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Formal Wedding Invitations: Kits and Tips

Writing Out your Formal Wedding Invitations

Formal Wedding Invitations

Formal wedding invitations are the one sure-fire way to let your guests know that your wedding will be formal. Formal wedding invitations are your last hope against jeans and sneakers at an event that you’ve spent a lot of time and effort coordinating and planning. While it usually isn’t right to tell your guests how to dress, your formal wedding invitations are an easy way to let your guests know what to expect. If your wedding is taking place at a venue with a dress code, don’t hesitate to add “jackets required” or “black tie” onto your formal wedding invitations.   Formal wedding invitations don’t have to be as expensive as they look, either. With kits available at most distributors, you don’t have to pay outrageous prices for formal wedding invitations. Print them yourself! Handwriting is important for your formal wedding invitations. Consider hiring someone to address your envelopes if you’re opting for formal wedding invitations. You don’t have to break the bank for a calligrapher, either. Enlist the help of a particularly penmanship-blessed bridesmaid, or post an ad for an art student at a local college. Of course, if you believe that your handwriting is beautiful enough for equally beautiful formal wedding invitations, don’t hesitate! Get to addressing your formal wedding invitations as soon as possible!
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Finding the Right Casual Wedding Invitations

Casual Wedding Invitations for your Laid-Back Nuptials

Casual Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitations are the one bit of wedding stationary that almost no one skips, specifically because of how important they are. Casual wedding invitations will help your guests understand what the vibe of your wedding is – how they should dress, what they should expect, etc. If you’re planning on a big to-do black tie affair, it’s safe to bet that you don’t want to stock up on casual wedding invitations. Casual wedding invitations are for casual weddings; weddings where your guests don’t wear ties or sip expensive cocktails.   Casual wedding invitations still conform to all the protocols of standard invitations, however. Be sure to give your guests plenty of notice (6-ish weeks) and make sure they have a card to return an RSVP. The difference with casual wedding invitations, however, is that you probably won’t have delicate inlayed spacer paper and a thousand tiny envelopes within the casing of your casual wedding invitations. Casual wedding invitations should also be paired with equally casual Save-the-Dates, if you can. They, along with casual wedding invitations, will help your guests navigate the formality of your event and plan accordingly.
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A Little Invitation Inspiration from Andres and Andrea

Congratulations to Andres and Andrea, who were recently married in Lomita, California! Don’t worry, there are photos and stories to come regarding the big day, but what about the little details that led up to the main event?   One of your most important wedding day duties is making sure that guests know where and when to show up!   This couple paid careful attention to detail when designing their invitation envelope, and their eye for design and detail was apparent to their guests. Remember that invitations are your guests’ first guess regarding the formality and feel of your wedding day. Put some thought into developing your invites and wedding stationary to make sure your guests will be impressed from the start!


Envelope Plain white envelopes won’t get you shunned by your family and friends, but invitations can be a fun way to experiment with new colors and textures. Andres and Andrea chose to begin their invitations with a parcel-brown envelope that incorporated a simple, wrap-around blue address sticker with hand-written guest addresses. They also used a stamp that integrated their color theme!

  Invite The vivid, swirling colors that Andres and Andrea used throughout their invitation were also found all over their wedding day. From menus to table numbers, the stationary at their wedding promoted a feeling of unity and cohesion. Remember that simple designs are always appreciated by sometimes-overwhelmed guests. Andres and Andrea included only information that was necessary, and used an additional insert for extra info.


RSVP Keeping with the colors and feel of the invite, the RSVP card was a simple, elegant design that would be easy for any guest to navigate. Note that they saved themselves some paper by making the RSVP card a postcard!

  Website A yellow insert with Andrea and Andres’ wedding website information allowed guests to answer any extra questions online. This is usually the best way to alert your guests of registry details (other than word-of-mouth).

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A Few Tips on Addressing Wedding Invitations

Wedding Invitations are something that all brides will eventually find themselves putting off. 
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Wedding program

You need to decide whether you need a wedding program or not. This will depend on how big your wedding affair is. There are so many things to do while arranging a wedding. If you do not take care of each detail, the entire wedding has chances of going haywire. You need to take care of wedding invitation, wedding flowers, wedding decoration, wedding dress, wedding menu and venue and numerous other things. You will need to chalk down a plan on pen and paper that will take care of all the aspects of a wedding. So here comes the wedding program. If you want to stay on tract from the beginning to the end, then a wedding program is a must. With the wedding program ready, you feel that you are in full control. You can relax that the entire event is planned. If your budget is tight, then your wedding program must be made in a way to fit the budget. It is not possible for you to remember everything. So you must have a wedding  program in place if you want your special day to go without a glitch.
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Wedding Invitations Ideas

The wedding invitation is often the first contact of the couple with the guests. So you need to be very careful that all the required items are included in the invitation. The invitation should basically include the date, time and the venue for the wedding. It must mention the host name as well as the name of the bride and the groom. The invitations should match the overall theme of the wedding. This will prepare the guest of what they can expect at the wedding. It is important that you include reply cards. The reply cards should have space where the guests can include their name and the number of people attending the wedding. The reply cards need to be self addressed. If the reception is at a different place, then the invitation must mention that. It must have the location of the resort along with the directions and the time of the reception. If you are on a tight budget, then you can choose a simple invitation but it must have all the required details. If you are in a mood to spend on the invitations, then you can make it look elegant with various embellishments. Choosing invitation cards together can be a lot of fun.
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Your destination wedding invitations

There are various kinds of wedding invitations. Among them, destination invitations are the most popular. Your guests would love to combine a vacation to an exotic venue with a friend’s wedding. Getting a destination wedding invitation is considered to be an honor as they are restricted only to close friends and relatives. You must send out the invitations with ample time in hand. This way your guests will have proper time in planning. They would have to book their hotel rooms, buy their tickets and plan their leave from the place of work. Usually couples choose destinations that are close to their heart for their wedding. Beaches are the most popular choice. Since destination weddings are very special, it is but common sense to make the destination wedding invitation special. You can buy ample postcards from resorts that is hosting the wedding and include then in the invitation packet. This will give your guests an idea on what to expect. You must include travel information and directions in the invitation packet. If you have made a block booking, then you must also mention that. If there is a special rate for the guests, then that must also be mentioned.
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Wedding Invitations Should Be Special

Our wedding is a special occasion for us. We would want to design our invitations in a way that it stands out. We want it to be unique. You can include your wedding theme if you wish to. You can also play with the wordings. You can have funny quotes or flowery poetry inviting people to your special occasion. If you are remarrying, then you can also have your children invite guests to the ceremony. You can have an assortment of ideas from where you can choose. Your wedding invitation must have the relevant information like the date of the wedding, the venue, the time and if possible a map on how to reach the place. You can also mention the dress code on it. You must not forget the most important thing and that is the RSVP. You will definitely want to keep a tab on the guest list. You need to denote a point of contact where your guests can confirm or reject participation. You must send the invitation at least 10 – 12 weeks prior to the wedding. This way it will be better for you as well as the guests to plan. So the sooner you can send them out the better.
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