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The Wedding Accessories Brides Forget to Budget

The Wedding Accessories Brides Forget to Budget

There are so many little details and wedding accessories that go into creating your dream wedding. Wedding Collectibles is a shop dedicated to those little details and one thing we've learned being in the wedding industry is that it's these wedding accessories that brides forget to think about when planning their wedding budget. To give you a snapshot of how quickly these perfect touch accessories can add up, we went shopping. Where? Wedding Collectibles of course! One of the highest trending wedding styles this past year has been the simple barn wedding. So, we're shopping for the wedding accessories that will help create that look. This means clean, not overly adorned, and somewhat rustic.

Our Wedding Accessories Haul

In building the simple barn wedding look using accessories for every aspect of your wedding, we ended up adding 21 items to our Wedding Collectibles shopping cart.  Items for wedding favors and thank you notes we added enough for a guest list of 300, which is typical for the average to large wedding.

Our Absolute Favorite Simple Barn Wedding Accessories

One: Leg Pop Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper

Simple Barn Wedding Accessories A simple cake topper great for spring and summer weddings.

Two: Here Comes The Bride Flower Girl SignSimple Barn Wedding Accessories

This would be perfect for a flower girl that's a little too young to handle not dumping flower petals in one clump!

Three: Can't Wait to Grow Old With You Wedding Handkerchief

Wedding Accessories A wedding tradition that you should be able to keep personal! There's something romantic of this handwritten style love note hankie.

Four: Rustic Wooden Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow

Wedding Accessories We really liked this alternative look to a classic tradition.

Five: Scattered Flower Veil

Wedding Accessories This simple bridal veil really is perfect for a romantic barn wedding.

Six: Mini Wedding Bells

Wedding Bells If you're planning on doing wedding favors, there's something about using these wedding bells for a simple barn wedding that just rings true.

Our Full Wedding Accessory Shopping List:

  1. Leg Pop Kissing Couple Wedding Cake Topper
  2. Here Comes the Bride Flower Girl Sign
  3. Can't Wait to Grow Old With You Wedding Handkerchief 
  4. Rustic Wooden Wedding Ring Bearer Pillow
  5. Scattered Flower Veil
  6. Mini Wedding Bells
  7. Personalized From the Bride to Her Father Handkerchief
  8. Vintage Style White Purse
  9. Mrs. Cosmetic Bag
  10. Rustic Wooden Heart Table Decor Confetti 
  11. White and Silver Thank You Cards
  12. Floral Applique Wedding Garter
  13. Personalized Burlap Runner
  14. 17 Inch Wedding Sparklers
  15. Rosebud Wedding Guest Book & Pen Set
  16. Faux Birch Log Card Holders
  17. Custom Wedding Table Sign
  18. Mr. and Mrs. Wedding Chair Signs
  19. Contemporary Champagne Flutes
  20. Silver Oval Cuff Links
  21. Foundations Wedding Cake Knife and Server Set

Total Cost for this Wedding Accessories Haul

Wedding Accessories Costs   This might not be your exact wedding accessory shopping list, but you can see how quickly these types of wedding accessories can add up! The takeaway? Don't forget to budget for your wedding accessory musts!
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Plus Size Brides | What to look for in a wedding dress | Part Two

Best plus size wedding dress shops Image Source Plus size brides may find themselves getting frustrated trying on wedding dresses in bridal shops that just don't seem to be catered to them. It may take a little time and a few deep breaths, but you can and will find your dream wedding dress! Here are a few things to look for to help you along the way!

Material Matters:

One of the first things you should look for is a dress made of a thicker and sturdier material. Thin materials might seem like a good idea for a summer wedding or a "light" feel, but you need a material that will hold it's shape! Avoid the skim the body fabrics and go for materials like taffeta, organza, lace, and duchess satin. Remember, you are not LIMITED on what your wedding dress should and can be. There are so many options out there, but some will be better for a curv-licious body type.

Bigger not smaller:

We all know that no body is made the same. That's why the whole one size fits all mentality of fashion has had to transform (and is still working on it). When you're wedding dress shopping, knowing the shape of your body is important. You should know if your wider in the hips, fuller in the chest, midsection, thighs, etc. Chances are, no wedding dress is going to fit your exact curves and proportions perfectly. When this happens, do not get discouraged! What will help when picking your wedding dress is to go for the dress that fits bigger on your smaller parts versus tight on the more va-va-voom aspects of your body. This is because when you go to make alterations, it will be significantly easier to create a perfect fit by sizing the dress down, than to add material without losing the integrity of the dress you love.


Wedding Dresses for Plus Size Brides Image Source Some wedding dress styles are better for a full figure bride than others. That is simply the truth. However, there seems to be an endless array of wedding dress styles that will accentuate your body exactly the way you want it to. Trumpet, mermaid, drop waist, a-line...are just a few styles that may just be your perfect fit. Check out part one of this series for more styles and what makes them perfect for a plus size bride here.

Designers and shops that will work well with plus size brides:

Most designers will have the dress you want in the size you want, but it may not be in store. If you've found a dress you love, but can't try on, feel free to contact the designer! If they won't work with you or help you achieve your goal, then that may just not be the dress for you. Also, it may be a good idea to call ahead to shops. This will give you an idea of which shops will be the most productive. Plus their response can tell you a little about how helpful they will be in helping you achieve your wedding dress dreams. David's bridal plus size collection Image Source If you're at a loss of where to start, we suggest David's Bridal. Their plus size collection is designed around a size 18 model. Plus, there are David's Bridal's all over, so chances are there is one near you!

Your Dream Dress:

Image result for this is us gif wedding dress

  One major thing to look for in your wedding dress is if it is your dream dress or not! Whatever you do, don't just pick one to get it over with! Don't be hurried into a dress that doesn't make you feel like the queen that you are! Go to multiple shops, try on as many styles as you want, but don't settle.
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How to "Rush" Your Order From Wedding Collectibles

Wedding Accessory Rush Shipping Is your wedding date coming up fast? Are there a few more items you need for the big day that you are worried won't be able to reach you in time? Every wedding is going to have those last minute details that either slipped through the cracks or just couldn't be ordered sooner. This may tempt you to run to your local Walmart and pick up something generic. While this may do in an extreme crunch, you probably don't won't to settle for just about anything. Wedding Collectibles At, if you have found the perfect wedding accessory, but are worried about how long it will take to get to you, you can "rush" your order. To do so, call our customer service line, 1-866-210-2226, during our normal business ours of Monday through Friday, 9:30-6:30pm and an associate will do everything they can to assist you. On our regular order form, there is a field for you to enter your event date. Please note that the date of your event will have no bearing on how long it will take for your order to be processed, made, and shipped. The only way of ensuring a rush on your order is to call the customer service line.   Also, keep in mind that Wedding Collectibles can only rush your order so far. If you select the normal delivery service, you can expect it to take the normal delivery time. So, pay attention to delivery speeds and select the one that makes the most sense to your needs. For more information on our shipping and order policies please check out our customer service page or take a look at our Questions and Answers blog category.
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