thank you cards are a chore most brides don't exactly look forward to as a "fun" part of the wedding planning process. They're tedious, time-consuming, and they give brides everywhere hand cramps. They are, however, an important part of letting your guests know that their gifts and attendance are appreciated, and they are still an expected part of the wedding process. Getting them done (in a timely manner) is something you shouldn't put off, so here are a few tips to make the whole experience a little easier:
Write them NOW for Early Gifts
Many brides panic when they receive a gift way before the wedding date. Though it's now common courtesy to send a gift to the couple's home instead of bringing it to the wedding venue the day of the event, that leaves many couples receiving gifts before and after the big day. Here's a tip: write the card as soon as you can and put it away in a designated spot for later. While you shouldn't use the gift until after the wedding, write the card as soon as you're able. The sentiment will be fresher than if you'd waited to write the card until later.
If you're worried that your guest will be wondering whether or not the gift made it safely, don't be afraid to give them a call - just don't send the actual note until the wedding day is behind you.
Write a Detailed Thank You Note List
Though you will be getting some of your gifts before the big day, it goes without saying that the bulk of the gifts and notes and cards will arrive all at once. You probably know that you should make a list, but I suggest making a more detailed list than just "name and gift." Make note of  who couldn't make it and specific sentiments that were addressed to you and your new spouse in the note. This will allow you to keep it fresh in your mind and make your cards more personal. You think you'll remember these things, but you won't.
Don't Put Them Off
Don't put writing these cards off. I mean it. Really. No one likes writing thank you cards, but they are so very very important to many of your guests. No one likes writing them, but everyone likes getting them.
It is so easy to forget to do thank you cards, but you have to make them an immediate priority (after your honeymoon, of course). Thank you cards are important to people, and it's the least you can do after your guests made the effort to send your their love to you and your new spouse for your wedding. Thank you cards that are ten months late are almost worse than no thank you cards at all. Imagine opening one up eons after a wedding and going "Oh yeah, I guess they never did thank us until just now. THEY'RE OUT OF THE WILL."
Write Personal Notes
Thank you notes are there most enjoyable when the writer takes the time to note a more personal message than "Thanks." Say what you plan on doing with the gift, and tell them how much you enjoyed seeing them, but really try to make it specific to them. It's common courtesy to write a thank you note, but it's truely enjoyable when you take the task in stride and mention just how thankful you really are.
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Save-the-Date Tips for the Skeptical Bride

Many brides wonder about the necessity of “save-the-dates” as they compile the charges that pile up during the wedding planning process, but they do have their purpose within the framework of your nuptials. Why should you bother - and how should you go about creating and distributing your preemptive wedding stationary? Read on for some quick tips for your save-the-dates: Guests from Out of Town:
Save-the-Dates are important for your out-of-town guests. A (timely) wedding invitation won’t make it to their front door in time for travel plans and timely accommodations (especially if your nuptials fall during a high-travel season) – they need to know well ahead of time that they should be planning to travel for your wedding. There is such a thing as “too early” for save-the-dates, however. Ten to six months ahead of time should be plenty warning for your far-away friends and relatives.   The Wedding Website:
Your save-the-date is a great place to debut the address of your wedding website. It doesn’t have to be perfectly finished yet, but allowing your guests to check out a few pertinent details can’t hurt, specifically locations of hotels with blocks of reserved rooms or registry information for pre-wedding parties. Save-the-Date Etiquette:
Save-the-dates come with their own set of etiquette rules, so don’t wield them without thought. Save-the-dates are not like wedding announcements – everyone who receives a save-the-date must then receive an invitation to your big day. The same goes for the opposite – make sure, if you plan to send out save-the-dates, that everyone invited to your wedding receives one. If not, the people who don’t get one will feel like they weren’t originally intended as guests.   Some Creative Save-the-Date Ideas:
Save-the-dates are fun because you can be so creative with them. Many brides opt for magnets, postcards, or even stop-motion YouTube videos to stand as their save-the-dates. Just make sure that if you are going to DIY your save-the-dates, try to keep it simple. 200 balloon printed save-the-dates sound wonderful until you’re staying up until 3am with a hot glue gun and your last nerve. Have fun!
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The Benefits of Place Card Holder Wedding Favors

Place Card Holder Wedding Favors Consolidate Time and Space

Place Card Holder Wedding Favors

When designing the favors that you want to distribute to guests during your wedding reception, it’s important to remember simplicity. With place card holder wedding favors, you kill two birds with one stone and guarantee that your trash cans won’t be full of tiny strips of expensive stationary by the end of the evening. Place card holder wedding favors combine the place cards (sometimes called escort cards) and the wedding favors into one glorious gift for your guest. Place card holder wedding favors are a great idea for weddings of all guest list sizes, and they help cut down on clutter on place settings. Instead of finding room for the place card, place card holder, and wedding favor, they’re all combined into place card holder wedding favors.   The consolidation of space isn’t all that’s important in place card holder wedding favors – they also make for wonderful and cohesive accessories. The stationary on your place card holder wedding favors (or lack thereof) will match the favor seamlessly, and might help to pull together the aesthetic of your table design. Place card holder wedding favors also make for a livelier (and less bare) escort card table. Guests can be excited for their place card holder wedding favors from the moment they cross the threshold into your reception!
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A Little Invitation Inspiration from Andres and Andrea

Congratulations to Andres and Andrea, who were recently married in Lomita, California! Don’t worry, there are photos and stories to come regarding the big day, but what about the little details that led up to the main event?   One of your most important wedding day duties is making sure that guests know where and when to show up!   This couple paid careful attention to detail when designing their invitation envelope, and their eye for design and detail was apparent to their guests. Remember that invitations are your guests’ first guess regarding the formality and feel of your wedding day. Put some thought into developing your invites and wedding stationary to make sure your guests will be impressed from the start!


Envelope Plain white envelopes won’t get you shunned by your family and friends, but invitations can be a fun way to experiment with new colors and textures. Andres and Andrea chose to begin their invitations with a parcel-brown envelope that incorporated a simple, wrap-around blue address sticker with hand-written guest addresses. They also used a stamp that integrated their color theme!

  Invite The vivid, swirling colors that Andres and Andrea used throughout their invitation were also found all over their wedding day. From menus to table numbers, the stationary at their wedding promoted a feeling of unity and cohesion. Remember that simple designs are always appreciated by sometimes-overwhelmed guests. Andres and Andrea included only information that was necessary, and used an additional insert for extra info.


RSVP Keeping with the colors and feel of the invite, the RSVP card was a simple, elegant design that would be easy for any guest to navigate. Note that they saved themselves some paper by making the RSVP card a postcard!

  Website A yellow insert with Andrea and Andres’ wedding website information allowed guests to answer any extra questions online. This is usually the best way to alert your guests of registry details (other than word-of-mouth).

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Sending out your Save the Dates

Save the Dates: The Sooner the Better!


Save the Dates

  Wedding invitations and thank you notes aren’t the only bit of wedding stationary you will have to worry about if you’re in the planning stages for your wedding. Wedding etiquette suggests that save the dates are a great idea if you want to help your guests plan for your big day. Save the dates aren’t as formal as your wedding invitations (only one envelope required!), and they’re much simpler. Save the Dates should be sent as soon as possible (six to eight months in advance if you’ve got the time), and they allow your guests to make travel plans and mark their calendars before other events and obligations get in the way. Save the dates are really helpful if you’re planning on getting married during a high-travel season (such as the beginning of summer or over a holiday weekend). So what should you include on your save the dates? You don’t need much – just the intended date of your nuptials and some hint as to the level of formality of the event (the fancier the save the date, the fancier the wedding). Some couples choose to include their wedding website on the save the date, which will allow you to provide your guests with updated information about the venue,  directions to the ceremony, and even hotel info (for those ariving from out of town). The most important thing about your save the dates is this: make sure your guests won’t lose them. A good way to avoid missing save the dates is the make them magnetic! Guests love the convenience of sticking a wedding reminder on their fridge, and you can rest easy knowing that your friends and family will be ready for an invitation!
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A Few Tips on Addressing Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations are something that all brides will eventually find themselves putting off. 
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Getting Started on Wedding Gift Thank You Cards

  There are very few brides who look forward to writing wedding gift thank you cards
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Wedding Albums For a Lifetime Of Memories

You have planned everything for your special day – from the menu to the decorations to the guest list and others. You have even decided on your trousseau. So wouldn’t you want to preserve the moments for life? Don’t forget to book a professional photographer for your wedding. Your photos must come out as good as you look. Insist on best quality prints. After all this is something that will be cherished for a lifetime. Do not bother to pose or anything. Make sure that you smile and look happy. That would not be too difficult as you will be super happy that day. Once you get the snaps, preserve them in a good album. Design your wedding album in a way that will reflect your personality. Every image must be given the space and uniqueness it needs. Do not just cram up your album with as many snaps you can. Your album must have a few number of photos but they should be the best ones you have. The first page is the entry to your album. So that should have the best snaps available. Try and layout your snaps as creatively as you can. Many years letter when you go through the albums, you will realize how important it is to have a good album.
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An Alternative To Wedding Albums

There are various products that are available that can serve as an alternative to wedding albums. One of them is the revolutionary Coffee Table Wedding Photo Book. This consists of wedding photographs of your choice that are printed on your choice of Kodak lab print or digital offset paper. The pages are then sewed and bound in the form of a book. They are called coffee table books as they are bound in such a way that when they are opened, they open flat just like the glossy glamour magazines you get in salons. The second alternative is Video DVDs. With the advent of DVDs more and more couples are opting to document their wedding with sound and video. You can customize your video the way you want. This method is the cheapest option. However, whichever option you choose, you need to get a signed release from your photographer. He must give you permission to use those images. If you are intending to use these alternative options later, then make sure you get the permission before hand to save on time. Some couples buy their negatives on the spot to save future hassles.
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Wedding Albums, Scrapbooks, and Picture Frames for eternal memories

Wedding is one of the most momentous episodes of our life. Almost every body of us have photographs of our wedding and we all want to preserve these memories, keep them cherished, and at the same time, display them in an attractive and elegant way. Wedding albums, scrapbooks and picture frames are a perfect solution for this. Some people like to display them in albums, while others in photo frames or in scrap books. Photographs are timeless, they are forever and each cherished photograph is able to speak out a thousand words. Some times, you may want to share your memories and joys with others, and at that time, wedding albums, scrapbooks and picture frames are the ultimate choice. You can either display your favourite snap in a unique picture frame, or fill up your photo album with them, or make them more personalized in a scrap book. You can find a extensive collection of individually designed wedding albums, scrapbooks and picture frames, ranging from contemporary and modern ones to the traditional ones. With the use of the finest quality of fabrics, crystals, ribbons, beads, laces and porcelains, these specially designed articles will help you to relive your wedding moments.
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Wedding gift thank you cards

For thanking your guests who attended your wedding party and pamper you with gifts, give them a wedding gift thank you cards. It is just a way to express your gratitude towards guests who attended your wedding and made it memorable. Even you can thank all those who were involved in making your wedding a dream wedding like host and hostess of the bridal dinner and reception, rehearsals. These cards are available in pre printed formats and are small in size. You have to just choose the design and give the matter to be printed on the card. If you wish to send a personalized card, then make handmade paper card and write a note of thanks. If you do not wish to spend a lot of times in searching for thank you cards, or worry of late deliveries, then send an electronic wedding thank you cards via email. But they do not convey warmth and are very formal way of thanking your guests. There are many shops online which can give you a lot of variety for wedding gift thank you cards so you don’t have to sweat it out moving from one retail shop to another. Get more information on wedding gift thank you cards
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